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Film Security

City News Service

A proposal to change the way security is provided to on-location film and television shoots in Los Angeles was met with resistance today from location scouts who said the system does not need tweaking.

Finance Rule for LAPD in Place

Daily News

After more than a year-long court battle, a Los Angeles Police Department rule takes effect this week that forces new officers in the gang and narcotics units to turn over detailed personal financial information.

Not "Senseless" At All
The fatal trajectory of Oakland cop-killer Lovelle Mixon.

National Review

“He’s nice, he’s kind, he’s sweet...” So said Enjoli Mixon of her brother Lovelle, the killer of four Oakland police officers. “We’re all shocked by this,” she told reporters.

Four Oakland Officers Remembered Amid Pageantry, Poignancy

Los Angeles Times

In a basketball arena filled with uniformed officers from across the continent, four members of the Oakland Police Department were remembered Friday as eager servants of the city where – six days earlier, in a single afternoon of horrific gun violence – they paid for their dedication with their lives.

Police Chief

City News Service

The Los Angeles police chief could serve for more than two terms – or become an elected officer – under separate proposals made by a city councilman and the president of the police union.

An Elective Police Chief Proposed for L.A.

Los Angeles Daily News

With city crime rates at the lowest level in 50 years and the popularity of Police Chief William Bratton at an all-time high, two new efforts have been launched to keep him on the job beyond his 2012 term limit.

Councilman Proposes Rescinding Term Limits for LAPD Chief

Los Angeles Times

William J. Bratton could be allowed to serve a third term if a proposed city charter change is approved. Councilman Herb Wesson calls for public hearings on the idea.

Oakland Officer Removed from Life Support

San Francisco Chronicle

Oakland police Officer John Hege has been removed from life support, three days after a parolee unleashed a barrage of gunfire that killed three other officers, authorities said today.

Oakland - It's Time to Back the Badge

San Francisco Chronicle

The deaths of four Oakland police officers gunned down in the line of duty Saturday afternoon are undisputable, immutable, irrevocable proof of the chaotic level of predatory violence on the streets of this city.

Oakland Police Shootings Stoke Criticism of Parole Oversight

Los Angeles Times

In November, Lovelle Mixon finished serving a 9-month sentence for violating parole. By late February, his parole officer had lost track of him. A month later, he killed four Oakland police officers.

Olson Husband: No Comments for Family's Safety

Associated Press

Former 1970s radical Sara Jane Olson planned to avoid speaking out after being freed from prison because of concern for her family's safety, her husband said Thursday.

Three Policemen Killed, One Gravely Wounded in California Shootout

Associated Press

In one of the deadliest police shootings in California history, three Oakland officers were killed and a fourth gravely wounded in two incidents Saturday that began with a routine traffic stop, police officials said.

State Mourns Three Slain Oakland Police Officers

Los Angeles Times

Law enforcement officials from across California express their remorse and prayers for the officers' families. Officials say five officers were shot, three killed and one in grave condition.

Three police officers killed in Oakland shootings

At least three police officers in Oakland, California, were shot and killed Saturday afternoon after a man pulled over for a routine traffic stop opened fire and then battled SWAT officers at a nearby building, police said.

Op-Ed: Symbionese Liberation Parolee

New York Times

The first time I encountered the word “kleptomaniac,” I asked my mother what it meant. She said, “That’s what they call it when a rich person steals something.” And now, thanks to Sara Jane Olson and her return to the spacious house and gracious life she’s made for herself in St. Paul, we know what it’s called when a rich, white woman gets convicted of trying to kill cops and robbing a bank: “idealism.”

Services Set for Judge Crowder, Last of the “Hat Squad”

Metropolitan News-Enterprise

Services will be held March 30 for retired Los Angeles Municipal Court Judge Harold Crowder, who died Monday at age 83.

His Office Was an Alcove, but He Was Big at LAPD

David Briggs, who died last month, buffed officers' boots for 21 years. The department is paying his son's way to the memorial.

Plotter in 1985 Cop Killing Up for Parole

Los Angeles Daily News

He helped mow down a cop in a hail of machine gun fire as the officer picked up his son from day care. For his part in the 1985 cop killing in Canoga Park, Voltaire Alphonse Williams should languish behind bars for life, family and associates of the victim said.

Detective Killing

City News Service

A state panel denied parole today for a man convicted of conspiracy in the Halloween 1985 shooting death of a Los Angeles police detective who was ambushed while picking up his 6-year-old son from day care.

Sara Jane Olson: American Housewife, American Terrorist

Time Magazine

In one life, Sara Jane Olson was a doting, upper-class soccer mom who drove a Plymouth minivan and was a dynamite gourmet cook. In another, she was a terrorist—and a totem of the age of violent radicalism that erupted during the 1970s.

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