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Obama looking to give new life to immigration reform

LA Times

In an effort to advance a bill through Congress before midterm elections, the president meets with two senators who have spent months trying to craft legislation.

LA budget ideas include do-it-yourself sidewalk repair for property owners

Daily Breeze

Asking Los Angeles property owners to repair their own sidewalks was among several ideas floated Thursday by the City Council to help offset a $684 million budget shortfall over the next 18 months.

Birotte sworn in as new US Attorney for Central California

Contra Costa Times

Andre Birotte Jr., former inspector general of the Los Angeles Police Department, was sworn in today as the U.S. Attorney for the district covering Southern California.

LAPD chief, district attorney defend crime exhibit

Associated Press

The Los Angeles police chief and district attorney are defending their exhibit of evidence from famous crimes including Sen. Robert F. Kennedy's assassination.

Man shoots two officers outside Pentagon


A man coolly and calmly approached the screening area outside the Pentagon Thursday evening and opened fire, grazing two Pentagon police officers before they returned fire, critically wounding him, officials said.

Safety is issue as budget cuts free prisoners

New York Times

In the rush to save money in grim budgetary times, states nationwide have trimmed their prison populations by expanding parole programs and early releases. But the result — more convicted felons on the streets, not behind bars — has unleashed a backlash, and state officials now find themselves trying to maneuver between saving money and maintaining the public’s sense of safety.

Jerry Brown says he'll consider California pension reform

Sacramento Bee

A day after announcing his candidacy for governor, Attorney General Jerry Brown said Wednesday that if elected he would consider overhauling public employee pension programs while opposing any move to privatize them.

State prison cuts could backfire, report says

San Francisco Chronicle

Recent cuts to California prison programs could result in more former inmates returning to prison and an increase in prison crowding, according to a draft state report.

L.A. mayor finalizes first list of city job cuts

LA Times blog

Pink slips will soon be on their way to Los Angeles city workers now that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and his general managers have finalized the first list of 542 positions slated for elimination.

DMV Parking Crackdown


State officials move in after NBC-LA investigation.

Antonio's right -- to hell with parks and libraries, we're going to need the cops soon enough

Ron Kaye LA

How bad is the city's budget crisis? I'll tell you how bad it is, Controller Wendy Greuel predicts that next year's revenue will be all of $16.8 million below this year's -- a decline of less than one-half of one percent, .04 to be exact, on a general fund budget of $4.2 billion!

Justices signal they're ready to make gun ownership a national right

LA Times

A high court majority reviewing a handgun ban in Chicago indicates that it sees the right to bear arms as national in scope, and can be used to strike down some state and local gun regulations.

Assemblyman plans to explore tightening offender laws


His effort is a response to the Chelsea King case.

Baca says early inmate releases 'inevitable' if budget crisis continues

LA Times blog

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said Wednesday it was "inevitable" that nonviolent inmates in county jails would be released early if the budget crisis persists.

L.A. Consequential

New York Times Opinion

Not since the Beach Boys were in peach fuzz and crew cuts has it been so safe to live and play in the City of Angels.

LA Crime In Vegas -- Kennedy exhibit removed


A display of the suit jacket, shirt, and tie worn by Robert Kennedy the night he was murdered at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles has been removed from a crime scene exhibit in Las Vegas after complaints from the Kennedy family, LAPD officials said.

Reward offered in brazen attacks on police


Two recent assassination attempts on Hemet gang task-force officers add to a national trend of more brazen and sophisticated attacks on police, often by gang members, law enforcement experts say.

City report details layoffs' impact

Daily News

Libraries might be open 12 fewer hours a week, parks might have to drop their day-care service and tree-trimming service might be abandoned under the city's pending layoffs and budget cuts, according to a city report issued Wednesday.

New jail program targets illegal immigrants

Press Democrat

Sonoma County this week will become the first in the Bay Area in which anyone booked into the county jail automatically will have their immigration status checked.

Bill to ban social networking for sex offenders

San Francisco Chronicle

Sex offenders in California would be barred from using social networking Web sites such as Facebook and MySpace under a proposed law aimed at making the Internet safer for children as more and more of them flock to the Web.

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