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Funeral Services to be Held for LAPD Gang Officer

Daily News Wire Services

Funeral services will be held today for a diminutive LAPD anti-gang detective who recently died after a 7-year-battle with cancer. Services for Janine Manji, a 13-year LAPD veteran who died April 13, will be held at 10 a.m. at the Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple in Little Tokyo, south of downtown Los Angeles.

Antonio: Get Rid of "Deadwood" at City Hall, Kiss of Death for Jack Weiss


Forget furloughs and pay cuts and no raises and free hours of work and all the other proposals mentioned in the mayor's budget plan. What Villaraigosa wants is an unbelievably costly plan to offer early retirement to thousands of city workers by giving them five extra years credit on their pensions.

Mayor Set to Confront City Unions Over Cuts

Daily News

A day after releasing a budget that calls for shared sacrifice, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa launched a campaign to rally support for a menu of employee concessions that are already proving unappetizing to city unions.

Villaraigosa Prefers Early Retirement to Layoffs

Los Angeles Times

Seeking to close a $530-million budget gap, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Tuesday that he favored cutting workers through early retirement offers instead of layoffs because eliminating "deadwood" and retaining younger, more productive workers would disrupt fewer services.

LAPD Wife: I'm All A'Twitter!

I've been checking out Twitter and decided to try it out. I'm still unsure if this will be something that will just complicate my life and add one more item to my already too-long to-do list, or... it may be an exercise that will allow more people to find me and feel like we're keeping in touch and closer than the blog atmosphere allows.

Paralyzed LAPD Officer Bikes In Boston Marathon


Kristina Ripatti, a former LAPD officer who was shot and paralyzed by a robbery suspect in 2006, recently participated in the grueling Boston Marathon.

City Budget

City News Service

A $7 billion spending plan unveiled today by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa relies on renegotiating employee contracts and privatizing municipal facilities and parking to eliminate a $530 million deficit.

L.A. Faces Financial Judgment Day

Daily News

After a year of constant adjustments to the $7.2 billion spending plan, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa today is set to release his 2009-10 budget - one that is expected to require thousands of layoffs, cuts in nearly all departments and higher fees for residents.

When Cops Can’t Use Lights and Sirens

Pajamas Media

Sometimes police officers need to get from one place to another more quickly than traffic conditions will allow, which is why the cars they drive are equipped with sirens and bright flashing lights. “But, Dunphy,” you say, “Why write about something so patently obvious? Any fool knows that.” No, there are in fact some fools who do not know that. Strangely enough, one such fool is a former chief of the Los Angeles Police Department who now sits on the Los Angeles City Council.

Raised by Mom and the LAPD

Los Angeles Times

Four years ago, Micah Blackwell of Watts befriended community relations officers. Today, as he turns 13, they have become part of the family.

LA City Workers Hold Efficiency Summit to Help Solve Budget Crisis


Nearly 200 city workers and members of community organizations gathered for better government at the first SEIU Efficiency Summit on Saturday, April 11. They promoted ideas to save money, eliminate waste, and promote services during this budget crisis.

Villaraigosa's Tightrope: Cut City Spending without Angering Labor

Los Angeles Times

Mayor wants wage and benefit decreases from workers but needs the support of his powerful union allies if he is to run for governor.

LAPD Policy

City News Service

Over the objection of former LAPD chief and current City Councilman Bernard Parks, a council committee today backed a policy change that would give police officers more discretion over when to activate the lights and sirens on their patrol cars.

L.A. Police Get Lights and Sirens Freedom

Daily Breeze

A proposal approved Monday by a Los Angeles public safety panel would give police officers more discretion over when to flip on their lights and sirens.

When Should the LAPD Use Lights and Sirens?

Los Angeles Times

The department hopes to broaden use of Code 3 to avoid the unofficial practice of speeding without warning other drivers. Two city councilmen worry that more accidents could result.

Paralyzed LAPD Officer To Take On Boston Marathon

This year's Boston Marathon has many stories of courage, inspiration and strength, including one of a Los Angeles police officer who was paralyzed when she was shot in the line of duty.

City Worker Layoffs Likely Unless Workers Contribute

With Los Angeles city government facing a $535 million deficit in the coming fiscal year, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Monday 2,580 layoffs could be avoided if city workers increase contributions to their retirement funds and defer scheduled raises.

Looming Budget Troubles in Los Angeles


Some Los Angeles city unions may cut their hours and make other concessions to save jobs. Will that mean a reduction in services? Will the Police Protective League go along?

Villaraigosa Tells Unions Concessions Needed to Avoid Layoffs

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Monday said unions representing city workers would need to make major concessions to avoid widespread layoffs, including possibly deferring raises, cutting work hours and paying more for retirement benefits.

Layoffs, Fee Increases Likely as Los Angeles Officials Draft 2009-10 Budget

City News Service

With Los Angeles city government facing a $535 million deficit in the coming fiscal year, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said today 2,580 layoffs could be avoided if city workers increase contributions to their retirement funds and defer scheduled raises.

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