End Of Watch Memorial Wall

Phases of Construction

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There were 18 greater Los Angeles area companies involved in the building of the End of Watch Memorial Wall.

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Laser cutting the LAPPL Insignia from stainless steel.

- Serra Laser cutting services

Cutting the EOW frame raw steel.

- Tony Stengel of CBC

Grinding the EOW frames.

- Timothy Lampros, Artist & project designer, CBC 

Polishing the LAPD stainless steel base plate.

- Manny Placeres & Tony Stengle, CBC

Cleaning and prepping the stainless steel LAPD badge pieces for welding.

-  Tony Stengel, CBC

Manny Placeres of CBC looks over the main badge glass cut into its basic shape, ready for image itching.

The LAPPL Insignia gets its internal LED lighting system installed by Rich Colton of CBC.

It takes at least 3 people to safely manage the LAPD main badge assembly - it weighs over 100 pounds with more than 100 stainless steel welded studs to bolt the pieces together. Artist Timothy Lampros leads this delicate operation.

Jim Savatgy from A-1 Welding Services in North Hollywood building the wheel mounts.

Jeremy Mustard from A-1 Welding Services frabricating one of the 5 base frames.

The CBC crew unloads the first large section of wall frame - without the metal surface these base frames weigh in around 1,000lbs.

Tim and Manny building the LAPPL Insignia.

Tim, Rich, Manny & Tony look over several LAPD Series Badges as they are laser cut. There are over 500 pieces to the Memorial Wall Badges.

Linda Hammel inspects the precious EOW plaques after engraving. No bare hand has ever touched the EOW glass.

North Hollywood Officers stop by A-1 Welding to get a first hand look at the Memorial Wall frame being fabricated. Jim Savatgy, the owner of A-1, is pictured to the right.

Raymond Reeves at Casters & Industrial Supply, Inc. of Sun Valley assembles one of the 38 ultra heavy duty casters. The Wall weighs in at over 13,000 pounds but thanks to Raymond's casters, it rolls effortlessly across a cement floor (almost effortlessly).

There are over 4,000 nuts & bolts used in the Wall. Stainless steel all the way up to the super duty Grade 8. Pictured here are the 230 bolts that affix the EOW frames to the Wall. Think of 20x's this many used in the project.

Tim grinding steel on one of the 5 base sections.

Tim, the project Artist & Designer, talks over the Wall frame fabrication with Jim from A-1 Welding in North Hollywood.

Tim TIG welding the LAPD Series 1 Badge.

Roberto Gallegos from Beach City's Powder Coating sprays the center base section of the Wall. A big THANK YOU to the entire powder coating team, Owner R.B. Peters, Robert Flores III, the manager - these guys work long hard days & nights to get the massive powder coating job done and done perfectly. More pictures of their fantastic work to follow soon.

Loading the small center Wall section after powder coating.

Loading the large Wall frame section.

Over 50 sheets of 5x10 stainless and 3/16th steel are used in the Memorial Wall fabrication and the Badges. Industrial Metal Supply in Sun Valley has been very helpful in taking care of all the steel needs for this project.

Jim from A-1 Welding TIG welds one of the many stainless steel badge parts. Thank you Jim!!

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