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Local officials: State budget plan is giant 'Ponzi scheme'

Alfred Lee, Staff Writer

A group representing 188 California cities Wednesday condemned a proposed state budget as an "irresponsible Ponzi scheme" and threatened to sue the state if the legislature enacts it.

L.A. fire chief says budget cuts will mean longer response times

LA TImes blog

Los Angeles' budget crisis is likely to mean it will take longer for firefighters to respond to calls for help.

Prison plan stirs GOP fury

By Jim Sanders and Kevin Yamamura

Threatening to scuttle California's budget deal, Assembly Republican leader Sam Blakeslee accused Democrats on Tuesday of double-crossing him with an emerging plan to reduce the state's prison population.

Budget back on track as prison flap is resolved

Legislative leaders and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger defused an issue today that threatened to blow up a fragile compromise over the plan to erase the state's $26.3-billion budget deficit.

Vote on prison plan in California budget is delayed

By Michael Rothfeld

The controversial proposal to cut the inmate population, which is backed by a police chiefs association, is set aside until next month in an effort to pass the rest of the budget deal.

Homeland Security chief promotes cheaper, secure driver's licenses


The country needs more secure driver's licenses to thwart terrorists, and a new Obama administration program supported by governors across the country would do that and save money, Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Wednesday.

CHP officers to get more money, but not much

By Jon Ortiz

While other state workers endure unpaid furloughs, California Highway Patrol officers are getting more money. It's not much. "Less than 1 percent," said Jon Hamm, head of the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, which represents 7,000 sworn officers. He declined to be more specific.

Memorial service held for LAPD detective Susan Clemmer

Signal Senior Writer

Before her suicide, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Susan Clemmer had aced a job interview with Gangs and Narcotics Captain Kevin McCarthy, leaving him deeply impressed with her education, passion and talent.

Release of Prisoners becomes bargaining chip in California budget debate

Zhang Jin

People in the Los Angeles metropolitan area have got used to talk by Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca on releasing prisoners each time when there is a budget fight, but this time, the "wolf" will really come.

Judge ends monitor of the Los Angeles Police


A federal judge late Friday released the Los Angeles Police Department from an eight-year settlement to reduce corruption and police brutality, finding that it had made substantial reforms.

Federal judge ends LAPD consent decree

The Associated Press

A federal judge on Friday released the Los Angeles Police Department from a decade-long consent decree with the U.S. Department of Justice that was aimed at ensuring reforms after a corruption scandal.

No more consent decree for LAPD

By Tony Castro, Staff Writer

A federal judge Friday lifted the controversial consent decree that for more than eight years had guided an independent monitor overseeing sweeping reforms of the Los Angeles Police Department imposed after the Rampart corruption scandal.

LAPD consent decree lifted


U.S. District Court Judge Gary A. Feess freed the Los Angeles Police Department from most of the federal oversight that has been in place since the Rampart corruption scandals of the early 1990s.

U.S. judge ends federal oversight of the LAPD

By Joel Rubin

Saying that the department has reformed itself significantly, the judge ends the consent decree that had been imposed in the wake of the 2001 Rampart corruption scandal.

California prison guards call for a strike vote Posted

By Karen Velie

After learning of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plan to slash prison guard’s salaries by another 10 percent, the union has authorized a strike vote, according to Paco Villa’s Correction

California lawmakers target city, county funds to close budget gap

The Sacramento Bee

California cities and counties will take a multibillion-dollar hit to help close the state's massive budget gap.

L.A. councilwoman proposes city tax on medical marijuana

LA Times

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn has proposed that the council consider imposing a tax on sales of medical marijuana.

L.A. weighs plan to replace computer software with Google service

LA Times

If OKd by the City Council, the plan would shift protection of internal data and public records from the city to the Internet giant. The LAPD has raised concerns about shielding arrest information.

Orlando budget battle aims at "take home" police cars

Orlando Sentinel

A major budget battle is brewing between Orlando City Hall and the city's cops, with administrators taking aim at a favorite perk: the patrol cars that officers drive home at the end of the day.

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