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LAPD officer and father of five dies in crash

LA Times blog

An off-duty Los Angeles police officer and father of five children died early this morning in a crash that detectives say remains under investigation.

Jim Perry of LAFD killed in crash

LA Observed

Retired Los Angeles Fire Department captain Jim Perry was killed today in a crash on U.S. 395 near Reno. Perry was well known to local media and was editor of the union's newspaper, Los Angeles Firefighter, for three decades.

A fitting end for a cop killer

Pajamas Media

Thanks to a lone officer on routine patrol, the world will be spared the spectacle of a trial for the man who murdered four officers in Lakewood, Washington.

LA's new top cop talks


Charlie Beck, Los Angeles's newly appointed chief of police, is a cop's cop. For a city that's lived through seven years of his rock star predecessor, Bill Bratton -- whose outsized abilities came with an ego to match -- it's a definite change of pace.

States battle over parole issue in killings

New York Times

Gov. Christine Gregoire of Washington said Wednesday that the state would temporarily stop accepting parolees from Arkansas, escalating the conflict between the states over a man believed to have killed four police officers, days after his release from jail.

6th accused aider in Wash. police killing in court

Associated Press

The convicted murderer who drove Maurice Clemmons from the coffee shop where he massacred four suburban police officers waited for him in the getaway truck with a newly purchased cigar while Clemmons committed the crimes, according to charging papers filed Wednesday.

LA City Council renews $500,000 reward for 'Grim Sleeper' serial killer


The Los Angeles City Council renewed a $500,000 reward today for the so-called "Grim Sleeper," a serial killer linked to 11 murders, mostly in South Los Angeles, over the last quarter century.

E-mails show Washington state battled to keep Clemmons in custody

Seattle Times

Documents released Tuesday show that a wide variety of state and local officials viewed Maurice Clemmons as a dangerous man, and wanted desperately to keep him in custody. But Washington officials encountered resistance from an unlikely source — their correctional colleagues in Arkansas.

It ain't broke: So don't "fix" L.A.'s gang programs by growing government

Dailiy News Opinion

The last thing the cash-strapped city of Los Angeles needs right now is for its public agencies to grow.

L.A. City Council puts off consideration of marijuana ordinance until next week

LA Times blog

The Los Angeles City Council has pushed off until next Tuesday its continued consideration of a medical marijuana ordinance so that council members can review the latest draft, a 14-page document that the city attorney's office finished Monday.

L.A. County to consider reopening Hall of Justice

LA Times blog

Los Angeles County’s Hall of Justice, vacant since it was damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake, might be reopened.

Four arrested in gun battle with deputies in South L.A.

LA Times blog

Four people are under arrest this morning after a routine stop in South Los Angeles turned into a gun battle with Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies.

Cop killer suspect Clemmons shot, killed by a lone officer

Seattle Times

Maurice Clemmons, the suspect wanted in the slaying of four Lakewood police officers, was shot and killed in South Seattle early this morning.

Police searching for Clemmons

Seattle Times

The hunt for suspected cop killer Maurice Clemmons has stretched into its second day, frustrating police as they chase several leads.

Suspect let out of Pierce County jail one week ago

Seattle Times

Maurice Clemmons, the 37-year-old man wanted for questioning in the killing of four Lakewood police officers Sunday morning, has a long criminal record punctuated by violence, erratic behavior and concerns about his mental health.

Four police officers fatally shot near Seattle

LA Times

Authorities call the attack an ambush on the officers, who were meeting in a coffee shop before their shift. At least one returned fire and may have injured the lone gunman. No one else was hurt.

Classic car owners arm cops with toys

Daily News

For the past six years, Dustin Troyan, manager of Village Coffee Roasters in Woodland Hills, has been organizing a unique toy drive for local police, sheriff's and fire departments to make inroads with these kids.

Clerical errors and luck kept suspect in Lily Burk killing on the street, records show

LA Times

In June 2006, Charles Samuel entered a Van Nuys home and beat a man. Prosecutors could have sought a life sentence under the state's three-strikes law, but there was an error on his rap sheet.

L.A. County sheriff backs database on sales of cold medicine

LA Times

Baca and other California sheriffs say the records would reduce the illicit production of methamphetamine. But civil rights activists fear invasion of residents' privacy.

LAPD to expand police cameras in public housing projects


The Los Angeles City Council this week approved the extension of a $700,000 federal grant for police video cameras at a South L.A. housing project.

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