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Proposition 34: Death penalty repeal fails

San Jose Mercury News

California voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot measure that would have repealed the state's death penalty.

Labor defeats anti-union initiative Prop. 32 in California

LA Daily News

California voters have reaffirmed their support for unions in defeating a provision that would have banned the way labor traditionally raises money to fund political activity.

District attorney race: Alan Jackson concedes to Jackie Lacey

LA Times blog

Deputy Dist. Atty. Alan Jackson early Wednesday conceded defeat in the race for Los Angeles County district attorney against veteran prosecutor Jackie Lacey.

Fewer prison inmates eligible for transfer to county jails

California Watch

As California struggles to meet a court-ordered reduction of its prison population, newly released figures show corrections officials overstated the number of low-level offenders eligible to be diverted to local jurisdictions as part of Gov. Jerry Brown's public safety realignment plan.

Crime increases in Sacramento after deep cuts to police force

NY Times

At first, it seemed just an unwelcome nod to frugality. Overtime for police officers was reduced. Vacant positions went unfilled.

LAPD Announce Reward for Information on Tillett Murder

Intersections South LA

The Los Angeles Police Department and city of Los Angeles announced a $50,000 reward on Thursday for anyone with information about the individuals responsible for the murder of Dennis Tillett, 24, on July Fourth in South Los Angeles.

More paroled felons stay clean, but revolving door continues

LA Times blog

The rate of California prisoners committing new crimes after release has continued to drop, according to a report released Monday by the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Former LAPD Harbor Division commander Patrick Gannon to head LAX police

Torrance Daily Breeze

San Pedro native and Los Angeles Police Department veteran Patrick Gannon has been appointed chief of the Los Angeles World Airports' police force, responsible for law enforcement and security at LAX, Van Nuys and Ontario airports, it was announced Wednesday.

Sacramento Bee Editorial: Outside bucks seek to swing two ballot props

Sacramento Bee Editorial

Supporters of Proposition 32 claim that their campaign finance initiative 'cuts the money tie between special interests and politicians.' It's a lie.

Gang member gets life in prison for killing L.A. sheriff's deputy

LA Times blog

A gang member pleaded guilty to murder Tuesday in the fatal shooting of an L.A. County sheriff's deputy in 2008 and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Prison reform one year later


The brutal beating of Brandy Marie Arreola — allegedly by a man released from jail just days before the attack — has become a key example for critics of a law shifting responsibility for thousands of convicted felons from the state to the counties in October of last year.

‘Paranoid’ bank exec told officer he used bath salts, police say

LA Times blog

After he was badly injured in May by two LAPD officers, top Deutsche Bank executive Brian C. Mulligan alleged that police manufactured a report that painted him as a snarling, thrashing man who told the officers that he'd recently ingested drugs known as "bath salts."

Bizarre twist in banker's suit against LAPD

CBS News

There is a new twist in an increasingly bizarre case involving an encounter between a prominent investment banker and the LAPD.

Endeavour's Road Trip

KFI AM 640

As it turns out, transporting a space shuttle through city streets is a "Big Endeavour."

Editorial: No on Prop. 32 -- It disrupts checks and balances

The Reporter

If The Reporter Editorial Board had its way, political candidates and causes would be allowed to accept only those donations that came from an individual -- and even then, there would be a limit on how much they could receive.

Mammoth Lakes proposes laying off nearly half of police force

LA Times blog

A proposal to lay off nearly half the police force in the High Sierra town of Mammoth Lakes would jeopardize the safety of residents, tourists and officers, the president of the Mammoth Lakes Police Officers Assn. warned.

GPS Bracelet Leads Police to Sylmar Burglary Suspect

CBS Los Angeles

A Southland registered sex offender was in custody Monday on burglary charges after police traced his location using his GPS bracelet.

Manson follower Davis should stay in prison, prosecutor says

LA Times blog

A prosecutor on the Manson murders case said he's dismayed that a state prisons panel granted parole to a notorious killer described as a “right-hand man” to Charles Manson.

One year in to realignment, local law enforcement voice fears

LA Daily News

A year into the implementation of Gov. Jerry Brown's public safety realignment, dozens of law enforcement officials from across Southern California came together Tuesday to express concerns about its impact on crime and on their scarce resources.

No on Proposition 32

LA Times Endorsement

It purports to take aim at all special interests in politics but in reality targets unions.

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