End Of Watch Memorial Wall

About the Project

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The Los Angeles Police Protective League’s traveling End of Watch Memorial Wall is a memorial that has the unique capacity to touch those from all over by bringing its message to them.

The End of Watch Memorial Wall depicts all six series LAPD badges in chronological order, with the current LAPD badge in the center and the Eagle & Badge Foundation insignia on the far right. Surrounding the six badges are the 207 names of the LAPD officers who have fallen in the line of duty.

Over the years, the EOW Memorial Wall will proudly be on display in our State Capitol, the lobby of City Hall and many other city halls. This new memorial is planned to be presented inside the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX for countless visitors from around the world to see and experience. In the years to come, the memorial could make its way through local schools and college campuses and perhaps many other civic and commercial venues.