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Council to Consider Naming Intersection for 'Onion Field' LAPD Officer

Hollywood Patch

The intersection would commemorate Officer Ian Campbell who was killed in 1963 after he was kidnapped during a traffic stop in Hollywood.

Man pleads guilty to killing Burbank police officer in 2003

The Burbank Leader

David A. Garcia, the man accused of killing Burbank Police Officer Matthew Pavelka in November 2003, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and other charges Tuesday.

Budget woes could result in loss of 40 Long Beach police officers

Long Beach Press-Telegram

Budget woes could result in the elimination of 40 police officer positions by this fall, including 20 gang enforcement assignments, at the Long Beach Police Department, the Press-Telegram has learned.

Aurora's anonymous hero

PJ Media

May we soon know her name, may she get the praise and thanks she very much deserves.

Law Enforcement Fatalities Decrease 44% In The First Half Of 2012, Reaching A 52-Year Low

Market Watch

In a reversal of recent trends and positive news for the law enforcement community, law enforcement fatalities declined significantly nationwide during the first half of 2012, reaching a 52-year low.

Carmageddon II announced for Sept. 29-30

The Source

The second 10-mile closure of both directions of the I-405 over the Sepulveda Pass, popularly known as “Carmageddon,” has now been scheduled for Sept. 29-30, 2012 when contractors will demolish the remaining side of the Mulholland Bridge.

How to protect against vehicle break-ins

Eagle Rock Patch

33 vehicles were broken into in Northeast L.A. during the week of July 8, including four in Eagle Rock. A new scam involves the theft of the unlocked third-row seat in SUVs.

Legislation to allow hands-free driver texting signed into law

Sacramento Bee

Under legislation that Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law today, California motorists can dictate, send or listen to text-based messages while they're behind the wheel if they're using voice-activated, hands-free devices.

San Bernardino police chief - Current police staffing not at 'adequate levels'

LA Daily News

City's police, fire chiefs address city's public safety personnel on potential impact of bankruptcy filing.

Veteran dad and rookie daughter: LAPD officers patrol San Fernando Valley together

Associated Press

It’s a tradition at the Los Angeles Police Department —when the child of a veteran officer joins the force, father and child pull a shift on patrol together. Usually it’s a proud dad and his son.

Sheriff's dispatcher killed in collision with unlicensed driver

The Press-Enterprise

A Moreno Valley man who died early Thursday, July 12, when his motorcycle struck a pickup that made a left turn across the motorcycle’s path, was a dispatcher for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Crime down, but killings surge in San Fernando Valley

LA Daily News

Although overall crime is down across the city of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, homicides in the Valley are up by 50 percent in the first half of 2012, according to the latest police statistics.

L.A. has lowest crime among big U.S. cities, midyear figures show

LA Times blog

At the year’s midway point, crime rates in Los Angeles generally have continued their decade-long decline, according to police figures released Wednesday.

Summer heat can be deadly for children, pets left in cars

LA Daily News

The noontime temperature Tuesday registered 93 degrees, with the humidity pushing the misery index to triple-digit territory.

Nearly 1,200 DUI arrests made in 10-day July 4th crackdown

City News Service

Nearly 1,200 DUI arrests were made throughout Los Angeles County during 10 days of beefed-up law enforcement efforts designed to combat drunken driving in connection with the Fourth of July holiday period, authorities reported Monday.

Calif. underestimated number of prisoners sent to county jails under realignment

Associated Press

Nearly 250 more criminals will serve their time in county jails instead of state prisons each year under a new California law, a sharp increase from the state's original projections.

LAPD embracing 'predictive policing'

Associated Press

Los Angeles police are aiming to beat suspects to the scene of a crime by using computers to predict where trouble might occur.

Calif. shuffles crimes under inmate-crowding law

Associated Press

A new law changing where some criminals serve their time is prompting anger from certain lawmakers who believe the state again is reneging on its promise to keep those convicted of violent and other serious crimes in state prisons rather than county jails.

Pacific Division Crime Report: Violent Crimes Increase 37 Percent

Venice-Mar Vista Patch

The Los Angeles Police Department's Pacific Division reports a 37 percent increase in violent crimes in the 27-day reporting period ending June 23, compared to the previous reporting period.

Two Wilshire-405 ramps to close, and commuter misery is feared

LA Times

Starting Friday night, one on-ramp and one off-ramp will shut down for three months. One county official has dubbed the project "Ramp Jam."

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