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Amid budget crisis, California makes parole easier


California's budget crisis and overcrowded prisons have led to a new reality for thousands of convicted felons: Parole is getting a lot easier — no more random drug tests, travel rules or requirements to check in with an officer.

Tough bill advances in Arizona on illegal immigrants

NY Times

The Arizona Legislature gave preliminary approval Tuesday to a proposal that would allow the police to arrest illegal immigrants on trespassing charges simply for being in the state.

L.A. County jails releasing some inmates early


Los Angeles County is so broke that the sheriff is cutting costs by releasing hundreds of inmates from county jails early. Over the past three months, more than 350 inmates from the nation's largest county jail have been handed what amounts to a get-out-of-jail-free card.

California finds that prison costs aren't so easy to cut

San Jose Mercury News

The billions of dollars that California pours into its troubled prisons — a number fattened by court-ordered medical spending and sky-high personnel costs — have become an increasingly attractive target for leaders desperate to trim the state's $20 billion deficit.

Multi-pronged review of troubled Probation Department ordered

LA Times

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors orders the agency's interim chief, the county CEO, the auditor-controller and the Office of Education to report on procedures, problems and possible solutions.

LAPD says it trains officers how to deal with autistic people

KPCC | Southern California Public Radio

Los Angeles Police officials say they began providing training on how to deal with people with autism long before two officers shot and killed an autistic man over the weekend.

Research demonstrates quantifiable benefits from police personnel investments

RAND Press Release

Existing high-quality research demonstrates that public investment in police can generate substantial social returns, according to a new study by the RAND Corporation.

California, in financial crisis, opens prison doors

NY Times

The California budget crisis has forced the state to address a problem that expert panels and judges have wrangled over for decades: how to reduce prison overcrowding.

Steamed at Villaraigosa, L.A. City Council to review his electric rate hikes

LA Times

The council votes unanimously to assert jurisdiction over the DWP's decision to approve a rate increase as members react angrily to the mayor's warning that bankruptcy looms without increases.

2010 Census: Get Counted!

By now you have probably received the 2010 U.S. Census forms in the mail. The census counts every resident in the United States, and is required by the Constitution to take place every 10 years. Participation is mandatory.

Former owner of LA-area pot dispensaries sentenced to six years in federal prison

LA Times Blog

The former owner of half a dozen L.A.-area medical marijuana dispensaries was sentenced Monday to six years in federal prison for conspiring to sell the drug, officials said.

En banc panel affirms sleeping felon's firearm possession conviction

Metropolitan News-Enterprise

An en banc panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday upheld the felon-in-possession-of-firearms conviction of a man Los Angeles Police Department officers found asleep on a couch in an abandoned apartment with a gun on his lap and another leaning against his leg.

LAPD unveils new training system

Long Beach Press-Telegram

The Los Angeles Police Department unveiled a new training system Monday aimed at helping commanders make the best decisions during emergencies.

Paralyzed ex-LAPD officer to race for charity


Former LAPD officer Kristina Ripatti-Pearce is preparing to travel 3,000 miles across country in the charity event, Race Across America.

LA council grants contract extension to red-light camera operator

Daily Breeze

Despite persistent concerns over its performance, the company that operates Los Angeles' red-light camera program won preliminary approval Monday for a three-month contract extension.

Panel suggests changes to Police Academy

LA Daily News

Welcome to the University of Police Academy 2010. A City Council panel ordered the LAPD on Monday to study the creation of a program at the Police Academy that other agencies could use as a way to generate revenue.

Ventura OKs 2-tier system for pensions

Ventura County Star

In an effort to corral mounting pension costs for employees, Ventura on Monday became the first city in Ventura County to call for a two-tiered pension system that would scale back benefits to future retirees.

Sit-lie laws put spotlight on safety

USA Today

Residents, merchants, police and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom say what was once a flower-power scene on bohemian streets now displays an ugly, even violent side. They are calling for an ordinance to make it easier for police to clear sidewalks of what they say are aggressive panhandlers and the open use of drugs.

Crime Stoppers tip line casting wider net

LA Daily News

Ten years ago, Luisa Prudhomme watched as the man whom she believed to be her son's murderer drove away from the police station in a pickup truck.

Police fatally shoot unarmed man in Koreatown

LA Times

Steven Eugene Washington, 27, didn't respond to commands and seemed to reach for a weapon, officers say. Relatives say he had learning disabilities and was generally afraid of strangers.

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