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What L.A.'s firefighters have already given up

LA Times Opinion

Columnist Tim Rutten implores L.A. firefighters -- and city residents, as a consequence -- to make sacrifices, as if they haven't already accepted deep cuts.

LAPD chief: The thin blue line keeps getting thinner


Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck was sworn in for a five-year term in November, succeeding native New Yorker William Bratton, who retired to take a job in the private sector. As Beck settles into the job, he is sharing his philosophies and views on policing with CNN.

Cuts in programs to help inmates questioned

San Francisco Chronicle

An effort to slash prison costs in California by laying off hundreds of workers who run rehabilitation programs could backfire, resulting in higher recidivism rates and ultimately higher prison costs, critics say.

Former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates battling bladder cancer

LA Times

Former Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl F. Gates, who led the department for more than a decade, has been hospitalized with bladder cancer, sources said Tuesday.

Proposed cuts would end California assistance for most new legal immigrants

LA Times

Gov. Schwarzenegger's budget proposes saving $304 million by eliminating several programs that provide a safety net for elderly, disabled and low-income immigrants who don't yet qualify for federal welfare.

L.A. County selects new chief for troubled Probation Department

LA Times blog

Alameda County's probation chief was named Tuesday to run Los Angeles County's beleaguered Probation Department and is expected to begin April 19.

Economic recovery is still a year away

Daily News

Jobs will continue to drain from Los Angeles County through year's end before the Great Recession finally begins to loosen its grip in 2011, according to an economic forecast released today.

Mayor says L.A. 'can no longer afford' current level of service

Daily News

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took his budget-balancing campaign to a Silver Lake library on Tuesday, warning that the city is going to have to make cuts that will affect the quality of life for Angelenos.

Early release of Sacramento County inmates to resume

Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department is planning to resume early releases of 80 to 100 jail inmates as soon as Wednesday in response to yet another order from a Sacramento judge over the state's new parole reform law.

Deputy union sues to stop early inmate release

Orange County Register

The union that represents sheriff's deputies filed a lawsuit Tuesday to stop the early release of inmates from Orange County jails, the second lawsuit in the state aimed at stopping local releases under a new law.

State attorney general wades into controversy over early release of local jail inmates

LA Times blog

California Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown on Tuesday waded into the controversy over a new law that aims to reduce the state prison population by saying it applies to county jail inmates but should not be read as requiring immediate, large-scale reductions of their jail populations.

California prepares to release thousands more prisoners

Sacramento Bee

The fury unleashed in Sacramento over the early releases of a couple hundred inmates has set the stage for a more massive but less detectable state prisoner population shift about to unfold.

L.A. budget crisis threatens jobs, credit rating


Los Angeles, the second-largest city in the United States, is confronting a mounting budget deficit that threatens to force thousands of job cuts, deplete its fiscal reserve and further damage its credit rating.

Los Angeles City Hall budget fight escalates

LA Times

Dispute between Mayor Villaraigosa and council over spending erupts into the open.

More than 1,500 California jail inmates are released early

LA Times

Authorities act in response to a state law aimed at cutting the prison population. But a Sacramento County judge orders that county to halt releases, ruling the law does not apply to county jails.

Court rules strip searches of inmates constitutional

LA Times

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals says searches are needed to prevent the smuggling of contraband into detention centers. The decision replaces a smaller panel's more critical ruling in 2008.

Council called out for its use of money

Daily News

REQUEST: Controller says members should surrender special funds to help ease city's budget crisis.

Ninth Circuit upholds firearms ban for convicted felons


A federal appeals court upheld a ban on convicted felons possessing firearms on Monday, saying it's consistent with the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Why Violent Criminals Are Getting Out of Prison Early


Hard-core gang member Howard Astorga is a parolee who had three prior felony convictions but was classified as low-level, non-violent criminal offender based on his commitment offense of Possession of Control Substance. If Astorga was still in state prison today, he would be among the thousands of inmates to be freed under the early release program and assigned to the new non-revocable parole status. In fact, Astorga is on his way back to prison after being found guilty Monday of the shooting death of four-year-old Roberto Lopez Jr. which occurred in the Echo Park area.

LA City Council Members: Livin' Large?


The Los Angeles City Council is wrestling with a budget deficit that's more than $200 million now and expected to more than triple in the next two years. As they look at laying off workers, cutting back hours at libraries, and even selling off parks and other city assets, a good deal of loathing is being directed at the Council members themselves.

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