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Berkow back in the news


Michael Berkow, the former head of LAPD's internal affairs unit, has resigned as chief of police in Savannah, GA to join a division of the company that recently hired LAPD chief William Bratton.

LAPD might need an interim chief

LA Times

The mayor wants to select a permanent replacement for William J. Bratton by the time the chief leaves Oct. 31. But the Personnel Department's timeline for the process makes that seem unlikely.

Schwarzenegger says Assembly lacked guts to OK his prison cuts

Sacramento Bee

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called members of the Assembly gutless Wednesday for not passing his package to cut prison spending. "They don't have the guts to now make these decisions because they're more worried about their safe seats rather than the safe streets," the governor said.

Exclusion policy on early prison release ruled invalid

LA Times

An appeals panel says the Federal Bureau of Prisons has not adequately explained why inmates who have committed murder, rape and other violent crimes can't participate in the program.

Prisons, youth programs brace for cuts


Employees of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation were informed that layoff notices would be going out this week to 1,300 workers statewide, including about 1,200 in the Division of Juvenile Justice and 100 in adult programs, spokesman Seth Unger said.

New LAPD programs to combat hate crimes

Jewish Journal

After a recent upsurge in anti-Semitic violence, including the shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in June and a failed bomb plot targeting New York synagogues in May, Los Angeles city officials and community leaders are on alert for the approach of the High Holy Days season.

Injunction Creates Gang-Free Zone Around Los Angeles School

Imperial Valley News

Fighting to protect students facing "wanton gang violence," Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. and Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich have won a court-ordered preliminary injunction creating a 1.4 square-mile gang-free zone around Fremont High School in Los Angeles.

Orange County supervisors revive challenge to deputy pensions

Orange County Register

The lawsuit seeks to roll back generous benefits for law enforcement and could have statewide implications.

Savannah Police Chief Michael Berkow Resigns


After less than three years on the job, Savannah Chatham Metro Police Chief Michael Berkow submitted his resignation on Friday.

Berkow says leaving is difficult, but he has missed three years of his son’s life, and a new opportunity will bring the two closer together. Berkow will be based in California, as President and Chief Operating Officer of a new division of a company called Altegrity, a large company that consults on international policing efforts.

Can Google really protect and serve Los Angeles?

Daily News Opinion

With the upcoming City Council vote on the proposed replacement of Los Angeles' e-mail and records retention software with Google services, the public needs to know that the move may pose significant risks to city employees and Angelenos.

LAPD to beef up anti-gang activity in South L.A.

LA Times

Top Los Angeles law enforcement and elected officials acknowledged today a recent rise in the number of killings in South Los Angeles and announced plans to bolster anti-gang activity in the area.

Cutbacks becoming a reality for police departments


In these economy times, laid-offs and cutbacks are becoming a reality throughout the entire American economic system. Usually, these problems only affect the private sector, but now it is beginning to affect vital government positions such as local police departments.

"Tagging" or just hanging out -- busted either way?

LA Times

L.A.'s city attorney wants to give police the ability to arrest graffiti 'taggers' simply for hanging out together, without having to catch them in the act. The proposal raises constitutional issues.

AG Holder calls for cooperation, innovation in law enforcement

RTT News

Attorney General Eric Holder Monday called on law enforcement officials to embrace new techniques for fighting crime, but with an eye toward ensuring innovation is actually producing results.

Assembly to unveil revamped prisons plan

Capitol Weekly

Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, D-Los Angeles, has dramatically altered a prison proposal passed by the state Senate, removing some of the most contentious provisions of the Senate bill – including a plan for a new commission to set sentencing guidelines.

Corrections to issue 1,300 new layoff notices in wake of budget cuts

Sacramento Bee

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said Monday it will issue 1,300 new layoff notices in Sacramento, Amador, Fresno and elsewhere after the assumed $1.2 billion cut to the department's budget.

Department chief of staff Brett H. Morgan announced details of the layoff plan in a letter to staff this afternoon.

Panel to study prison sentencing removed from spending package

LA Times

The action was taken by Assembly Speaker Karen Bass. It was unclear whether Senate leader Darrell Steinberg would go along with the limited version. The sentencing review is one of his priorities.

Willie Horton haunts debate as California Assembly rejects prison cuts

Sacramento Bee

Willie Horton's shadow haunts the Capitol as lawmakers wrestle with how to cut $1.2 billion from state prisons without endangering public safety.

California Senate OKs plan to reduce prison population

LA Times

The proposal, opposed by the GOP, would cut the time lesser offenders spend behind bars and on parole. The bill stalls in the Assembly, where a watered-down version may be considered.

Area chiefs oppose early release of inmates

Contra Costa Times

Area police officials are part of a chorus of state law enforcement officers opposed to the governor's plan for the early release of 27,000 prison inmates

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