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Crime rates rise in beach cities

Torrance Daily Breeze

Major crime declined again in the South Bay and Harbor Area in 2009, dropping nearly 6 percent from the previous year. The beach cities, however, did not fare as well. El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach joined Gardena as the cities with increases from 2008 to 2009.

Crime up 13% in B'klyn's 81st Pct. where whistleblower accused chiefs of lowering felony stats

NY Daily News

Crime is up 13% at the Brooklyn precinct where a whistleblower cop accused his supervisors of ignoring felonies to artificially lower the area's crime stats.

After Gang Crackdown, Police Become Targets

NY Times

By the time four city trucks were set ablaze next to Hemet City Hall last week, the police here had become familiar with their new life under siege.

CAO Miguel Santana enters treatment, temporarily steps down

LA Daily News

City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana announced Sunday he has enrolled in an alcohol treatment center and is temporarily stepping down from his post.

Sheriff Baca's electronic monitoring program falls short

LA Times

When he first announced the home-tracking plan in 2007, the L.A. County sheriff touted it as a way to free jail space and keep more serious offenders behind bars longer.

L.A. budget office offers sharply reduced estimate of red-light camera revenue

LA Times

The traffic cameras, which a new study say help reduce accidents, generate about $3.8 million a year in ticket revenue, just breaking even after operating costs, the office says.

ICE officials set quotas to deport more illegal immigrants

Washington Post

Seeking to reverse a steep drop in deportations, U.S. immigration authorities have set controversial new quotas for agents.

Bomb claims lives of 2 O.C. Marines

Orange County Register

One of the Marines was a 19-year-old kid who could barely wait to graduate from Esperanza High School to join the military and eventually become a cop – just like his father. The other was a seven-year active-duty veteran and high-ranking SWAT officer for the Los Angeles Police Department who was married to a naval officer and had a 9-month-old daughter.

Mayor Bloomberg blames spike in murders in 2010 on budget cuts that puts fewer cops on NYC streets

New York Daily News

Turns out you can't do more with less. Mayor Bloomberg admitted Friday the surprise uptick in murders could be linked to budget cuts that left fewer cops on city streets.

DWP plans 37% rate hike over four years to cover cost increases

LA Times

The L.A. utility's managers unveiled the plan as the council's Energy and Environment Committee debated the mayor's proposal to boost rates to pay for renewable energy.

Southern California counties rebounding from population declines

LA Times

All six counties in the region showed moderate population growth from 2008 to 2009, new census data show. Southern California's population grew at a higher rate than the state's population as a whole.

Business leaders decry plan to raise DWP rates

LA Times

Villaraigosa's proposed hikes of up to 22% for firms, which in part would further his renewable energy goals, stun the leaders, who had been delighted with his recent promise to focus on the economy.

Hemet truck-torchings believed to be connected to earlier attacks on police

LA Times

Four code-enforcement trucks were torched in the Hemet City Hall parking lot Tuesday, in a brazen attack that police believe is part of a shadowy but relentless campaign of violence against them.

LAPD officer killed in Afghanistan roadside bomb attack

LA Times

A member of the Los Angeles Police Department's elite SWAT unit, who also served as a U.S. Marine, was killed Wednesday in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb, LAPD officials said.

Robert Cottle, LAPD officer killed in Afghanistan

LA Observed

Robert J. Cottle, a member of the LAPD's SWAT unit, is the first active Los Angeles police officer to be killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Cottle, 45, was a Sergeant Major with a United States Marine Corps Reserve battalion from Camp Pendleton.

LAPD officer killed in Afghanistan


Two Marines from California, including a Los Angeles SWAT team officer who was on active duty, were killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, officials said Thursday.

Hemet's shadow war

LA Times

Police believe a gang is targeting officers with potentially deadly booby traps, vandalism and harassment.

Judges reinstate some Proposition 9 parole rules

LA Times blog

A federal appeals court Thursday upheld strict parole revocation rules approved by California voters in 2008, overturning a federal judge’s decision against Proposition 9.

Measure to legalize marijuana will be on California's November ballot

LA Times

Supporters of the initiative collected well more than the 433,971 signatures needed for it to go before voters in the fall, again putting the state at the forefront of the nation's drug debate.

Calif. parole policy slammed after records dumped


California lawmakers Wednesday criticized a corrections department policy of destroying parole agents' field notes a year after ex-convicts were released from supervision.

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