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L.A. councilman considers police, firefighter layoffs

LA Times

Bernard Parks has asked the city's top budget analyst to outline a layoff plan that includes public safety agencies, which have been largely shielded from earlier budget cuts.

California Supreme Court upholds state enforcement of sex offender ban

Mercury News

Voter-approved limits on where sex offenders can live may be enforced on parolees who committed their sex crimes long before Jessica's Law passed, the California Supreme Court ruled Monday.

What Obama's budget plan may mean for California

LA Times

More than $1 billion would go to the state for Medicaid and to help jail illegal immigrants.

CHP union exec: lower pensions for new hires?

Calpensions blog

The chief executive of the trendsetting California Highway Patrol union told a CalPERS forum last week that he is thinking about negotiating lower pension benefits for new hires, a move to protect them from a greater rollback by a future initiative.

Beck wants cameras in LAPD patrol cars ASAP

Daily News

Nearly two decades after the Rodney King beating prompted demands for heightened monitoring of LAPD officers, city officials were told Monday of a renewed effort to get video cameras installed patrol cars.

Budget forces cops to shed cell phones

San Diego Union-Tribune

Add cell phones to the list of cutbacks at the San Diego Police Department. About 200 officers have been asked to turn in their department-issued cell phones and PDAs to reduce the agency’s $800,000-a-year cell phone bill by nearly $300,000.

Bellville woman relieved Onion Field killer stays behind bars


Lori Campbell hopes this parole decision is the last time anyone will consider releasing her father's murderer.

State cuts hurt programs that educate inmates

Modesto Bee

Staggering under historic budget problems, state leaders are slashing $1.2 billion in yearly prison spending, including two-thirds of inmate education, vocation and substance abuse programs, the very things most likely to turn ex-cons away from crime when they get out.

Cash-strapped San Diego set to sell police horses and tack

LA Times blog

The police horses that have patrolled San Diego's Balboa Park are being sold at an online auction. The Police Department has ended its horse unit, which was organized in 1983, as a money-saving measure. The officers have been transferred to other duties, and their mounts and the tack are being sold.

Grim choices for cash-strapped L.A.

Daily News

Los Angeles will need to lay off at least 1,000 employees, shut down three departments and make other changes if it is going to survive this year, the city's top analyst said Friday.

Details on L.A. budget cuts expected Friday

Daily News

CITY HALL: Report will recommend areas to be targeted for layoffs.

L.A. criminal’s bogus video fools local Fox affiliate

Pajamas Media

It was a shabby little bit of journalism, and it came back to bite them.

Illegal-immigrant inmates no longer allowed in work program

Capitol Alert blog - Sacramento Bee

A board that oversees vocational training and work programs at California prisons has voted to discontinue allowing undocumented immigrant inmates set for deportation to participate in the California Prisons Industry Authority certification program.

Father Mike McCullough's ministry to L.A.'s 'thin blue line'

The Tidings

The LAPD chaplain and reserve officer says the pressures on today's cops are immense.

Jack Dunphy: The L.A. Times takes another small step on the road to oblivion

Patterico's Pontifications

LA Times columnist Steve Lopez asked readers to submit candidates for a list of "LA's worst people." Among those who qualified for this list are Frank Shaw, the famously corrupt mayor who was recalled in 1938; homicidal madman Charles Manson; disgraced former President Richard Nixon; former LAPD Chief William Parker; Manson family murderer Susan Atkins; serial killer Richard Ramirez, also remembered as the "Night Stalker"; and O.J. Simpson, the Butcher of Brentwood. An interesting mix, to say the least, but I was puzzled by Parker's presence.

Suspects In Store Clerk's Stabbing Had Been On Parole

LA Weekly

Two men arrested in the stabbing of an El Monte store clerk last month were on parole -- one was later put on probation -- and could be considered the kind of "non-violent, low-level offender" now being unleashed as part of the state's budget-minded "parole reform" that would release as many as 21,000 prisoners over the next two years.

Police officers under attack; 'Hannity' investigates rise of disturbing trend

Fox News

Since the beginning of January, 14 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty, half of them after being assaulted. It is a deadly start for the year. Now Ainsley Earhardt reports police officers under attack. But we do need to warn you as this piece contain some very graphic images and should not be viewed by children.

LA City firefighters' union chief hopes contract impasse near an end


A new contract for Los Angeles city firefighters may be in sight, as an independent "fact-finder'' proposed a pact similar to what city police got, a union leader said today.

Communities brace for wave of early release prisoners

The Sun

Law enforcement officials throughout the region and across the state are bracing for a possible spike in crime as thousands of state and county prisoners are returned to the streets under a new law aimed at cutting government expenses.

Park Named For Slain Swat Hero


The city of Los Angeles today renamed West Valley Park in Reseda after slain SWAT Officer Randal Simmons.

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