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LA Police Union Writes Schwarzenegger about Olson


The Los Angeles police union says it has written Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger asking him to look into the legality of Sara Jane Olson's release to the state of Minnesota for her parole.

Minnesota lawmakers to California: Keep Sara Jane Olson

Two Minnesota legislators introduced a resolution today asking California to keep ex-Symbionese Liberation Army member and fugitive Sara Jane Olson from serving supervised parole in their state.

LA Mayor, Police Chief Push for More Cops Nationwide


With unemployment on the rise, city officials across the country are concerned about a possible spike in crime

Police Federation Fighting the Former SLA Member's Return To MN After Parole


Federation President David Titus questions whether Olson's neighbors in St. Paul would report her if she violated parole. The Los Angeles police union raised similar objections Monday. Olson has served seven years in prison for attempted bombings of Los Angeles police cars in the 1970s and the shooting death of a bank customer in 1975.

Sara Jane Olson's Return to Minnesota Opposed

Associated Press

The union wrote to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday to oppose her return, saying she committed her crimes in California, so she should serve her entire sentence there.

L.A. Police Protective League Endorses Curren Price for 26th Senate District Special Election on Tuesday, March 24

Assemblymember Curren Price today announced the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) has endorsed his special election campaign for the 26th Senate District.

Pawlenty Spokesman: Minnesota Can't Turn Back Olson

Associated Press

A spokesman for Gov. Tim Pawlenty says the state is required to let former 1970s radical and longtime fugitive Sara Jane Olson serve her three-year parole in Minnesota.

Home to Glory

Wave News

The LAPD sent Deputy Chief Kenneth Garner on to glory in style Monday and Bishop Noel Jones preached him right through the pearly gates during one of the finest funerals I’ve attended in some time.

Parole Debate Clouds Future of Jailed Symbionese Liberation Army Member

Los Angeles Times

Police union wants Sara Jane Olson to serve parole in California. L.A. Police Protective League says the ex-SLA member, imprisoned for trying to kill two officers, will be better monitored here than in Minnesota, near family. Her release is expected this month.

Deputy Chief Remembered for Strong Ties to South L.A.

Los Angeles Times

3,000 gather in South L.A. to remember Deputy Police Chief Kenneth O. Garner. The mix of police, gang-intervention workers and residents at his funeral and service shows he built strong relationships in the community, mourners say.

LAPD Deputy Chief Kenneth Garner Mourned, Praised


The South Bureau appointment marked a homecoming for Garner, who was born in Hot Springs, Ark., but grew up in South L.A. Skipp Townsend, an executive board member of gang intervention community group Southern California Cease Fire Committee, said he came to know Garner four years ago.

LA Chief: More Officers Assigned to Clerical Duty

Associated Press Writer

The Los Angeles Police Department is bigger than ever, but so far that hasn't translated into more officers on the streets, police Chief William Bratton said Thursday. The department has added about 700 officers since Bratton became chief in 2002, and hundreds of those are filling clerical civilian positions that remain empty due to a civilian hiring freeze for all but essential civilian positions.

Soliah Seeks to Serve Parole in Minnesota

Los Angeles Times

Former Symbionese Liberation Army member Kathleen Soliah was released from state prison in March 2008, only to be re-arrested and told that because of a clerical error she would have to spend another year behind bars.

NYPD Civilian Worker Busted in Mass Cop-ID Theft

Fox News

A civilian official of the New York City Police Department's pension fund has been charged with taking computer data that could be used to steal the identities of 80,000 current and retired cops, sources said.

Budget Deficit for LA Growing

Daily News

Los Angeles' city budget shortfall may soar to $1 billion within two years, forcing it to cut services and trim jobs as the recession deepens, officials told the City Council on Wednesday.

LAPD Officers Receive Medal of Valor Awards

Los Angeles Times

Sixteen Los Angeles police officers have been chosen to receive the department's Medal of Valor for bravery in the line of duty.

L.A. Voters Approve Most Ballot Measures


A plan to hire an independent person to oversee the Los Angeles Fire Department was approved by voters, but a measure to attract and retain businesses was rejected Tuesday.

Chief Bratton Wants More Stimulus Cash for Cops

Associated Press

Police Chief William Bratton said Tuesday he will ask the federal government to allocate billions more from the economic stimulus package to law enforcement agencies across the country to combat a potential rise in crime triggered by the worsening economy.

LA Announces Record Number of Police Officers

Associated Press

City officials say the Los Angeles Police Department has expanded to 9,895 officers, its largest number ever. That's 43 more officers than the previous high mark recorded in June 1998.

Los Angeles Police Department Reaches All-Time High With 9,895 Officers

City News Service

The Los Angeles Police Department now has more officers than at any other time in its history with 9,895 sworn personnel, a figure that includes those still going through the Police Academy, Chief William Bratton announced today.

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