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Feb 2, 2009

Police Union Says LAPD Should Mandate Helmets

The union representing LAPD officers today filed a formal grievance over how commanders handled a recent pro-Palestinian demonstration. The union argues commanders jeopardized officer safety by not allowing them to wear helmets. As KPCC’s Frank Stoltze reports, department brass has long debated the issue.

Feb 2, 2009

Police Union Files Labor Grievance

Los Angeles Times

The union representing rank and file Los Angeles Police Officers filed a labor grievance Friday demanding that officers be required to war safety equipment while trying to control crowds in street marches and other gatherings.

Jan 31, 2009

Sgt. Curtis Massey Was 41

LA Times

Sgt. Curtis Massey, 41, was driving east on his way to work when he was struck about 5 a.m. just west of National Boulevard by a silver Toyota Camry traveling the wrong way, said Officer Miguel Luevano of the California Highway Patrol.

Jan 30, 2009

LA Cops File Grievance Over No-Helmet Order

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles police officers' union has filed a class-action grievance against the department for ignoring officer safety during a rally that turned violent.

Jan 29, 2009

L.A. Council OKs $20.5-Million Settlement in Rampart Suits

By Maeve Reston

The Los Angeles City Council approved a $20.5-million settlement Wednesday to bring to a close lawsuits brought by four Los Angeles Police officers who alleged that they were falsely arrested and maliciously prosecuted during the city's Rampart police corruption scandal that began in the late 1990s.

Jan 29, 2009

Los Angeles Cops Use the Web to Track Child Predators


Child porn predators are using high tech tools to lure their victims, and the elite internet crimes against children or ICAC unit at LAPD is on the front-line of the fight to keep kids safe. When LAPD ICAC first formed in Los Angeles in 2004, it was made up of just a few officers and nabbed just one offender.

Jan 29, 2009

Police Union Opposes Parole of Conspirator in Detective's Killing


The president of the union representing Los Angeles Police Department officers today announced his opposition to paroling an inmate who solicited the killer of an LAPD detective.

Jan 26, 2009

If We’re Nice to Them, Maybe They’ll Kill Us Last


In a post from January 14, I wrote about LAPD officers being ordered not to wear their helmets and face shields while facing pro-Palestinian demonstrators at the Federal Building in West Los Angeles.

Jan 26, 2009

Councilman Demands Answers on LAPD Officers Not Wearing Helmets

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine is seeking a full accounting of a Jan. 10 incident in which an LAPD officer not wearing his riot helmet was hit in the head with the wooden end of a sign during a protest over the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Jan 26, 2009

LAPD, Union Tangle Over Collection of Officers' DNA

LA Times

For nearly a year, the union representing officers has sparred with the Los Angeles Police Department over the department's refusal to set limits on its practice of collecting DNA samples from officers involved in shootings and other incidents involving serious force. Although rarely done, officers can be required to submit a saliva swab as part of the investigations the department conducts into such incidents.

Jan 23, 2009

L.A. Controller Questions Expense, Use of City's 'Take-Home' Cars

Los Angeles Times

Driving a company car home each night with free gas and maintenance has long been a cushy perk for hundreds of Los Angeles municipal employees. But in these difficult economic times, when the city is facing a $433-million deficit, some officials are questioning whether the expense -- in the tens of millions of dollars -- is justifiable.

Jan 20, 2009

LAPD Officer's Head Injury Raises Controversy Over Lack of Helmets

Los Angeles Times

When local protests broke out this month over the Israeli invasion of Gaza, Los Angeles Police Department officials decided that officers at the scene should not immediately wear their riot helmets out of concerns the gear might escalate passions among the demonstrators.
But the decision has now generated controversy after a protester hit an officer with the wood post of a protest sign during a march in Westwood.

Jan 15, 2009

Please Don’t Offend the Protesters

In this video, you can see a group of officers surrounded by protesters angered over the arrest of one of their comrades who had hung a banner from a traffic signal. You can also see one of those officers being struck with a protest sign. (I don’t know if this was the same officer who was later treated at Cedars Sinai Hospital after being struck in the head with a sign.)

Jan 12, 2009

LA Police Historical Society Hires Associate Executive Director, Plans Major New Exhibits

We are pleased to announce that your Los Angeles Police Historical Society (LAPHS) has hired retired Lieutenant Mike DeCoudres as our Associate Executive Director.
Mike served with the Department from June 1972 to July 2008 when he retired as the LT II, OIC, Surveillance Support Section, Major Crimes Division. Mike also held assignments as the Bomb Squad OIC and the OIC of Backgrounds.

Jan 6, 2009

L.A. Mayor Vowing to Oppose Cuts in Police Budget

Daily News

Even with a sluggish economy and the prospects of a more than $400 million shortfall, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa vowed Monday to oppose any reductions in the Los Angeles Police Department budget this year after seven straight years of reduced crime rates.

Jan 6, 2009

L.A says crime rate lowest since 1961

Daily News Wire Services

Crime in the city of Los Angeles continued to hit historic lows in 2008, a trend which Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and law enforcement officials today credited to more police officers and interagency relationships.

Dec 30, 2008

Attacks on LAPD cops down 17% from 2007

By Sue Doyle, Staff Writer

Violence against Los Angeles Police Department officials in 2008 involved the slaying of SWAT Officer Randal Simmons in a Winnetka shootout, 168 assaults with deadly weapons and 358 attacks from punching and shoving to kicking.

Dec 25, 2008

Governor Asked to Avoid Police-Funding Cuts

By Brandon Lowrey, Staff Writer

The Los Angeles police officers union on Wednesday asked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to spare law enforcement in the latest round of state budget cuts, saying crime could increase as the recession makes people desperate.

Dec 23, 2008

City Looks for Guidance on Services

By Rick Orlov, Columnist

Like the state of California, the city of Los Angeles is involved in a seemingly endless game of budget balancing as it looks once again at what appears to be a built-in shortfall. Last week, the City Council cut $74 million from its $7.2 billion budget and was warned it will probably return from its Christmas holiday with the need to make additional cuts next month.

Dec 19, 2008

Christmas comes early at Hollenbeck Youth Center

The annual toy giveaway is hosted by the Hollenbeck Police Business Council in conjunction with the L.A. Inner-City Games, the Hollenbeck Youth Center, the Los Angeles Police Department Hollenbeck Division and the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation.

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