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Ending the employees vs. services battle

LA Times Opinion

How can the state save money on public services without cutting workers' pay or reducing availability?

Tickets soar for drivers on cell phones

San Francisco Chronicle

In July of 2008, the CHP recorded 7,779 citations for hands-free violations. The number remained relatively constant through the end of the year but then began climbing in 2009.

Nine Modesto cops out of a job today as layoffs take effect

Modesto Bee

Nine Modesto police officers are losing their jobs today because the city and their union were not able to negotiate wage concessions that could have saved their positions.

11th-hour votes on state budget fail

LA Times

With a day to go until a cash crisis would force the state to stop paying its bills, lawmakers and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger worked into the night Tuesday but failed to reach a budget agreement.

No LAPD officers will be fired in 2007 May Day incident

LA Times

None of the Los Angeles police officers accused of using excessive force on demonstrators and journalists at a 2007 May Day gathering at MacArthur Park will be fired, officials said Tuesday.

Schwarzenegger calls for two-tier state pension system

Sacramento Bee

California public employee unions already reeling from pay cuts have been dealt a new blow by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger – a push to lower pension and retiree health care benefits for state workers hired after today.

LAPD consent decree extended to July 15

LA Times blog

A federal judge said Monday that he needs more time to decide whether federal monitoring and oversight of the Los Angeles Police Department should continue.

Mich. in talks to possibly take Calif. prisoners

Associated Press

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm sent a letter Monday to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger formally offering to house – for a fee – some of the Golden State's prison inmates.

L.A. expands summer parks program that mayor says combats gang crime

LA Times blog

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa today announced the expansion of a summertime anti-gang program that includes special community events, after-school activities, sports leagues and extended nighttime hours at 16 city parks, most in gang-prone areas.

Judge extends by 2 weeks LAPD consent decree

Associated Press

A federal judge says he needs more time to decide whether the Los Angeles Police Department should remain under U.S. Justice Department oversight.

L.A. City Council approves early retirement plan despite opposition

LA Times

The proposal also calls for postponing raises for thousands of workers to balance the budget without layoffs or closing City Hall twice a month. But one union threatens a court challenge.

Fiscal changes hit prison officers union hard

Sacramento Bee

Once seen as the model of public employee labor sophistication and clout, California's prison officers union is struggling amid the state's financial meltdown and a sour relationship with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bratton's plan to change policing system for location films shoots bad for everyone

Daily News Editorial

The Motion Picture Officers have waged a long and difficult campaign to retain their right to continue the 50-year-tradition of working in the motion picture, television and commercial production industry. They have done so in the face of bewildering opposition from those currently in command of the LAPD.

Public opinion of LAPD on the rise, according to poll

ABC News

A new Los Angeles Times poll shows registered voters believe the LAPD's performance has improved since 2005.

LAPD names its first Islamic chaplain

LA Times

Sheik Qazi Asad prays five times each day. The Pakistani-born immigrant, who is now a U.S. citizen, first got involved with law enforcement after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, working with the Sheriff’s Department. Police leaders hope that the new chaplain, who has a history of building bridges between Muslims and law enforcement, can help officers understand his community better.

New politics blog


Well, let's call it partly politics and partly law enforcement, with some union advocacy for seasoning. It's the new blog of the Los Angeles Police Protective League.

Michigan State Police Reject Furlough, 100 Officers Laid Off


About 100 Michigan State Police troopers will be laid off Sunday after a last-ditch effort to avoid the job loss failed.

Budget cuts hurt public safety in the Golden State

Daily News Opinion

In an effort to help fill a $24 billion deficit, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed releasing some low-level offenders early and shifting more prisoners to already overcrowded county jails, which will lead to the early release of some of those prisoners.

Plan to modify L.A. gang injunctions splits lawmakers along party lines

LA Times

Senate OKs easing restrictions on gang members who steer clear of crime for 5 years. The bill goes to the Assembly.

Proposed cuts would allow a Madoff to avoid prison in California, Cooley says

LA Times blog

Los Angeles County’s top prosecutor has warned that a budget proposal by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would so weaken court sentencing guidelines that if a swindler such as Bernard Madoff were to be brought to justice in California he would not face state prison time.

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