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'Going Google' worries Los Angeles Police


The LAPD isn't convinced that Google Apps is secure enough for its data. But Google says that its competitors are eager to see the deal delayed or derailed.

California scrambles to prepare for inmate release

Wall Street Journal

California state and local officials, already reeling from budget cuts and public-safety layoffs, are struggling with a federal order to release about 40,000 inmates to reduce prison overcrowding and bracing for the impact on their communities.

Bratton's exit poses a major challenge for L.A.

LA Times

The LAPD chief's surprise announcement that he will run a private security firm gives the city three months to find a replacement.

Crime in Hollywood Entertainment Corridor Drops by 26%


Since the LAPD deployed 40 foot officers in the Hollywood and Highland area earlier this year crime has dropped considerably, city officials announced today.

Federal judges order California to release 43,000 inmates

LA Times

Federal judges call conditions in the prisons 'appalling' and unconstitutional. A reduction plan is due by mid-September.

Early release of prisoners results in more crime

Daily News Opinion

It is shocking that in order to save the state money, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and other elected officials are contemplating a massive early release of prison inmates, the elimination of parole supervision for released prisoners, and a refusal to return inmates who violate parole to prison.

Bratton stepping down as Los Angeles police chief

Associated Press

Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton says he's stepping down after a seven-year tenure in which he instituted major reforms of the once-scandalized police department. Bratton announced Wednesday he is leaving Oct. 31 with three years left in his second five-year term.

138 in Cincinnati police department face layoffs


Cincinnati police could take the biggest hit in layoffs this year to make up for the city’s $28 million deficit.

Judges order state to release nearly 43,000 prisoners in next two years

LA Times blog

California’s prisons are so overcrowded that the state is violating inmates’ constitutional rights, three federal judges ruled today in a decision imposing a cap on the prison population that will force the state to release nearly 43,000 prisoners over the next two years.

City of Laredo, Texas asking police, firefighters to wait on raises


The City of Laredo is asking the firefighter and police unions to wait a couple of months for their pay increases.

National Night Out focuses on strenghtening public safety

Daily News

Aiming to strengthen their ties with local communities, law enforcement agencies around the country are hosting events tonight to mark National Night Out and inviting residents to join them.

Clerical error may have put suspect in Burk's slaying back on street

LA Times

Charles Samuel could have been serving life in prison under the state's three-strikes law for a 1997 burglary, but his rap sheet reflected only one prior strike when he had two, officials say.

Judge dismisses lawsuit over toddler's death

LA Times

In a victory for the LAPD, a judge throws out a suit filed by the mother of a 19-month-old girl killed by a SWAT officer's bullet during an attempted hostage rescue in 2005.

Pension repayment plan could throw L.A.'s budget into disarray

LA Times

The system's general manager urges 'prudent' repayment in 5 years, not 15. The money would come from employees or the city's general fund.

Governor's inmate reduction program: How will it work?

Sacramento Bee

As police officers and deputies are being laid off across California, the idea is almost breathtaking: Reduce California's prison population by 27,300 inmates, partly by letting some out of the gates.

Cash-strapped Alameda County public defender starts turning away cases

Oakland Tribune

The Alameda County Public Defender's Office has begun telling judges it can't represent certain defendants because it lacks enough money and staff members to give them a constitutionally adequate defense.

ATF worries about cartel grenades coming into US

Associated Press

It was a scenario U.S. law enforcement had long feared: A fragmentation grenade from Mexico's bloody drug war tossed into a public place.

LAPD rescues hostage and arrests suspects

LA Times blog

Three suspects were taken into custody and a hostage was rescued in Riverside County Monday as part of an investigation that began four days ago after a kidnapping in the Van Nuys area, authorities said.

LA tries test to find kids likely to join gangs

Associated Press

Gang prevention cop Jeff Norat drives a bunch of sullen teens through the gang-riddled streets of a Los Angeles neighborhood, not because they're in trouble with the law — but so they'll stay out of it.

Using water to stop street violence?


new tool is being used in the war against crime. It's bottled water, and proponents say it can help cooler heads prevail.

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