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Area chiefs oppose early release of inmates

Contra Costa Times

Area police officials are part of a chorus of state law enforcement officers opposed to the governor's plan for the early release of 27,000 prison inmates

Prison spending cuts pose a political problem and, therefore, a math problem


The budget for the fiscal year that began July 1, assumes that state prison spending will be reduced by nearly $1.2 billion – but doesn’t say how more than $631 million of that savings will be achieved.

California prison system "collapsing under its own weight," Schwarzenegger says

LA Times

In a visit to the Chino facility where inmates rioted Aug. 8, the governor complains that politicians have "swept the problem under the rug for so long."

Tough time finding candidates for cop jobs

Capitol Weekly

There are currently more than ten thousand vacant peace officer positions in California. And we can’t fill them, even in this depressed economy, with an unemployment rate of 11.6 percent.

Democrats prepared for prison vote today

Capitol Weekly

Legislative Democrats will push a commission to create a new system for prison sentences as part of Democrats’ prison overhaul plan, which will be voted on the floor of both houses Thursday.

Calif. won't send prisoners to Michigan

Detroit Free Press

California won't be sending its state prisoners to fill the maximum security prison in Standish, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm said today.

Police Commission hosts meetings to pick new chief

CBS 2 News

You can help pick the replacement for L.A. Police Chief William Bratton.

California might act to jail more drug offenders

LA Times

Two weeks after federal judges ordered California to reduce its prison population, an arm of the Schwarzenegger administration is set to vote on increased funding to police anti-drug units, potentially putting even more offenders behind bars.

Legislature nears vote to cut state inmate total by 27,300

Sacramento Bee

Over objections from Republican lawmakers, the Legislature plans to take up a majority-vote prison package Thursday that is designed to reduce the state's inmate population by 27,300 and is backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Trutanich tries to keep low-profile image

Daily News

In his first six weeks as city attorney, Carmen Trutanich is slowly learning the way of big-city politics as he and his staff push his agenda. Trutanich has tried to adopt the same low profile as his main political mentor, District Attorney Steve Cooley, who generally stays out of the headlines.

Sgt. Crowley welcomed at Long Beach police convention

LA Times

Sgt. James Crowley, the white Massachusetts officer who arrested black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., setting off a national debate about race, spoke briefly Monday at a convention of police officers in Long Beach where he was greeted with whistles and applause.

California lawmakers boost staff pay

Associated Press

Against a backdrop of deep fiscal distress, several state lawmakers, including those representing the San Fernando Valley, rewarded their employees with pay hikes during the first half of the year, an Associated Press review of legislative pay records showed.

California considering more GPS to track parolees

Sacramento Bee

State officials wrestling with efforts to reduce California's prison population - both because of budget cuts and federal court orders - are considering increased use of GPS monitoring to help keep some inmates from being returned to prison.

L.A. budget deal threatens to unravel

LA Times

Strategies to close a $530-million budget shortfall appear to be in jeopardy as plans to get union concessions falter and contract talks with police and firefighters grow increasingly acrimonious.

What Los Angeles needs in its next police chief ...

LA Times Opinion

Times editorial writer Marjorie Miller asked some of the LAPD's chief critics, supporters and stakeholders to weigh in on what qualities are needed in a new police chief.

Firefighters campaign against service cuts

Daily News

Dozens of firefighters, joined by friends and relatives, knocked on doors on the tree-lined streets of Chatsworth on Saturday, urging residents to complain to their council members about budget cuts to the Fire Department.

L.A. police chief jumps ship

Pajamas Media

As the LAPD heads into potentially rough waters, its captain, William Bratton, has decided to go ashore.

Deep prison cuts face returning state lawmakers

Associated Press

One way to save $1.2 billion is the early release of thousands of inmates.

Teens learn about prejudice in LAPD program at Museum of Tolerance

LA Times

Some L.A.-area high school students have been taking a crash course in racial profiling, discrimination and prejudice during a weeklong program that ends today at the Museum of Tolerance in West L.A.

A new police chief? Maybe November

City News Service

Bratton is scheduled to step down Oct. 31.

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