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Deputy dies from injuries in OIS shooting; Reedley officer on life support

KMPH Fox-26

Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies are still on the scene of an officer-involved shooting in Eastern Fresno County, which killed one officer and injured three others Thursday morning.

Council puts $12M into emergency reserve

Daily News

Los Angeles City Council members voted today to put $12 million of their so-called discretionary funds into the emergency reserve, but it represents only a portion of the money that the mayor has asked them to turn over.

LAPD Lays Off 50 Civilians; 400 Job Openings Can't Be Filled

LA Weekly

The rubber is starting to meet the road as the city works to solve a $212 million budget deficit.

Early Prison Release Programs: Recipe For Political Disaster?

The Crime Report

A backlash over an Oregon law that allows inmates to trim as much as 30 percent from their sentences via expanded “earned-time credits” shows some political pitfalls when policy changes open prison doors earlier, reports Stateline.org.

LAPD Central Division Honors Its Own


The Central City Police Boosters held its annual Police Recognition Day Luncheon and Awards Ceremony today, honoring officers and civilian staff who helped improve public safety in Downtown Los Angeles.

LAPD officer dies in off-duty crash

LA Times blog

An off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer died Thursday evening and three other people were injured in a vehicle collision in Diamond Bar, authorities said.

Calif. gang officers again targeted by booby-trap at task force building, no injuries reported

LA Times

The gang enforcement unit in the desert city of Hemet was on high alert Thursday after a bizarre booby trap sent a bullet whizzing past an officer in what authorities said was the second attack in two months at a building used by the task force.

Los Angeles budget cuts may end some city attorney programs

LA Times

Officials say the upcoming municipal job eliminations may force them to discontinue HALO, a legal services clinic for the homeless, as well as antigang and antitruancy efforts.

Schwarzenegger, Whitman back away from ballot measure to cut pension costs

Sacramento Bee

Despite their full-throated support for cutting public employee pension costs, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the leading GOP candidate to replace him, Meg Whitman, have backed away from supporting a ballot measure that would do just that.

Revenue concerns prompt another L.A. bond-rating downgrade

LA Times

Despite the council's recent efforts, including approval of 4,000 job cuts, Standard & Poor's believes the city is still spending too much. Moody's and Fitch already dropped their L.A. bond ratings.

California prison health care cuts -- a closer look

Sacramento Bee - Capitol Alert blog

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative Democrats are backing an $811 million cut to prison medical costs in 2010-11, contained in a bill the Legislature sent the governor Monday. Democrats have included that cut as part of their $5 billion budget solution.

LA council considers cutting city contracts to save jobs

Daily Breeze

Moved by teary testimony from workers fearing job losses, the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday asked staff to look into cutting the value of all city contracts by 10 percent and consider whether municipal employees could do some of that work.

House passes 'Billy's Law' on missing persons

LA Times

A measure named for Janice Smolinski's son, who disappeared in 2004, would help expand the database of missing people and unidentified remains, partly by requiring the FBI to share what it knows.

Hector De La Torre: L.A. court funding shortfall threatens to exacerbate economic crisis

Daily News Opinion

Los Angeles County courts are facing a crisis that not only threatens justice in our communities, but also threatens to upend the economic recovery of families in our region.

Beck has put "stamp" on LAPD during first 100 days

Contra Costa Times

In his first 100 days as chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, Chief Charlie Beck says he has come to put his stamp on the agency as it faces its biggest challenge in years - maintaining public safety amid a hazardous budget climate.

Our View- Villaraigosa aims to cut pay for city employees

Daily 49er (CSU Long Beach) Opinion

In efforts to salvage as many jobs as possible, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants all city employees to take pay cuts. However, his plan does not make much sense.

Guns are now permitted -- but not necessarily welcomed -- in national parks

LA Times

As the controversial law takes effect Monday, critics argue it could increase wildlife poaching, violence between visitors and against rangers, and destruction of historic and cultural monuments.

City pension issue fails to get traction

Daily News

As city officials grapple with Los Angeles' budget crisis - a $212 million deficit now and an additional $484 million next year - no one has been talking much about the elephant in the room. The soaring costs of employee pensions.

California pension initiatives in uphill struggle

Modesto Bee

Measures to cap benefits can't outspend unions, lack support of business.

PROPOSAL: Police, fire functions could be transferred to cut costs

Daily News

Eyeing annual savings of up to a half-billion dollars, the Los Angeles City Council asked Monday for a report on a proposal to consolidate the city's myriad computer operations in one agency.

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