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LAPD detective arrested in '86 slaying of her ex-boyfriend's wife

LA Daily News

CASE: DNA pointed to suspect.

LA budget calls for 1,200 layoffs, furloughs

Associated Press

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signed a $7 billion city budget Tuesday that calls for 1,200 layoffs, unpaid furloughs and a freeze on police expansion in the next fiscal year.

Villaraigosa signs $7.01 billion L.A. budget

Daily Breeze

A $7.01 billion budget calling for layoffs and furloughs of thousands of workers, but characterized as a work in progress, was signed into law Tuesday by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

California drivers ranked fourth worst in the nation

LA Daily News

In 2008, California ranked No. 33 in the listing of best drivers. This year's list puts the Golden State at No. 48 (out of 51, including the District of Columbia).

Union’s Call for Editorial Staff Ouster Raises Ownership Questions

Instead of just being a faceless, unimportant investor, the fund’s money would be used to direct an individual business’s trajectory, making it a win-win for the union. The pension money grows, and the investment advances the agenda of the union.

Study: LAPD Improved Since Corruption Scandals

Harvard University study released Friday of the Los Angeles Police Department found the department greatly improved since corruption scandals forced it under a federal consent decree in 2002.

LAPD Detectives Find a Suspected Serial Killer – Just Not the One They Were Looking For

Searching for a serial killer who has stalked South L.A. for decades, LAPD detectives were surprised by DNA evidence tying a string of 1970s Westside slayings to 72-year-old John Floyd Thomas.


The statistics say that 17-year-old Rocio Sazo should have dropped out of school by now. In the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), outside studies show that fewer than half of ninth-graders graduate from high school within four years.

Trutanich names Livesay chief deputy city attorney


Los Angeles City Attorney-elect Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich Friday named former chief deputy district attorney Curt Livesay as his chief deputy and former Assistant U.S. Attorney William W. Carter as his chief of staff.

Claremont Man Honored by LAPD

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

A Claremont resident on Thursday was one of 25 Los Angeles police officers who received the department's highest honor. Sergeant Christopher Gomez was awarded the Medal of Valor for displaying exceptional heroism in 2007 when he rescued a man from a burning vehicle.

Los Angeles Police Department Honors 25 Officers for Valor

LA Times

The Medal of Valor recognizes officers who display extraordinary courage under difficult – often life-threatening – circumstances. This year saw the highest number of female recipients so far, five.

Hard Times and Crime? Just You Wait

Los Angeles Times Opinion

Despite the recession, crime is down sharply in L.A. One expert says crime rates are not linked to economic cycles, but another says a long-term downturn could reverse the trend.

Diversity Bolsters the LAPD

LA Daily News

Force nearly matches ethnic makeup of city as police gain trust of minority communities.

Lift the LAPD Consent Decree

LA Times Editorial

The sweeping police reforms that L.A. agreed to in 2000 have taken hold. Now oversight of the LAPD should revert to the Police Commission.

Bid to Divert California Prisoners to County Jails Denounced

LA Times

Local officials say they don't have the room or the funding to house the low-level felons that the governor wants to send them.

L.A. Police Union Part Owner of U-T; Wants Editorial Staff Gone

City News Service (CNS)

As an investor in the company that now owns The San Diego Union-Tribune, the union that represents Los Angeles police officers is demanding the ouster of the newspaper's editorial page staff.

Beating the Machine: The New Politics of LA


The governor and legislators are going back to normal today with their posturing and pretenses as if voters hadn't just slapped them in the face and kicked them in the groin.

L.A. County's Election Winners and Losers

LA Times

The LAPD union, a political consultant and city councilman all came out on top. But LAPD Chief William J. Bratton, a developer and, yes, sea lions are all worse off.

Trutanich Celebrates Victory in City Attorney's Race

Los Angeles Independent

Attorney and political newcomer Carmen Trutanich was celebrating Wednesday his improbable victory over Councilman Jack Weiss in the race to become Los Angeles city attorney.

Police Union Submits 16 Ideas to Save LA Money


The LAPD didn't get hit as hard as other departments in the City Council approved city budget, but the current plan does slow down hiring new officers. Now the Los Angeles Police Protective League has submitted their ideas to save the city money in order to get back on track of getting more officers on the streets.

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