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Judge dismisses lawsuit over toddler's death

LA Times

In a victory for the LAPD, a judge throws out a suit filed by the mother of a 19-month-old girl killed by a SWAT officer's bullet during an attempted hostage rescue in 2005.

Pension repayment plan could throw L.A.'s budget into disarray

LA Times

The system's general manager urges 'prudent' repayment in 5 years, not 15. The money would come from employees or the city's general fund.

Governor's inmate reduction program: How will it work?

Sacramento Bee

As police officers and deputies are being laid off across California, the idea is almost breathtaking: Reduce California's prison population by 27,300 inmates, partly by letting some out of the gates.

Cash-strapped Alameda County public defender starts turning away cases

Oakland Tribune

The Alameda County Public Defender's Office has begun telling judges it can't represent certain defendants because it lacks enough money and staff members to give them a constitutionally adequate defense.

ATF worries about cartel grenades coming into US

Associated Press

It was a scenario U.S. law enforcement had long feared: A fragmentation grenade from Mexico's bloody drug war tossed into a public place.

LAPD rescues hostage and arrests suspects

LA Times blog

Three suspects were taken into custody and a hostage was rescued in Riverside County Monday as part of an investigation that began four days ago after a kidnapping in the Van Nuys area, authorities said.

LA tries test to find kids likely to join gangs

Associated Press

Gang prevention cop Jeff Norat drives a bunch of sullen teens through the gang-riddled streets of a Los Angeles neighborhood, not because they're in trouble with the law — but so they'll stay out of it.

Using water to stop street violence?


new tool is being used in the war against crime. It's bottled water, and proponents say it can help cooler heads prevail.

Thousands honor slain border agent

San Diego Union Tribune

"What he did was confront a situation where uncertainty and doubt abound," agency's chief says of Robert Rosas.

Police divided over prison plan


Last week, Governor Schwarzenegger put on hold his plan to reduce the state’s prison population. Republican leaders had threatened to torpedo the budget deal if he didn’t. Lawmakers have agreed to consider the plan again in a few weeks. It’s expected to face stiff opposition.

LA Observed: Lily Burk Murder

KCRW: LA Observed

There have been something like 175 homicides in Los Angeles this year. All of them are tragic. Lily Burk's demise, though, has elements that have made it resonate in so many ways, and for so many people.

Bratton gives city authority over TV, film shoot cops

Daily News

Police Chief William Bratton has agreed to give the city's General Services Department authority over retired and off-duty officers who moonlight as security guards at movie and television shoots, a city councilman said Friday.

Fire cuts loom as officials wrangle

Daily News

Brownouts: Rolling reductions in staffing called risky.

California could have $15 billion shortfalls

San Francisco Chronicle

The plan signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger this week to balance the state's budget could leave California facing shortfalls in future years of more than $15 billion, according to an analysis released Thursday by a major Wall Street credit rating firm.

L.A. County proposes new oversight, regulations amid outcry over death of 6-year-old boy

LA Times blog

The County's Department of Children and Family Services today said it would increase oversight of child abuse investigations, review past cases and provide more training to social workers as officials deal with public outrage over the beating death of a 6-year-old boy last week.

L.A. police celebrity golf tourney slated for Trump National

Daily Breeze

The hills will sparkle with star power Saturday as celebrities past and present play in the 38th annual Los Angeles Police Family Fun Day and Celebrity Golf Tournament at Trump National Golf Club.

LAPD questions why officials let boy live with man now accused of killing him

LA Times

Los Angeles police officials investigating the beating death of a 6-year-old boy raised questions today about why the boy was living with the man who is now accused of killing him.

Transient is charged with murder in Lily Burk's death

LA Times

A judge postpones the man's arraignment at the request of his court-appointed attorney. The suspect, 50, also is charged with kidnapping and robbery in the 17-year-old's slaying.

Amber Alert has seven years of success

LA Daily News

It has been seven years since California implemented its own statewide Amber Alert system. In that time, the system has helped recover 179 abducted children.

Which Way, LA? Making sense of a senseless murder


The murder of 17-year-old Lily Burk has received saturation coverage. Does a brutal crime contain any lessons about the failure of treatment programs or the risk of early parole? Progam guests include Paul Weber: President, Los Angeles Police Protective League.

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