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Bill to ban social networking for sex offenders

San Francisco Chronicle

Sex offenders in California would be barred from using social networking Web sites such as Facebook and MySpace under a proposed law aimed at making the Internet safer for children as more and more of them flock to the Web.

L.A.'s crime rates continue to fall, city statistics show

LA Times blog

The Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday bid farewell to its inspector general; received a somewhat encouraging update on the saga to install video cameras in patrol cars; and heard that the city’s crime rates continued to plummet.

Big cuts proposed for L.A. County sheriff, including jail transfers

LA Times blog

The Los Angeles County Sheriff''s Department is considering dramatic cuts to its budget that would include downsizing the Pitchess Detention Center in northern L.A. County as well as moving hundreds of administrators and desk-duty deputies into street patrols.

Greuel says L.A. will have to borrow more

Daily News

Los Angeles officials received more grim financial news Tuesday as the City Council grappled with the pain of having to downsize some of its most popular programs.

Officer in Calif. shootout taken off life support

Associated Press

A police officer who was critically wounded in a rural Fresno County shootout that left two others dead was taken off life support Monday.

Bill to limit early release to state prisons

San Francisco Chronicle

A state Assemblyman has introduced legislation to ensure that a recently enacted law allowing the early release of nonviolent offenders would only apply to state prisons, not county jails.

Villaraigosa Has The Biggest, Most-Expensive Mayor's Office In Decades

LA Weekly

We said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa practically looked heroic earlier this month when he stepped up to call for the agonizing cuts -- 1,000 workers -- that the City Council avoided in the face of L.A.'s $212 budget deficit. But over the weekend La Opinion newspaper pointed out that Villaraigosa's own office budget has its own villainous attributes.

Erroll Southers to step down as LAX assistant police chief

Daily Breeze

Erroll Southers announced Monday that he will step down as assistant police chief at Los Angeles International Airport by the end of March, just two months after he withdrew his nomination to head the Transportation Security Administration.

LA council looks at hiking police, fire fees in budget crunch

Contra Costa Times

The Los Angeles City Council on Monday discussed hiking fees for ambulance usage, burglar alarm responses and other services provided by the Police and Fire departments as it looks for ways to cover a $212 million budget shortfall.

On display: murder-scene photos with a twist

LA Times

The chief who first sought funding for LAPD cameras is pictured in the department's oldest crime-scene photos on record.

L.A. County cities seek to merge police forces to cut costs

LA Times

Maywood, which is spearheading the effort with Bell, has requested federal funds for a three-month feasibility study.

Calif. lawmakers weigh forcing witnesses to report

San Diego Tribune

As many as 20 people stood by and watched for nearly two hours, Richmond police say, as others gang-raped a 16-year-old girl outside a high school homecoming dance in the tough San Francisco Bay area community last fall. Now, state legislators are seeking to change the law so witnesses in similar situations could be charged with a crime for failing to call police.

Walter Moore: Four key things to know about mayor's budget

Daily News Opinion

Despite his claims, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa does not want to shrink the city government. Instead, he wants to dupe taxpayers into letting him sell valuable public assets to private interests.

Sheriff's deputy dies in San Diego County crash

Mercury News

A deputy chasing a wrong-way driver was killed in a crash Sunday after his patrol vehicle hit a bridge abutment and plunged down a freeway embankment, San Diego County Sheriff William Gore said.

It's a sad chapter for Los Angeles

Daily News

Library woes one indicator for city's mounting budget problems.

As the city's financial crisis deepens, pressure grows to cut ranks of LAPD

Daily News

Los Angeles' increasingly dire financial health raises serious doubt about the once sacrosanct pledge to keep LAPD's ranks at the current record high of just less than 10,000 officers.

IN DEPTH: Early parole and its effect on the region: Wary of inmate release

Glendale News Press

Police assess implications of early releases on public safety, officer duties.

Sheriff to L.A. cops: Be more … cautious

Pajamas Media

At what cost does this increase of caution come, and who must pay it?

Web-based system lets police, social workers share data on child abuse

LA Times

L.A. County's district attorney calls the implementation a 'giant leap forward' and says the system, designed to prevent cases from falling through the cracks, is the first of its kind in the U.S.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck vows to better protect cyclists

LA Times

He calls bike riders the 'most vulnerable commuters.' Bicycle advocates have been pushing the department to do more to crack down on motorists who don't respect bikers' right to the road.

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