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Hot pursuit: Competition heats up for police cars

Associated Press

Ford Motor Co. wants to remain the top gun in the U.S. police car market with a new cruiser due out next year, but its competitors are in hot pursuit.

State corrections officials defend new law, say violent criminals will get heavier monitoring

LA Times blog

State corrections officials questioned Thursday claims by the L.A. police union that the recent arrest of a man with a long criminal history showed shortcomings in a new law designed to ease prison overcrowding.

Study: Law officers struggle to readjust after war

Associated Press

Many law enforcement officers called up to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan are bringing home heightened survival instincts that may make them quicker to use force.

LAPD Transfers Personnel From Film Industry Duties

LA Weekly

During a week in which Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the City Council pledged to keep movie and television productions from fleeing L.A. for cheaper locales, the Los Angeles Police Department announced it was transferring "several" employees from a film-permit unit in order to fill budget-needy gaps elsewhere in the department.

State Supreme Court to review body armor ban

LA Times blog

The California Supreme Court decided Wednesday to review a state law that prohibits convicted felons from owning body armor.

Pink slips for city workers coming soon

Daily News

The cash-strapped city of Los Angeles will hand out pink slips to 15 employees by the end of this week, it was revealed Wednesday. They represent the first batch of 1,000 layoffs ordered by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa this fiscal year, which ends June 30.

LA officials outline expected service cuts due to budget crunch

Daily Breeze

With the city of Los Angeles facing budget shortfalls of almost $700 million over the next 16 months, officials Wednesday outlined expected service cuts ranging from fewer potholes filled and streets swept to fewer inspectors on duty.

Parolee with 19 arrests underscores dangers of new parole law, L.A. police union says

LA Times blog

The union representing Los Angeles police officers said Wednesday that a parolee with 19 arrests and four convictions underscores how laws meant to ease prison overcrowding could pose a serious -- and ongoing -- threat to public safety.

Schwarzenegger orders change in parole file policy

LA Times

The governor wants documents on paroled sex offenders maintained indefinitely. The change was made after a lawmaker sought the file of a suspect in the Chelsea King case. It had been destroyed.

L.A. council considers deactivating 10 ambulances at night

LA Times

A decision is postponed after a man tearfully recalls how his father died of a heart attack and amid confusion about how the plan to save $20 million would affect response times.

Cash-strapped Los Angeles wary of scaring off business

Wall Street Journal

Los Angeles is struggling to raise money and cut costs to fill a $200 million budget gap that could force thousands of layoffs and drive the city into bankruptcy. But last week, the city decided to forgo $3.4 million in revenue as it slashed taxes for Internet companies.

LAPD officer gets robbed

The Signal

Sheriff’s deputies on Monday arrested a transient who allegedly tried to rob an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer, whose personal property was stolen but eventually recovered, authorities said.

New at L.A. County Jail: inmates serve half sentences

Christian Science Monitor

The budget crunch has forced the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to release nonviolent offenders from the county jail after serving just 50 percent of their sentences, rather than 80 percent, which used to be the norm.

Law enforcement remember slain California officer

Mercury News

A police officer killed in a shootout last month was hailed Monday as a public servant who put the safety of his country and community ahead of his own.

LAPD division to get videocameras next month

Daily News

One division of the LAPD will have videocameras operating in patrol cars in April as testing continues to ensure the system will work without detracting from officers' duties, officials said Monday.

Early releases of inmates from L.A. County jail now top 340

LA Times blog

More than 343 inmates have received early releases from the L.A. County jail system in the last six days, officials said Monday, up from about 200 reported last week.

Budget cuts slash California rehabilitation program for prisoners

Sacramento Bee

California prison officials began touting a new public safety reform in January that would encourage inmates to complete a rehabilitation course and earn six weeks per year off a sentence.

Taking aim at rich pensions

Daily News

Government costs increase and so do calls to rein in benefits.

LA Superior Court to lay off 329 employees on April 1

Daily Breeze

Los Angeles Superior Court officials informed employees Friday that 329 of them will be laid off on April 1 because of the ongoing budget crisis. A memo from Executive Officer John Clarke said as many as 1,800 more positions will be lost to layoffs and attrition in the next four years or so.

200 or more inmates released early from L.A. County Jail

LA TImes

Sheriff Lee Baca says budget cuts have prompted him to reduce the time nonviolent offenders spend in the jail system.

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