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Budget mess may cause L.A. County court closures

Daily Bulletin (Inland Valley)

In three years, up to nine of the 50 Los Angeles County courthouses may be shuttered as a result of state budget cuts, the county's presiding judge said.

Judge sides with Trutanich in audit battle

Daily News

CASE: Ruling gives city attorney victory in court; Greuel plans appeal.

LA County police to merge with Sheriff's Department

Contra Costa Times

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors today agreed to merge county police with the Sheriff's Department.

LAPD steps up motorcycle safety enforcement

LA Times blog

The Los Angeles Police Department is stepping up its motorcycle safety enforcement. Two or three times each month, the LAPD will dispatch additional officers to patrol areas of the city where motorcycle accidents frequently occur, said traffic grant coordinator Officer Don Inman.

Chief Beck vows to fix flawed LAPD purchasing system

Daily News

ACCOUNTING: Chief says no evidence of wrongdoing found.

In the police pressroom, reporters had a roaring good time

Los Angeles Times

They'd play poker and throw back whiskey between covering stories. But these days at the new headquarters, there isn't room for a card table and the crew is down to one.

California debt costs to surpass $10 billion - Treasurer


California, the largest borrower among U.S. states, may see its debt interest costs nearly double to over $10 billion in 2020, the state treasurer reported.

California's cities feel budget pinch as well

Sacramento Bee

The state's chronic, multibillion-dollar budget deficits have made headlines not only in California but elsewhere. A new Pew Center on the States report, for instance, titled "Beyond California: States in Fiscal Peril," uses California as a case study in irresponsible budgeting.

Los Angeles goes Google

Information Week

Google is beginning to make its Google Apps suite available to the more than 30,000 employees of the City of Los Angeles, the result of a City Council vote in late October that selected integrator Computer Sciences Corporation's bid over 14 other proposals.

City audit: LAPD under Bratton mismanaged millions

Los Angeles Daily News

The LAPD under former chief William Bratton mismanaged and mishandled millions of dollars of taxpayer money - violating city policies in buying supplies and hiring vendors, according to an internal department audit.

What's next for LAPD's Parker Center?


At Monday's L.A. City Council Public Safety Committee meeting, the issue of what to do with the nearly emptied Parker Center is up for discussion.

City moves toward creating gang intervention training program

Los Angeles Daily News

Taking the first step to professionalize gang intervention workers, a city panel recommended paying a group $200,000 to create a training academy. The Los Angeles Violence Intervention and Training Academy will develop a 150-hour program for intervention workers - many of whom have been working on their own to try and curb gang activity.

Police union: Venice murder-rape is what can happen if state releases inmates

LA Weekly

The union representing rank-and-file Los Angeles police officers says the rape and murder of Venice resident Eun Kang (pictured) last week is the kind of crime that we could see more of if the state releases 40,000 prison inmates under a federal mandate.

UCLA forecast predicts little to no growth for California economy


According to a forecast released today by UCLA economists, the California economy will continue to show little to no growth heading into 2010, but the national outlook will begin slowly improving over the coming year.

From commuted sentence to cop slaying: The Maurice Clemmons story

CorrectionsOne News

There’s little doubt that Maurice Clemmons murdered four Lakewood, Washington police officers on Sunday, Nov. 29th, 2009. He had become a suspect almost immediately after the shooting took place, and when a Seattle officer shot him to death a couple of days later, he was found in possession of one of the officer’s weapons.

So the real question now is: How did all this come to pass?

Press On: Just say no to early prison releases

Lake County (Calif.) Record-Bee Opinion

Whatever happened to "You do the crime you do the time?" In America it doesn't work that way anymore. We, as a society, are soft toward criminals and it often comes back to haunt us.

Many states sending fewer people to prison, federal report shows

Washington Post

The number of people in U.S. prisons has grown at the slowest pace in nearly a decade, according to figures released Tuesday by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The study also found that incarceration rates in 30 states declined last year.

LAPD to San Pedro residents: More officers are coming

Daily Breeze

Shaken by the shooting death in broad daylight last month of a 17-year-old boy, San Pedro residents were reassured by police officials that all LAPD divisions are in line to receive more officers under new Police Chief Charlie Beck.

LAPD to get new hires after all

LA Weekly

Earlier this week we told about the Los Angeles Police Department's $80 million deficit and the prospect of a continued freeze on hiring new cadets through January.

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