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L.A.'s top financial advisors oppose early retirement plan

LA Times
The city's administrative officer and chief legislative analyst say the proposal would be devastating to the city unless labor unions offer more concessions. They suggest more layoffs and furloughs.

Police asking full council to get involved

Daily News
The Los Angeles Police Protective League, seeking to avoid the problems plaguing firefighter union talks, turned to the full City Council on Friday with a private appeal to get involved with contract negotiations. In a letter, hand-delivered to each council office, the police union asked all members to begin raising questions about the status of contract talks and override the Executive Employee Relations Commission and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to reach a settlement.

L.A. labor pact could be in jeopardy

LA Times

Some city leaders say Los Angeles cannot afford to allow 2,400 employees to retire up to five years early with full benefits with the city facing a $400-million shortfall. A final vote is scheduled Tuesday.

Every 9/11 anniversary a reminder of grief, healing

LA Times

The attack on the Pentagon eight years ago transformed many lives. "It changed me as a person. I have a far greater appreciation for the spirit of people in a time of need," says an Army chaplain who was there that day.

About face! Former pet shop owner makes the grade with LAPD

Daily News

Since embarking on his new career path in March, Curt Logan has been called "the old man" or even "grandpa."

Many say LAPD's new chief should come from within

Daily News

As the city considers hiring a successor to departing Police Chief William Bratton, the consensus at a public meeting Thursday night was the ideal candidate would follow Bratton's examples and would come from within the department.

Firefighters urge the L.A. mayor and city council to stop cost-cutting measures

Daily News

A dozen firefighters descended on City Hall Thursday to deliver about 5,000 mailer responses from the public, asking the mayor and City Council to rescind a cost-cutting measure which takes 15 fire trucks and nine ambulances out of service every day.

Bratton: ‘Blow Up Parker Center’

LA Downtown News

More adventures with Downtown News photographer Gary Leonard. He says, “I took another tour of police plaza yesterday (after taking one with Councilmember Jan Perry last week) because it’s one of our last public views of [LAPD Chief William] Bratton.

Audit faults California prison system for failing to develop system to track rising costs

San Jose Mercury News

As the debate grinds on in the Legislature about how best to slice $1.2 billion from California's crowded prison system, a scathing new audit faults the Corrections Department for its skyrocketing costs and for not doing enough to track the money it spends.

LAPD not looking to take over civilian jobs in jails

Los Angeles Daily News

As the City Council prepares to debate ways to close a $530 million budget deficit, LAPD officials insisted that any money-saving plan will not include assigning officers to fill civilian jobs guarding city jails. In a misunderstanding with the union representing civilian detention officers, a transfer order dated Sept. 1 assigned nine Los Angeles Police Department officers to the jail system.

Crime rate in L.A. drops 7.4 percent from last year

Daily News

Crime in Los Angeles dropped more than 7 percent from a year ago, negating fears that the recession and record-high unemployment would fuel a spike in burglaries and other offenses, officials said Tuesday.

New LAPD headquarters to open in October


In 54 days, Chief Bill Bratton steps aside as head of the Los Angeles Police Department. Tuesday, he took Eyewitness News on a tour of the new administration building, something that happened under his watch.

Detectives appeal for help from motorists on Angeles Crest Highway the day Station fire broke out

LA Times

Sheriff’s homicide detectives searching for the arsonist who set the deadly Station fire are appealing for anyone who travelled on the Angeles Crest Highway just above La Cañada Flintridge around 3:30 p.m. on August 25.

Mayor Villaraigosa names Guillermo Cespedes gang czar

LA Times

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced today that Guillermo Cespedes, the director of the mayor's renowned Summer Night Lights program to reduce gang violence, will serve as the city’s new director of Gang Reduction and Youth Development.

California violence shelters closing amid budget cuts

Associated Press

Six domestic violence shelters in California have been forced to close while dozens more are scaling back services after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger eliminated all state funding for the program that supports them.

Mayor sticks to his guns on hiring officers

Daily News

Even as Los Angeles overspends by nearly $1million a day, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa insisted Tuesday he will continue to block any effort to reduce hiring for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Proposed LAPD hiring freeze raises hackles

City News Service

Faced with a $530 million deficit, top city budget officials are suggesting a possible police hiring freeze that would reduce the size of the LAPD by attrition, a concept that was denounced Tuesday by Chief William Bratton and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Released California prison inmates at risk for more health problems

Mercury News

If tens of thousands of inmates are released from state prison over the next two years, they'll bring their HIV, hepatitis C and tuberculosis infections with them back to their communities.

Prisons impasse costs taxpayers $3.3 million a day

Sacramento Bee

Deadlock in the California Legislature over prison cuts is costing taxpayers millions per day as lawmakers debate changing tough-on-crime policies that have sent prison populations and costs soaring.

California takes prison-overcrowding fight to U.S. Supreme Court

Mercury News

California officials Friday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block a lower court order that forces the state to quickly devise a plan to shed more than 40,000 inmates from its overcrowded prisons.

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