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LAPD Sees Force Grow to Record High

LA Daily News

With the city's crime rate pushed to historic lows, the Los Angeles Police Department reached another milestone on Monday - employing a record 9,895 officers, the most in its history. The 63 recruits who started training at the Police Academy in Elysian Park pushed the department past its previous record of 9,852 set in 1998.

LAPD Deputy Chief Kenneth Garner

“Los Angeles has suffered a great loss with the death of Deputy Chief Garner. Chief Garner’s profound allegiance to the LAPD and the community warrants the appreciation and gratitude of all Angelinos…

Sitting down? L.A. Budget Shortfall May Near $1 Billion

Los Angeles could face nearly a $1-billion shortfall by 2010 because of a mammoth bailout needed for the city's employee pension funds, which have seen investments tank in the spiraling national recession, according to a city budget report released Friday.

LAPD union loses ruling on financial disclosure

Los Angeles Times

A federal appeals court rejects a bid to block new rules for officers in specialized units. The anti-corruption plan will help fulfill a reform required under a federal consent decree.

LA officers lose appeal on financial disclosure

Associated Press

A federal appeals court decision on Friday will allow the Los Angeles Police Department to enforce a rule aimed at curbing corruption among narcotics and anti-gang police officers by enforcing them to disclose personal financial information.

Officer Finances

City News Service

Anti-gang and narcotics officers with the Los Angeles Police Department will be required to disclose their personal finances under a policy intended to root out corruption, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today.

Former Assemblywoman Nell Soto dies at 82

Riverside Press-Enterprise

Former Assemblywoman Nell Soto, who represented the 61st District that includes Pomona and stretches into San Bernardino County, died today at age 82, according to Assembly Speaker Karen Bass.

LAPD Reservists Volunteer despite Economy


Follow two Los Angeles Police Department reserve officers who are volunteering despite the tough economy.

1987 Tape May Hold Clue to Serial Killer

In the more than two decades since Los Angeles police detectives began the search for a serial killer stalking young prostitutes in South L.A., they have had few breaks. One night in 1987, however, offered a tantalizing, agonizing clue.

LAPD Announces Bust of Major Dog Fighting Operation


The Los Angeles Police Department announced the breakup of what it describes as a major dog-fighting operation in a news conference Monday afternoon.

Changing the Charter

A decade after Los Angeles voters adopted a new City Charter on the promise that an updated, streamlined and cleaned-up document would free them from the need for repeated corrections, the March 3 ballot presents five proposed charter amendments.

LA to Compete for Federal Stimulus Public Safety Funds


A drop in crime and a commitment to adding police officers puts Los Angeles in a good position to compete for $4 billion in public safety funds from the federal economic stimulus package, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Thursday.

Police Union Weighs in on Rihanna Photo Probe

Los Angeles Times

The union that represents Los Angeles police officers weighed in today on the controversy over a photo posted on a celebrity gossip website purporting to show the bruised and bloody face of pop star Rihanna.

Ad Knocks LAPD Brass on Helmet Safety

First, there was a City Council motion. Then a civil lawsuit. Now, the Los Angeles Police Protective League has taken to the airwaves to knock LAPD management for telling officers not to immediately don their safety helmets last month at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Westwood.

Philly FOP Confronts Arrogant Insensitive Judge

Fox News

Philadelphia police officers are outraged at a judge who dishonored and degraded the memory of Officer John Pawlowski who was murdered in the line of duty last Friday evening.

Police Complaint Against the LAPD

A formal complaint, which could become a civil lawsuit, was filed yesterday against the Department Los Angeles Police (LAPD) and the Police Commission for having disseminated the names of several agents under investigation for alleged racial discrimination and were acquitted of those allegations.

LA Police Union Seeks Damages in Leaked Info Claim

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles police union says it has filed a claim for damages against the Police Department and the city Police Commission because a confidential report on police misconduct that included names of hundreds of officers was mistakenly posted online.

LA Police League Sues Over Helmet Issue

The Associated Press

The Los Angeles police union filed a lawsuit Wednesday claiming the Police Department ignored its own policy and state employment safety laws when officers were told not to wear helmets while on duty at a protest rally.

LAPD Officers Lobby for Police 'Purple Heart' Awards

Los Angeles Times

It's been rejected several times over the last two decades, but the Los Angeles Police Protective League again is vigorously lobbying city officials to honor fallen officers with police "purple heart" medals.

Bratton: No recession crime wave

Police Chief William Bratton isn't buying into that conventional thinking, however. At least not when it comes to the city of Los Angeles. Bratton told the Los Angeles Daily News editorial board earlier this month that despite the mounting job losses in the city, he doesn't expect the crime rate to rise over the next year. Moreover, he says it will continue its downward trend.

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