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Audit: Idle LA city telephone lines cost taxpayers $3M annually

Daily Breeze

In far too many cases at Los Angeles City Hall, the phone is ringing, but no one is home.

LAPD Chief Beck answers questions at town hall


LAPD Chief Charlie Beck answered questions Wednesday night about undocumented immigration and Special Order 40, gang intervention, the end of the consent decree, and other topics.

City honors officer

LA Downtown News

Downtown intersection named after first African American officer killed in the line of duty.

Council begins to shape pot guidelines

Daily News

Policy: Debate centers on how far away dispensaries should be from schools, homes, churches.

Whittier gang member brought back from Mexico for trial

Whittier Daily News

A Southside Whittier gang member on the run for nine years is back in Los Angeles County to face trial for shooting at two deputies during a Sept. 5, 2000, traffic stop.

LA anti-gang activist granted $2M bail

Washington Post

After a lengthy legal fight, an anti-gang activist accused of still participating in gang life by ordering a hit on a rival was granted $2 million bail on Wednesday, despite objections by federal prosecutors that he could flee to his native El Salvador.

Court ruling in Reno case could change police duties

Las Vegas Sun

CARSON CITY — In a dissenting opinion, seven judges on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said a decision by their colleagues on the court related to a Reno case could turn police officers into babysitters, psychiatrists and social workers.

New state budget could cut county funds by $4 billion

Daily Breeze

The governor's proposed state budget could mean a record loss of nearly $4 billion for Los Angeles County, putting hundreds of thousands of needy residents at risk of losing welfare checks, in-home care, health care and other services, officials said Tuesday.

LAPD gets national spotlight with documentary to air on TV

LA Weekly

The Los Angeles Police Department and its historic struggles to transform its relationship with the city's ethnic communities is the focus of an ABC documentary to air Sunday.

Beck's challenge

Daily News Opinion

LAPD chief must press for growing police force despite budget crisis.

L.A. City Council jumps on the body-armor band wagon

LA Weekly

Following last month's state appeals court ruling overturning California's ban on body armor for ex-felons convicted of violent crimes, the Los Angeles City Council is poised to consider a similar law that would apply locally.

L.A. chooses group to run anti-gang academy

LA Times

Mayor Villaraigosa announces the development of a city-sponsored school to train and license intervention workers.

Schwarzenegger to seek permanent pay cuts to replace worker furloughs

Sacramento Bee

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will propose ending furloughs for state workers at the end of June but seek permanent pay cuts and higher employee retirement contributions in their place, administration officials said Thursday.

No bail for dangerous criminals could be on Nov. ballot in Wash. state

Spokane Spokesman-Review

Judges should be able to deny bail to criminal suspects who are thought to be “inherently dangerous” to the public, Gov. Chris Gregoire and representatives of the state’s law enforcement system said Wednesday.

FBI will join search for killers of El Monte school official in Mexico

LA Times

An agency spokeswoman says the Mexican government requested the aid. School board member Bobby Salcedo was one of six men gunned down in Gomez Palacio in the state of Durango last week.

LA city unions urge pension reform, not cuts

Daily Breeze

Los Angeles union leaders urged city officials Wednesday to crack down on fraud and abuse in the pension system instead of resorting to a proposed ballot measure that would scale back pension payments for future city employees.

Schwarzenegger: Privatize the prisons

Central Valley Business News

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says it’s time the state privatized its vast prison system, which is larger than that of many nations.

Suspects in deputy slaying nabbed, asleep in Beaver County shed

Salt Lake Tribune

A 37-hour manhunt through several counties ended swiftly and peacefully Wednesday morning when a tip led Beaver County deputies to two men wanted in the death of a Millard County sheriff's deputy.

Law enforcement officials plead for body armor law to be reinstated

KTVU.com and Bay City News

A chorus of law enforcement officials from the Bay Area and throughout California made an impassioned call for a recent decision overturning a ban on possession of body armor by violent felons to be reversed.

UCLA study says legalizing undocumented immigrants would help the economy

LA Times

Based on surveys done after the 1986 amnesty program, it concludes that even during the recession, legalizing undocumented workers would benefit the economy. Not everyone agrees.

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