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Round 3 of California's never-ending budget bout looms

Sacramento Bee

Six months into the leanest fiscal year in memory, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and California legislators soon will begin wrestling with a new state spending plan – and a new budget deficit.

LAPD to keep its policy on immigration checks

LA Times

The new chief tells Latinos at a posada gathering that he will continue Special Order 40, which bars police from initiating action against people solely to discover their legal status.

Court overturns California ban on violent felons owning body armor

LA Times

Police advocacy group says the ruling will put officers and the public in danger. 'It's going to make criminals more bold and more likely to shoot it out with the police,' one official says.

Inmate lawyers rile Schwarzenegger

Sacramento Bee

The Schwarzenegger administration is indignant that the endorsement by inmates' attorneys of the state's plan to reduce prison population ignores everything that it feels is wrong with the plan.

L.A. city retirements threaten a deep and lasting legacy

LA Times

The exodus of employees approved to ease budget problems will drain the workforce of many experienced people and leave Los Angeles officials hampered in hiring replacements until 2024.

California's death row grows as death sentences decline nationwide

LA Times

In Los Angeles County alone, 13 convicted murderers were condemned, contributing to the state's 2009 total of 29, according to a national report.

States get more time to comply with Real ID

Washington Post

The Obama administration will abandon a Dec. 31 deadline for states to tighten security requirements for driver's licenses, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced Friday.

Marijuana activists seize on California fiscal jam


With California teetering perpetually on the edge of financial ruin, marijuana activists have seized the moment, claiming that legalizing and taxing pot could help bail out the cash-strapped Golden State.

Sketches show what South L.A. serial killer might look like today

LA Times

The images of a graying, heavier man are based on a description given to police by the only woman known to have survived one of his attacks. He is believed responsible for at least 11 deaths.

Bill would require witnesses to report violent crimes

LA Times blog

A California lawmaker is trying to make it a crime for witnesses not to report homicides, rapes and other violent attacks.

Correctional officers win furlough lawsuit

Sacramento Bee

An Alameda Superior Court judge has ruled that furloughs Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered are illegal for state prison officers whose pay is reduced but who have to wait to take the time off. The order by Judge Frank Roesch means that roughly 40,000 state correctional officers, their sergeant and lieutenants are due their full pay for time worked.

Ex-LAPD deputy chief to head Burbank department

Daily News

A former Los Angeles Police Department deputy chief was chosen Thursday to serve as interim chief of the embattled Burbank Police Department. Scott LaChasse will take over as interim chief Jan. 7, replacing Chief Tim Stehr, who is expected to retire at the end of the year.

Cal Lutheran forecast suggests state debt default likely

Sacramento Bee

California faces at least another year of recession, and the state budget is so far upside down that it's now "more likely to default than not," on some of its debt, a new economic forecast from California Lutheran University's economists declares.

CalPERS approves increase to pension fund

Sacramento Bee

The CalPERS board today approved a modest increase in the state's annual contribution to the pension fund, setting aside protests from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration.

City Council proposal would shut down nearly all pot clinics

Daily News

ORDINANCE: Restrictions could close, move all but five facilities, officials say.

City Council approves program to train gang intervention workers

Daily News

The City Council approved a new program Wednesday to train gang intervention workers, advancing the city's push to overhaul its anti-gang efforts.

Andrea Ordin leaves police commission to become top county government lawyer

LA Times blog

Andrea Ordin, formally approved Tuesday as the Los Angeles County government’s top lawyer, said the new job means she will step down from her current post on the Los Angeles Police Commission, the civilian board that oversees the LAPD.

'Crimestoppers' tips program launched in L.A. County

Santa Clarita Valley Signal

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich joined Sheriff Lee Baca, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and police chiefs from more than 20 cities to launch a new public-private partnership that will offer rewards to anonymous tipsters who provide information leading to the apprehension and prosecution of criminals.

Police: Criminals are packing more heat

USA Today

Criminals increasingly are choosing high-powered firearms such as assault weapons, a new survey of 166 U.S. police agencies shows.

Charter amendment would revamp S.F. pensions

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco voters may soon have the opportunity to decide major changes to the city's pension and retiree health care systems - both of which have seen their costs skyrocket as the city grapples with consecutive years of major budget deficits.

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