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Behind closed doors, Los Angeles police chief pick was no shoo-in

LA Times

Beck looked to have the edge from the start. In fact, the opposite was true.

In Beck, Villaraigosa taps a veteran with deep ties to the LAPD

LA Times

The nominee for chief is supported by both the rank and file and civil rights advocates. If OKd by City Council, he will take command at a time of uncertainty in the department.

Cops Count. Character Counts.

Mayor's blog

Never did I think when I joined the LAPD 32 years ago that one day I would be chief. I am humbled by this honor and grateful to the Mayor for this opportunity. I am honored to have been selected from such a distinguished and accomplished group of candidates and I pledge that I will not let this city down. This is not just a job to me. This is who I am.

Prisoners to be sent out of state

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

CHINO - The bloated state prison system is getting a little leaner. Corrections officials announced plans this week to ship more inmates out of state. But the plans might not help the overcrowding at the California Institution for Men, officials said.

Michel Moore, Jim McDonnell staying, for now

Daily News

Though disappointed about not being selected to be the next chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, neither Deputy Chief Michel Moore nor First Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell said they had any immediate plans to seek jobs elsewhere.

Town hall meetings bring LAPD Chief nominee to the public

Daily News

Hours after he was announced as the nominee for the city's next police chief, the campaign to sell Charlie Beck to the public began Tuesday night at a noisy gymnasium in South Los Angeles where he was questioned on his commitment to reform.

Villaraigosa selects Beck to be next LAPD chief

LA Times

The 32-year veteran of the department is supported by both the rank-and-file and civil rights advocates and will take command at a time of uncertainty for the department.

Charlie Beck tapped by mayor as new LAPD chief

LA Times

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has selected Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief Charlie Beck, a 32-year LAPD veteran with strong support from rank-and-file officers and civil rights advocates alike, to serve as the next chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, The Times has learned.

New LAPD chief to be announced Tuesday

LA Times

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa summons the three finalists for a second round of interviews Sunday and decides to take an additional day to ponder who William J. Bratton's replacement should be.

L.A. is seeing its police officers in a new light

LA Times

Crime is down and a degree of trust is taking hold. Many credit Bratton and say they hope the trend continues.

State's tax withholding bump-up starts today

Sacramento Bee

Some call it California's cash advance. Effective today, the amount of state income taxes withheld from California workers' paychecks will increase 10 percent.

LAPD chief candidates are far from three of a kind

LA Times

Superficial similarities conceal differences in their leadership styles.

Prosecutors won't charge LAPD officers in immigration march melee at MacArthur Park

LA Times blog

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office announced today it would not file criminal charges against any of the LAPD officers for their actions during the 2007 May Day melee at MacArthur Park.

Labor deals cut city's deficit in half

Daily News

BUDGET: Pay freezes, early retirements, to save $78 million this year and more later

LAPD employees say goodbye to Parker Center

LA Times

As sworn and civilian personnel move into the new headquarters, some say they will cherish their memories of the once cutting-edge police facility.

L.A. police chief choice still exerts pressure on mayor

LA Times

Though the political perils of such a choice have lessened, Villaraigosa still must replace Chief William Bratton with someone who can continue Bratton's legacy of lowered crime and racial harmony.

Proposed union contract would drastically reduce LAPD overtime costs

LA Times

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the City Council are backing an 83% cut, a savings of $72 million. Officers would be compensated with more time off or be paid out later.

A new California law places paparazzi under the spotlight

Wall Street Journal

A new law in California attempts to crack down on paparazzi whose aggressive tactics might endanger their subjects, stoking a debate over whether individual privacy should take precedence over freedom of the press.

Synagogues in L.A. on alert after shooting that police are investigating as a hate crime

LA Times blog

Two worshipers at a North Hollywood synagogue were shot this this morning in an attack LAPD detectives are investigating as a hate crime.

LAPD's inspector general likely choice for U.S. attorney in L.A.

LA Times

Andre Birotte Jr. emerges after months of speculation as the presumptive nominee to be appointed to the vacant post by Obama.

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