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Thousands turn out for police officer memorial


About 20,000 mourners, mostly members of law enforcement from Washington state and across the country, honored four slain officers who were remembered Tuesday as heroes and loving family members.

California high court's LA office will close

Daily Breeze

The California Supreme Court's Los Angeles clerk office will close at the end of the year for "budgetary reasons," Chief Justice Ronald M. George announced Monday.

Councilman Dennis Zine calls for review of city employee travel

Daily News

As the city prepares to send a large delegation to Copenhagen for the Climate Control Conference, a city offical called Tuesday for a review on how much travel the city pays for.

L.A. City Council OKs cap on medical marijuana dispensaries

LA Times blog

Seeking to bring the city's medical marijuana dispensary boom under tight control, the Los Angeles City Council decided today to cap the total number at 70, but to allow those that originally registered with the city to remain open.

Scout-free LAPD Explorer program in the works

Daily News

The LAPD plans to launch its own Explorer program for young people this month, removing the Boy Scouts of America from management, officials said Tuesday.

Krekorian wins Valley council seat

LA Times

Assemblyman defeats former Paramount executive Christine Essel.

LAPD Santa Claus hits the streets of Venice

LA Times blog

The Los Angeles Police Department's Santa Claus sleigh descended on the streets of Venice tonight to spread a little Christmas joy.

Pennsylvania police officer shot, killed


Authorities have released the identity of a police officer shot and killed while responding to a call Sunday night in Penn Hills. Officer Michael Crawshaw, who had been on Penn Hills' police force for two years, was shot and killed shortly before 8:30 p.m. after responding to a call.

Drones to detect illegal immigrants on land and water

Orange County Register

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials will soon start patrolling the skies over Southern California with drone aircrafts, which are unmanned and unarmed, to detect illegal immigrants and smugglers on the ground and in the water.

Famous Miranda rights warning could get rewrite

Associated Press

The Supreme Court seemed headed toward telling police they must explicitly advise criminal suspects that their lawyer can be present during any interrogation. The arguments in front of the justices were the latest over how explicit the Miranda warning rights have to be.

L.A. officials want city attorney to report on probe of costs related to Michael Jackson memorial

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry said entertainment company AEG would not likely help defray the $3.2-million cost for police and other city services during the Michael Jackson memorial until the city attorney resolves his "criminal investigation" into the spending.

Governor's prison plan draws mixed reviews

San Jose Mercury News

Lawyers for California's prison inmates supported Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's overall plan to reduce overcrowding in the state's 33 prisons, but asked a federal court to order state prison officials to meet strict deadlines to ensure they shed nearly 40,000 inmates from the system over the next two years.

Helping the helpless: Do we have a responsibility for the homeless?

Los Angeles Daily News

The plight of Karen Clark, a middle-aged, mentally ill woman who for most of a year lived on a bus bench on Ventura Boulevard, was noticed by many people who worked or lived in the area. Clark eventually did get the help she needed, thanks to an equally determined Los Angeles police officer.

State lawmakers, others get pay cut

Los Angeles Times

State lawmakers and other top elected officials had their pay and some benefits slashed by 18% effective Monday, two weeks after the state attorney general rejected a challenge to the reductions from the Legislature.

LAPD In financial straights, cuts new recruits

LA Weekly

The Los Angeles Police Department is facing an $80 million deficit and seems poised to cancel its January class of academy recruits. If the City Council's public safety and personnel committees confirm the move next week, it would mean a third month of hiring freezes for cops just out of training.

Pension woes

Bakersfield Californian

It seems like the never-ending articles, opinions and commentaries streaming through both The Californian and our local airways that continue to besmirch a police officer's retirement only take economic relativism into consideration and miss the big picture. Granted, we are in bad times economically, both here in Bakersfield and through the rest of the nation. But, public safety retirement didn't cause this problem. Nor will giving officers minimum wage and a handshake upon their retirement fix it.

Constitutional change proposed following Lakewood slayings

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

In the wake of the ambush and slaying of four Lakewood police officers, a state senator representing that city is arguing for a constitutional change that would allow defendants facing life sentences to be held without bail. The man widely believed to have killed the officers, convicted felon Maurice Clemmons, could have faced just such a sentence had he been convicted on child rape charges he faced in Pierce County. Instead, Clemmons bailed out of jail days before he allegedly killed four officers at a Lakewood coffee shop.

Christine Essel for L.A. City Council

Los Angeles Times Editorial

The Times endorsed studio executive Christine Essel in the Sept. 22 special election to fill Los Angeles' 2nd District City Council seat. Essel was one of the two top finishers and is competing in Tuesday's runoff against Assemblyman Paul Krekorian; we continue to believe she is the best candidate, and we reiterate our endorsement and hope voters cast their ballots for her. But most of all, we hope they vote.

Valley voters decide City Council seat Tuesday

Los Angeles Daily News

On the surface, there are few differences between businesswoman Christine Essel and Assemblyman Paul Krekorian, who face off Tuesday in the special election for the 2nd City Council District seat. Both agree on the need to boost business development, deal with runaway film production and pay more attention to neighborhood needs in a district that stretches from Studio City to Sun Valley. "This election is about an opportunity to restructure government, to put together reforms to make the city more efficient," Essel said at a recent debate.

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