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Pasadena police chief resigns, heads to Washington D.C.

LA Times blog

Pasadena Police Chief Bernard Melekian, who has overseen the city's police department for 13 years, is retiring and will take a job with the U.S. Department of Justice. He will head the justice department's Community Oriented Policing Services program, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced today in Denver, where national police leaders are meeting.

LAPD files head for new quarters

Daily Breeze

When the Los Angeles police move out of their downtown headquarters, the challenges are different from when you move out of an old house or office building. For one thing, you probably don't worry that you'll lose homicide evidence and case records, allowing murderers to go free.

450 mayors petition Obama to adopt broad gun reform

Washington Post

A new report from a national coalition of mayors urges President Obama to adopt dozens of reforms to help curb gun violence, including steps to crack down on problems at gun shows and the creation of a federal interstate firearms trafficking unit.

L.A. County district attorney defends pursuit of Polanski case

LA Times

Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley says director Roman Polanski must be brought to justice and that his decades-old guilty plea to sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl should not be taken lightly.

Before the Station fire, a cost-cutting memo

LA Times

Three weeks ahead of the Station blaze, the Forest Service sought to limit the use of local firefighting resources.

Law enforcement officer fatalities fall sharply during third quarter of 2009

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

After jumping 20 percent in the first six months of 2009, the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty fell sharply during the third quarter of this year and is on pace to reach a five-decade low this year, according to preliminary data from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Thousands of cellphones confiscated in state prisons

LA Times blog

State prison officials have confiscated 4,130 contraband cellphones this year, more than all those seized in the previous three years combined, according to an internal report released today.

LAPD officers continue to bargain over labor deal

CBS-2 News

The city of Los Angeles and its police officers are continuing to negotiate over a new labor agreement, but contract talks with city firefighters may have reached an impasse, officials said today.

Supreme Court decision may open up other gun laws to challenges

LA Times

By agreeing to hear a 2nd Amendment challenge to Chicago's handgun ban, the justices may open the door to similar lawsuits in cities and states nationwide.

Hollywood Burning

National Review Online

The Polanski affair reveals selective outrage among the film crowd.

iPhone apps helps track sex offenders, spot crime


Since the iPhone launched more than two years ago, a handful of crime-fighting tools have emerged among the thousands of innovative apps. They give ordinary citizens the capability to sleuth and guard themselves against crime. Users can conduct a background check during a dinner date or avoid walking through a high-crime area. The Offender Locator app has been downloaded more than a million times, breaking into the top 10 most popular apps list on iTunes when it made its debut in June.

Increase in domestic abuse tied to recession

Daily News

Since the recession began in December 2007, the number of families seeking help at the Valley Family Service Center has doubled. The number of serious domestic violence cases being prosecuted by the City Attorney's Office has jumped 10 percent.

New LAPD jail falls victim to budget shortfall

LA Times

The $74-million detention center is likely to be left empty due to cost of hiring additional staff while inmates are held in decrepit Parker Center facility.

Council questions LAPD's push for 10,000 officers

Daily News

With a class of 37 police recruits poised to begin training in October, the City Council debated Tuesday whether Los Angeles really needs a 10,000-officer force during a financial crisis. While Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa continues to insist that the nation's second-largest city needs more cops, some council members say hiring civilians could prove a cost-effective alternative to keeping Los Angeles residents safe.

House passes registry for convicted arsonists

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

The House passed Wednesday a bill aimed at preventing arson-caused fires, such as the massive Station Fire that tore through the Angeles National Forest last month. The legislation, co-sponsored by Rep. Adam Schiff, would create a national registry of convicted arsonists.

City Council approves retirement plan

Daily News

The City Council on Wednesday approved a revised plan to offer 2,400 municipal employees cash bonuses to retire early in an effort to save payroll costs and reduce the need for layoffs and furloughs.

LAPD installing video cameras in cruisers

Daily Breeze

After years of delay, the Los Angeles Police Department plans to begin installing video cameras on 300 patrol cars starting next month, an LAPD deputy chief said Tuesday. Testifying before the Police Commission, Deputy Police Chief Charlie Beck said, "I know how important it is to get this thing up and running before the chief leaves."

Why history makes the case for less lethal


Earlier this year, six stories involving police use of electronic control devices were published in The Los Angeles Times in less than two weeks. A man in Victorville, CA, attacked his family with a box cutter, and then sheriff’s deputies subdued him with beanbag shotgun rounds and a TASER. A man in Lancaster, CA, hid a gun in his back brace, pulled it, shot it, then put it down, but he wouldn’t move away from it. He, too, was subdued by less lethal means.

The truth about policing and Skid Row

City Journal

Summer 2009 proved that poor people’s best friend is the LAPD, not homeless advocates.

Eyes and e-mails keep tabs on crime

Daily Breeze

Jennifer Pickett had been away from her Westchester home for only about 10 minutes before she returned to retrieve a forgotten baby bottle. With her three young children and a friend waiting in the car, Pickett opened the front door of her home at 83rd Street and Kenyon Avenue and knew immediately something was wrong.

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