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Judges reject California plan to cut prison crowding

LA Times

The panel threatens to impose its own plan if the state does not submit an acceptable one within three weeks.

More than 1,100 feds, LA police conduct gang sweep

Associated Press

More than 1,100 FBI agents and police officers spread out through South Los Angeles, banging on doors before dawn Thursday in a crackdown against a gang implicated in drug dealing and violent crime, authorities said.

L.A. Police Commission conceals the identities of two outside candidates applying to be next LAPD chief

LA Times blog

The Los Angeles Police Commission today completed two days of interviews with candidates vying to be the next LAPD chief. Officials hope to select three finalists by Tuesday.

LAPD Records

City News Service

After the release of a number of photographs by the Los Angeles Police Protective League that showed some confidential police personnel records were being stored without adequate safeguards, a councilman today demanded an audit of personnel record-keeping practices throughout city government.

L.A. City Council panel declines to back Google e-mail contract

LA Times

A Los Angeles City Council panel declined Monday to take a vote on a proposed contract with Google Inc. to replace the city's e-mail system, passing the decision on to the full council amid unresolved concerns about the cost and necessity of the contract.

LAPD's top brass interviewing to be next top cop

Daily News

City officials Wednesday began interviewing the 13 semi-finalists to replace outgoing police Chief William Bratton, a group that is mostly coming from within the Los Angeles Police Department's top insider ranks.

Insiders still favored for LAPD chief, sources say

LA Times

Four people are considered front-runners, but interviews with the Police Commission and with the mayor could prove crucial, observers say.

The next chief: merit, not race

LA Times Opinion

For the first time in years, racial politics need not play a big role in choosing who will lead the LAPD.

LAPD officers ratify new two-year contract, union says

LA Times

Officers in the Los Angeles Police Department have voted to ratify a new two-year contract, the police union said today.

LAPPL President Paul Weber: Next chief needs to be 'people person'

LA Weekly

Los Angeles Daily News reporter Rick Orlov wrote yesterday that the Los Angeles Police Commission is now searching "in earnest" for LAPD chief Bill Bratton's replacement.

The next LAPD chief's policing paradox

LA Times Opinion

Whoever takes over the department inherits an improved force -- but also much higher expectations from the public.

Search for new LAPD chief under way

Daily News

The search for a successor to Police Chief Bill Bratton begins in earnest this week, with the Los Angeles Police Commission conducting interviews for those making the first cut from the city Personnel Department.

Problems with early prison release

Denver Post editorial

The first wave of prisoners released early under Gov. Bill Ritter's plan to save the state millions has exposed the limited potential of this program, as well as its risks.

The LAPD's come a long way

LA Times Opinion

Thanks to Bratton, today's LAPD is a far better force. But there's room for specific improvements.

Chief Bratton's too-brash exit

LA Times Opinion

The chief leaves behind a better LAPD, but L.A. could do without his parting commentary.

Gun stores preparing for ammo restrictions

The San Bernardino Sun

Walk into Cold War Shooters gun shop in Highland, and you can pick up a box of .22 caliber rounds, walk to the checkout counter, pay and leave. That transaction will be decidedly different in 2011, when a new state law governing handgun ammunition sales takes effect.

As rehab programs are cut, prisons do less to keep inmates from returning

LA Times

State to eliminate 40% of funding designed to turn prisoners' lives around. Opponents say streets will be less safe as a result.

The "L.A. Not So Confidential" Scandal


Union members slam LAPD for leaving confidential info in parking garage.

Union criticizes LAPD for lax security in storing confidential records

LA Times blog

Union officials criticized Los Angeles Police Department officials today for two recent incidents in which confidential paperwork pertaining to criminal investigations or personnel was found unsecured at police stations.

Eight arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking and human smuggling

LA Times

The ring, with ties to the Drew Street clique of the Avenues gang, is alleged to have smuggled more than 200 illegal immigrants into the United States a year.

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