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L.A., Glendale Seek Injunction Against Toonerville Gang

By Richard Winton

Lawyers for Los Angeles and Glendale have filed a civil lawsuit seeking a joint gang injunction to restrict the activities of Toonerville, a decades-old gang known for orchestrating killings and even a police ambush, officials said today.

LAPD's James McDonnell Receives Palatucci Courageous Leadership Award

The award, named for an Italian police chief who defied the Nazis and saved thousands of Jewish lives during the Holocaust, was presented to Chief McDonnell during the League's 2008 annual meeting in Los Angeles.

Sylmar fire: biggest arson investigation in Los Angeles history?

By Jill Stewart

With the Oakridge Park mobile home development in the San Fernando Valley looking as if it had been "hit by a nuclear bomb," and 600 of its 700 closely packed houses burned down to soft piles of ash, the Los Angeles Police Department declared the Sayre Fire a massive crime scene on Saturday.

Lock Up Your Home Before You Evacuate, Police Urge

By Molly Hennessy-Fiske

In Porter Ranch, a man accidentally left open the rear sliding-glass door of his house and forgot to activate the security alarm when he evacuated the area Saturday morning.

Under the Influence

The Allen incident was the second officer-involved shooting in Central Division this year. On July 31, at about 10:20 p.m., two officers shot and killed Jesse Moore, 56, who police described as a narcotics suspect, after he allegedly lunged at an officer with a knife.

Use of Force

Among the 39 assaults on officers this year, 33 resulted in officer injuries, most of which were minor, although two officers suffered broken bones.

Assaults on Skid Row Police Officers Triple In Two Years

By Ryan Vaillancourt

Assaults on Central Division police officers have more than tripled in the past two years. The rise, from 12 incidents in 2006 and 28 in 2007 to 39 so far this year, comes at the same time that violent crime in the neighborhood has dropped precipitously.

Police: Man Takes Baby on Drive-By Shooting


The suspect opened fire on three people around 3 p.m. Wednesday on Pinafore Street in South Los Angeles, said Capt. James Craig of the Los Angeles Police Department.

LAPD Detective and Counter Terrorism Bureau Honored by the International Association

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and Parade Magazine announced today the LAPD's Counter Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau and Detective Lillie Franklin are among 10 recipients to receive honorable mention awards at a luncheon to be held at this year's IACP Conference.

Accidental Friendship


A celebrity premier screening will be held tonight for a Hallmark Channel movie based on the relationship between a homeless woman living on Skid Row and a Los Angeles police officer.

Driver with Toddler in Car is Arrested in Baldwin Village Drive-By

By Andrew Blankstein

A gunman, driving with a toddler in the back seat of his car, opened fire on three people in Baldwin Village this afternoon in what police described as a gang-related shooting.

Police Investigate Three Separate Westside Home Robberies

By Ruben Vives

Police are investigating three separate home invasion robberies on the Westside, including one in which the victims were tied up with duct tape while others were held hostage.

Teen Guilty of First-Degree Murder of Police Officer

By Nathan Olivarez-Giles

Taeotui also was found guilty of shooting at Bessant and another officer "for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a criminal street gang" and using a semi-automatic rifle during in the shooting, according to court documents.

Man Killed by Hit-and-Run Near Home

By Leo Stallworth

The victim was killed just steps from his home. Authorities say 42-year-old Rigoberto Pivaral was left lying in the street for hours until his sister wandered out of their home and found his body.

Officer Shot During Watts Investigation


Los Angeles police have surrounded a home in Watts in search of a gunman who shot an officer in the arm during a welfare check.

Crime Stats

Violent crime in Los Angeles is down 5.2 percent compared to this time last year, police Chief William Bratton said today. Overall crime is down 3.9 percent compared to this time last year, the chief told the five-member Police Commission at its regular Tuesday meeting.

Torrance PD Officer Steve Kroesen in Need of Stem Cells

Hello everyone I was hoping I could get some help with promoting our stem cell drive for one of my friends and coworker, Officer Steve Kroesen. Steve was diagnosed with an advanced stage of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is in need of a stem cell transplant.

City Charter

City News Service

A fight over the city controller's ability to determine the effectiveness of programs overseen by elected officials could end up in a courtroom if a proposed charter amendment doesn't clarify the issue, City Controller Laura Chick said today.

5 California governors oppose drug initiative

By SOLVEJ SCHOU, Associated Press Writer

Five California governors came together Thursday in rare bipartisan opposition to a ballot initiative they fear would harm public safety by easing punishment for drug offenders.

Schwarzenegger stands with bipartisan coalition opposing Proposition 5

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks against Proposition 5 outside the Criminal Courts Building in Los Angeles.

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