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Plan to roll back L.A.'s retirement benefits is dead -- for now

LA Times blog

A plan to ask Los Angeles voters to roll back retirement benefits for newly hired city workers at Los Angeles City Hall is dead – at least for now, two high-level city officials said today.

Supreme Court eases restrictions on corporate campaign spending


The Supreme Court has given big business, unions and nonprofits more power to spend freely in federal elections, a major turnaround that threatens a century of government efforts to regulate the power of corporations to bankroll American politics.

L.A. police union wants cops to be notified when expected wave of prisoners comes to town

LA Weekly

The union representing Los Angeles police officers on Thursday asked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to ensure that local departments are notified when prisoners from the massive release planned for Monday come their way.

D.A. to urge legislature to pass new body armor law

LA Weekly

District Attorney Steve Cooley and state Sen. Alex Padilla will hold a news conference Friday to urge the state legislature to pass what they describe as an urgent law that would ban violent felons from wearing body armor.

LAPD preparing to deal with nearly 6,000 freed prisoners in area

LA Weekly

The Los Angeles Police Department seems to be taking the possibility of a state release of prisoners starting Jan. 25 seriously.

Release of thousands of California prisoners set for this month

LA Weekly

Batten down the hatches. The state is scheduled to release thousands of prisoners, with at least 5,000 coming to California, starting Jan. 25, according to a statement from the union representing rank-and-file Los Angeles police officers.

High court affirms prisoner reduction

Courthouse News Service

The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed California's appeal of a federal judicial panel's order that it reduce its prison population by more than 40,000 in two years.

Another long California budget battle expected

Sacramento Bee

Brace yourself for another long year of budget talks. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a fiscal emergency and demanded swift action to eliminate nearly half of the state's $19.9 billion deficit by March.

Dan Walters: Financial pain will dominate 2010 elections

Sacramento Bee

There are dozens of proposed measures for the 2010 elections, all of which purport to improve California's economic, social or civic well-being. Some are fairly major structural changes – and chances are high that quite a few will actually make the ballot.

A budget, and a vision, for L.A.

LA Times Editorial

The mayor and City Council have to respond to today's fiscal crisis with a long-term plan for a more focused, efficient city government.

Politicians watch criminals pack more heat

New York Times Editorial

The nation’s police chiefs are finding an alarming increase in criminals’ use of assault weapons — the high-powered battlefield rifles that used to be banned, back when the federal government showed greater concern for public safety.

LAPD chief: Pot clinics not plagued by crime

Daily News

Despite neighborhood complaints, most medical marijuana clinics are not typically the magnets for crime that critics often portray, according to Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck.

Audit: Idle LA city telephone lines cost taxpayers $3M annually

Daily Breeze

In far too many cases at Los Angeles City Hall, the phone is ringing, but no one is home.

LAPD Chief Beck answers questions at town hall


LAPD Chief Charlie Beck answered questions Wednesday night about undocumented immigration and Special Order 40, gang intervention, the end of the consent decree, and other topics.

City honors officer

LA Downtown News

Downtown intersection named after first African American officer killed in the line of duty.

Council begins to shape pot guidelines

Daily News

Policy: Debate centers on how far away dispensaries should be from schools, homes, churches.

Whittier gang member brought back from Mexico for trial

Whittier Daily News

A Southside Whittier gang member on the run for nine years is back in Los Angeles County to face trial for shooting at two deputies during a Sept. 5, 2000, traffic stop.

LA anti-gang activist granted $2M bail

Washington Post

After a lengthy legal fight, an anti-gang activist accused of still participating in gang life by ordering a hit on a rival was granted $2 million bail on Wednesday, despite objections by federal prosecutors that he could flee to his native El Salvador.

Court ruling in Reno case could change police duties

Las Vegas Sun

CARSON CITY — In a dissenting opinion, seven judges on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said a decision by their colleagues on the court related to a Reno case could turn police officers into babysitters, psychiatrists and social workers.

New state budget could cut county funds by $4 billion

Daily Breeze

The governor's proposed state budget could mean a record loss of nearly $4 billion for Los Angeles County, putting hundreds of thousands of needy residents at risk of losing welfare checks, in-home care, health care and other services, officials said Tuesday.

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