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Father Mike McCullough's ministry to L.A.'s 'thin blue line'

The Tidings

The LAPD chaplain and reserve officer says the pressures on today's cops are immense.

Jack Dunphy: The L.A. Times takes another small step on the road to oblivion

Patterico's Pontifications

LA Times columnist Steve Lopez asked readers to submit candidates for a list of "LA's worst people." Among those who qualified for this list are Frank Shaw, the famously corrupt mayor who was recalled in 1938; homicidal madman Charles Manson; disgraced former President Richard Nixon; former LAPD Chief William Parker; Manson family murderer Susan Atkins; serial killer Richard Ramirez, also remembered as the "Night Stalker"; and O.J. Simpson, the Butcher of Brentwood. An interesting mix, to say the least, but I was puzzled by Parker's presence.

Suspects In Store Clerk's Stabbing Had Been On Parole

LA Weekly

Two men arrested in the stabbing of an El Monte store clerk last month were on parole -- one was later put on probation -- and could be considered the kind of "non-violent, low-level offender" now being unleashed as part of the state's budget-minded "parole reform" that would release as many as 21,000 prisoners over the next two years.

Police officers under attack; 'Hannity' investigates rise of disturbing trend

Fox News

Since the beginning of January, 14 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty, half of them after being assaulted. It is a deadly start for the year. Now Ainsley Earhardt reports police officers under attack. But we do need to warn you as this piece contain some very graphic images and should not be viewed by children.

LA City firefighters' union chief hopes contract impasse near an end


A new contract for Los Angeles city firefighters may be in sight, as an independent "fact-finder'' proposed a pact similar to what city police got, a union leader said today.

Communities brace for wave of early release prisoners

The Sun

Law enforcement officials throughout the region and across the state are bracing for a possible spike in crime as thousands of state and county prisoners are returned to the streets under a new law aimed at cutting government expenses.

Park Named For Slain Swat Hero


The city of Los Angeles today renamed West Valley Park in Reseda after slain SWAT Officer Randal Simmons.

New Body Armor Ban For Felons Cruises Through State Senate

LA Weekly

The state senate on Thursday unanimously approved a law that would again outlaw body armor for felons. The legislation was first written and proposed by Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, and Valley Sen. Alex Padilla is carrying it in the senate.

William Bratton launches global security firm Monday

LA Times

As chairman of Altegrity Risk International, the retired LAPD chief has tapped a former L.A. councilman and a former deputy police chief to fill key roles.

Private prison company finds gold in California

Capitol Weekly

In the intensifying debate over budget-driven releases of state prison inmates, the state’s cash problems are well known. But at least one private correctional company is reaping major rewards.

Plan to cut L.A. jobs would hurt neighborhood councils and art programs, report shows

LA Times

Faced with a nearly $200-million gap, budget officials are looking at a 50% cut at the department that oversees local panels, reductions in library staff and trims at the Cultural Affairs Department.

Lee Baca: Reducing prison penalties threatens public's safety

Daily News Opinion

OUR economic problems and California's budget crisis have impacted every level of government: state, county and city. Painful cuts have been and will continue to be made in all areas. Inevitably up and down the state, counties and local governments are looking at another year of reduced budgets and additional cuts. I write this to share with you what impacts these cuts will have on public safety and on our communities.

Hahn urges LAPD chief to assign officer to handle San Pedro graffiti

Daily Breeze

Harbor-district Councilwoman Janice Hahn is urging Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck to assign one patrol officer to handle graffiti in San Pedro and Wilmington.

Assembly approves measure that would require rape witnesses to report crime

Contra Costa Times

The state Assembly passed legislation Wednesday that would require anyone who observes a violent crime to report it to authorities. The Witness Responsibility Act now moves to the state Senate.

State parole board rejects release of 'Onion Field' killer

LA Times blog

The state parole board this evening rejected a bid for release by Gregory Powell, who was convicted in the 1963 slaying of Los Angeles Police Officer Ian Campbell near Bakersfield.

L.A. officials clear the way for LAPD to hire more DNA analysts

LA Times

The mayor and City Council plan to eliminate a backlog of untested rape evidence. But available funds will allow the hiring of just 11 staffers, not the 26 originally sought.

State high court OK's 'John Doe' arrest warrant based on DNA

Sacramento Bee

In a groundbreaking case out of Sacramento, a split California Supreme Court ruled Monday that the use of a DNA profile to identify an unknown suspect in an arrest warrant is a legitimate way to beat the deadline for filing criminal charges.

Within South L.A.'s killing zone, a haven from violence

LA Times

A mile-wide area bounded by Hoover Street, Halldale Avenue, 73rd Street and 85th Street in Vermont Knolls has had no homicides in the last three years while 28 slayings have occurred nearby.

Suspect ordered to stand trial in Lily Burk's slaying

LA Times

Charles Samuel, 50, is accused of kidnapping and killing the teen in July 2009. A coroner's official testifies that Burk had wounds all over her body, indicating she struggled with her attacker.

Crime rates are falling because police have taken responsibility for making it happen

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund blog

When you look at the history of homicides over the past 20 years, the results are staggering.

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