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LAPD memorial for fallen officers finds its way home

LA Times

Accompanied by a Los Angeles Police Department motorcycle escort, a memorial wall for fallen officers was delivered Tuesday to the department's new downtown headquarters.

L.A. City Council confirms Debra Wong Yang's appointment to police commission

LA Times blog

The Los Angeles City Council this morning unanimously approved the appointment of former U.S. Atty. Debra Wong Yang to the city Board of Police Commissioners.

Police chief hunt enters new phase

Daily News

With Wednesday's midnight deadline to apply for Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton's job now passed, the city Personnel Department is poised to begin the next phase of its search today.

LAPD memorial: Salute with Heartland roots

Kansas City Star

On Friday, a memorial to fallen Los Angeles police officers built by Kansas City architectural metal company A. Zahner Company was crated, loaded onto a trailer and, in a show of support to fellow officers, escorted by Kansas City Police to the state line.

New police station lifts spirits in Boyle Heights

LA Times

The $31-million state-of-the-art building on 1st Street is one of several improvements to the area, including a new high school and the anticipated arrival of the Gold Line extension.

California joblessness reaches 70-year high

NY Times

California’s unemployment rate in August hit its highest point in nearly 70 years, starkly underscoring how the nation’s incipient economic recovery continues to elude millions of Americans looking for work.

L.A. City Council gains union concessions to help close budget gap

The early retirement plan is resurrected and some employees are spared layoffs and furloughs in the agreement that erases nearly a third of this year's shortfall. Union members still must approve. (LA Times)

The need for greater mutual aid radio communications


The Station Fire has caused the need to once again re-evaluate the need for a communications system. Radio communications for the most part must be reevaluated so that all public safety participates can communicate freely with one another during any major disaster event. In the Station Fire, there were two firefighters that died. However, to say that better mutual aid radio communications could have saved their lives would be wrong, but the need for a better system may help to prevent future incidents, especially when life is the key.

Going after the real killers

LA Times

A bill regulating sales of ammunition for handguns would save lives.

Lawmakers push for arson registry


The deadly Station Fire in the Angeles National Forest is renewing a push from California lawmakers for a national registry of convicted arsonists. Democratic Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein filed legislation that would establish the registry. It complements a similar bill backed by Reps. Mary Bono Mack, a Republican, and Adam Schiff, a Democrat, which has been in a House Judiciary subcommittee since March.

Governor's prison plan seeks more time to reduce inmate population

Los Angeles Times

Schwarzenegger's proposal is submitted to federal judges Friday evening, only hours before the deadline.

Grand jury indicts couple who bragged about shoplifting

Los Angeles Times

San Marcos parents of 3 toddlers admitted on the 'Dr. Phil' show that they had roamed several states and stole mostly toys, selling them on the Internet and making as much as $1 million.

Police divers in San Pedro search for gun pointed at officers by robbery suspect

LA Times

A Los Angeles Police Department dive team was searching Saturday for a handgun that was likely tossed into the ocean just off Point Fermin Park in San Pedro by a robbery suspect who tumbled down a cliff with a police dog during a chase, authorities said.

LA council panel splits over new police hirings during budget talks

Daily News

A Los Angeles city panel split Monday over whether to recommend going ahead with plans to hire a new class of police recruits as the city grapples with a $405 million shortfall and tough union talks.

L.A. Considers Police and Fire Layoffs

KFI AM 640

Police in L.A. could face layoffs and furlough days because of the city's budget problems.

LAPPL response to L.A. Times editoral


In response to a Los Angeles Times Editorial on September 15, 2009 regarding the furlough of police officers (read below), LAPPL President Paul M. Weber has submitted the following response to the LA Times:

L.A. council OKs plan for layoffs, furloughs

LA Times

The Los Angeles City Council moved forward Wednesday with a plan for layoffs and furloughs but declined to end discussion over a proposal to give employees early retirement, leaving that question to its labor negotiators.

LAPD officers are fired on by 2 men during foot chase

Los Angeles police are investigating an incident in South Los Angeles in which two fleeing suspects fired at officers, officials said. The officers were not injured and two men were arrested in connection with the shooting, which occurred about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday near 67th Street at 11th Avenue. Police were pursuing a car when the driver stopped and jumped out with another man and both fled on foot. After a short distance, both suspects began shooting at the pursuing officers. The officers did not return fire, and the suspects eventually were taken into custody. Investigators also recovered an unspecified weapon.

Behind The Badge: LAPD Holds Academy For Community


The LAPD's Community Academy holds educational courses for citizens, demonstrating what an average day is like for the men and women behind the badges.

L.A. officers rescue baby held at knifepoint

LA Times

In one arm, she held a 4-month-old infant. The other hand wielded a knife. As traffic sped by on 7th Street just west of Hope Street early Tuesday, several Los Angeles police officers surrounded Malika Johnson, 33, but the volatile nature of the situation demanded calm.

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