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New LAPD jail falls victim to budget shortfall

LA Times

The $74-million detention center is likely to be left empty due to cost of hiring additional staff while inmates are held in decrepit Parker Center facility.

Council questions LAPD's push for 10,000 officers

Daily News

With a class of 37 police recruits poised to begin training in October, the City Council debated Tuesday whether Los Angeles really needs a 10,000-officer force during a financial crisis. While Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa continues to insist that the nation's second-largest city needs more cops, some council members say hiring civilians could prove a cost-effective alternative to keeping Los Angeles residents safe.

House passes registry for convicted arsonists

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

The House passed Wednesday a bill aimed at preventing arson-caused fires, such as the massive Station Fire that tore through the Angeles National Forest last month. The legislation, co-sponsored by Rep. Adam Schiff, would create a national registry of convicted arsonists.

City Council approves retirement plan

Daily News

The City Council on Wednesday approved a revised plan to offer 2,400 municipal employees cash bonuses to retire early in an effort to save payroll costs and reduce the need for layoffs and furloughs.

LAPD installing video cameras in cruisers

Daily Breeze

After years of delay, the Los Angeles Police Department plans to begin installing video cameras on 300 patrol cars starting next month, an LAPD deputy chief said Tuesday. Testifying before the Police Commission, Deputy Police Chief Charlie Beck said, "I know how important it is to get this thing up and running before the chief leaves."

Why history makes the case for less lethal


Earlier this year, six stories involving police use of electronic control devices were published in The Los Angeles Times in less than two weeks. A man in Victorville, CA, attacked his family with a box cutter, and then sheriff’s deputies subdued him with beanbag shotgun rounds and a TASER. A man in Lancaster, CA, hid a gun in his back brace, pulled it, shot it, then put it down, but he wouldn’t move away from it. He, too, was subdued by less lethal means.

The truth about policing and Skid Row

City Journal

Summer 2009 proved that poor people’s best friend is the LAPD, not homeless advocates.

Eyes and e-mails keep tabs on crime

Daily Breeze

Jennifer Pickett had been away from her Westchester home for only about 10 minutes before she returned to retrieve a forgotten baby bottle. With her three young children and a friend waiting in the car, Pickett opened the front door of her home at 83rd Street and Kenyon Avenue and knew immediately something was wrong.

Rural mayor to cops: Do not chase criminals

Pajamas Media

Far be it from me, who has spent the better part of three decades working as a police officer, to encourage anyone to take up a life of crime. But for anyone already disposed toward such a life, a golden opportunity briefly presented itself in the rural burg of Wellford, South Carolina.

California struggles with paroled sex offenders

New York Times

A series of high-profile crimes involving parolees in California highlight the challenges of keeping track of them in a state that discharges more than 120,000 inmates annually, more than any other.

Los Angeles City Hall becomes tech giants' battlefield

LA Times

Microsoft and Google are vying for a $7.25-million contract to replace an outdated e-mail system.

Violent weekend prompts increased police presence

Daily News

A 4-month-old boy was killed and a woman and man were wounded Sunday in the most wrenching among a week of gang shootings that prompted the LAPD to send extra officers to the San Fernando Valley to try to stem the violence.

Two dozen applications submitted to succeed Bratton

LA Times blog

With the deadline for applications now passed, the field of candidates competing for the top job at the Los Angeles Police Department has been set. A total of 24 people have submitted applications to replace outgoing Police Chief William J. Bratton, including 13 from within the LAPD.

Congress Hears Conflicting Ideas for Public Safety Network


Eight years and one failed spectrum auction after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the U.S., police and fire departments still don't have a national wireless broadband network to communicate with each other, and Congress heard conflicting ideas on how to create one.

Marguerite P. Justice dies at 88; first black woman to serve on L.A. Police Commission

LA Times

Justice, a longtime community activist from southwest Los Angeles, was known as 'Mama J.' She was appointed to the police panel in 1971 by then-Mayor Sam Yorty.

Manson follower Susan Atkins dies at 61

LA TImes

Susan Atkins, who committed one of modern history's most notorious crimes when she joined Charles Manson and his gang for a 1969 killing spree that terrorized Los Angeles and put her in prison for the rest of her life, has died. She was 61.

Police Stop "Thelma and Louise"-Style Crime Spree


Police say two women went on a wild "Thelma and Louise''-style crime spree, but it didn't end with a car going over a cliff like the film. Instead, officers captured both women and they remain behind bars.

Union contracts for state workers remain in limbo

Capitol Weekly

Most of California's unionized state employees are working under expired contracts and there appears little likelihood that new pacts will be negotiated in the near future. A tangle of lawsuits and a bad economy, among other factors, could even push back a resolution into next year.

Massive police raid targets brutal L.A. gang

LA Times

An early morning assault by federal and local personnel yields 78 arrests and a sense of cautious optimism that the Avenues' hold on Northeast L.A. may be weakening.

Bratton Replacement

City News Service

The Los Angeles Police Department may be forced to operate without a chief for about two weeks in November, according to the head of the Police Commission.

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