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Officer Shot During Watts Investigation


Los Angeles police have surrounded a home in Watts in search of a gunman who shot an officer in the arm during a welfare check.

Crime Stats

Violent crime in Los Angeles is down 5.2 percent compared to this time last year, police Chief William Bratton said today. Overall crime is down 3.9 percent compared to this time last year, the chief told the five-member Police Commission at its regular Tuesday meeting.

Torrance PD Officer Steve Kroesen in Need of Stem Cells

Hello everyone I was hoping I could get some help with promoting our stem cell drive for one of my friends and coworker, Officer Steve Kroesen. Steve was diagnosed with an advanced stage of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is in need of a stem cell transplant.

City Charter

City News Service

A fight over the city controller's ability to determine the effectiveness of programs overseen by elected officials could end up in a courtroom if a proposed charter amendment doesn't clarify the issue, City Controller Laura Chick said today.

5 California governors oppose drug initiative

By SOLVEJ SCHOU, Associated Press Writer

Five California governors came together Thursday in rare bipartisan opposition to a ballot initiative they fear would harm public safety by easing punishment for drug offenders.

Schwarzenegger stands with bipartisan coalition opposing Proposition 5

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks against Proposition 5 outside the Criminal Courts Building in Los Angeles.

LAPPL Joins Governors In Opposing Prop. 5

The LAPPL participated in a news conference with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who today formally opposed Proposition 5 on this November's ballot. The Governor announced his strong opposition to the initiative at a press conference held with current Attorney General and former Governor Jerry Brown, former Governor George Deukmejian, former Governor Pete Wilson and former Governor Gray Davis.

Caruso to decide on LA mayoral run this week

Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert

The filing deadline for the race is Nov. 8. Caruso, a Republican, could self-finance his candidacy -- a major advantage with the primary election scheduled in March, less than five months away.

Show Him the Money

Downtown News

Why is this mayor smiling? Possibly because five months before his next election he has raised $2.15 million more than his closest competitor. Photo by Gary Leonard. Well, almost everyone.

Protective League backs Prop. 6

Daily News Blog

It already has come out against Proposition 5, the measure expanding drug diversion programs, and on behalf of state Sen Mark Ridley-Thomas, D-Los Angeles, for county supervisors.

Caruso: I can win

By Kevin Roderick

I caught up with Rick Caruso tonight at The Grove — not by accident — and asked if he intends to go for it and challenge Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's reelection next year.

Chief Bratton's Terror Alert


Police Chief William Bratton added fuel to speculation he's aiming for head of Homeland Security or the FBI if Barack Obama wins the presidency by authoring an opinion piece in the New York Daily ...

Police Honor Versatile Volunteer

By Veronica Rocha

Local of 20 years has worked with various city groups, which earned him an award last week.

ICA flexes muscles on uncollected bills

BY Mark R. Madler, Staff Reporter

When members of the Valley Industry & Commerce Association met with Los Angeles officials on how they could bring in money by collecting on unpaid bills they received no disagreement.

L.A. mayor warns businesses of tough times ahead

LA Daily News

Pledging to continue his efforts to help business even in the perilous economic times, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Tuesday warned business leaders the city is in for continued hard times.

California Judges Association Opposes Severe Threat of Prop. 5

The California Judges Association has taken the extraordinarily rare action of stating a formal position on a statewide ballot measure. The Judges Association announced today its formal opposition to Proposition 5 on this November's ballot.

30 arrested in sweep targeting South L.A. gang members

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

A sweep by the Los Angeles Police Department and federal agents Tuesday netted at least 30 arrests in an operation targeting illegal weapons possession and drug dealing by South Los Angeles gang members.

LAPD: System will improve behavior

By Rachel Uranga

Defending significant changes in how it punishes officers, LAPD officials told the civilian Police Commission on Tuesday that a disciplinary system that gives supervisors greater discretion will better hold cops accountable for misconduct.

Judges believe Proposition 5's flaws are fatal

Sacramento Bee

Normally, judges take no positions on propositions. However, when ballot measures directly affect the administration of justice, judges can and do voice their opinions. That is the case with Proposition 5.

Senator Feinstein Opposes "Dangerous" Prop. 5

"Not only would Prop 5 reduce accountability, it could allow gang-members and other criminals accused of identity theft, domestic violence, child abuse, car theft, killing someone while driving under the influence and a host of other serious crimes to effectively escape prosecution."

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