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Metrolink officials say trains crashed after their engineer drove through red light.

Metrolink officials said Saturday that a train engineer's failure to heed a red light signal apparently caused the catastrophic head-on crash in Chatsworth on Friday afternoon that claimed at least 25 lives.

Police lined up for body of Spree Desha

Los Angeles police Officer Laura Gerritsen rushed to the Metrolink crash in Chatsworth Friday afternoon along with hundreds of her fellow officers, unaware that her best friend and co-worker was among the dead.

LAPD officer killed in crash was a standout

For the hundreds of police officers and firefighters who worked through the night, the tragedy turned personal as word spread that an officer was among the dead. Some at the scene were said to be former patrol partners of Desha's.

LAPD Officer Killed in Metrolink Disaster News Release

Los Angeles Police Department

The Los Angeles Police Department is mourning the loss of one of their own after the Officer was killed during the crash between a Metrolink Commuter Train and Freight train Friday afternoon.

Troubled LA Housing Authority Cooked the Books Again

City Watch

The mayor boasted that HACLA "has reached an important milestone in its efforts to reform ... and successfully met federally mandated reforms covering the City's Section 8 voucher program, putting the department back in good- standing and ending federal oversight of the program."

Mayor Offers Blueprint for LA’s Future

City Watch

Mayor Villaraigosa outlined his vision for LA’s future … housing, transit, economy … recently in a speech at the LA Business Council’s Mayoral Housing Summit. Here’s what the Mayor had to say. “The LABC’s Scorecard underscores precisely what we must do to ensure a more vibrant and more livable future for the City of Los Angeles and for the region as a whole.

CSAC Opposes the Prop. 5 "Fiscal Train Wreck"

The Board of Directors of the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) voted today to formally oppose Proposition 5 on the November ballot because of the initiative's staggering cost to state and local government. CSAC's Board of Directors is comprised of a County Supervisor representing each of California's 58 counties.

Is Mayor Villaraigosa boasting false crime stats?

Walter Moore wrote yesterday that LAPD — and by extension, Mayor Villaraigosa — are understating the city’s crime rate by using an inflated population estimate. When I saw the number — 4,220,260 — it looked suspicious so I decided to do some digging.

L.A. neighborhood councils may see gains

Neighborhood councils got another step closer Tuesday to being able to put specific items like fixing potholes directly on City Council agendas rather than having to convince a council member to put it on for them.

L.A. to seek injunctions on 6 gangs

LOS ANGELES - The City Attorney's Office will ask a judge today to issue an injunction that would prevent members of six South Los Angeles gangs from associating in public or possessing weapons and graffiti tools.

$200,000 reward in theft of Encino couple's artwork

The thief, or thieves, was either very smart or very, very lucky. The side door of the home in the hills of Encino was unlocked on the Saturday morning in late August. The elderly owners were in a back room, otherwise occupied. The maid had stepped out.

LAPD Stats

The LAPD expects to hire 780 officers by June 30, 2009, which is the end of the fiscal year, said Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell. The department hired 730 officers in fiscal year 2006-07 and 739 in 2007- 08 -- the most since 1995-96, when 965 officers joined the force.

$200,000 reward offered for missing art

A $200,000 reward was on offer today for information leading to the recovery of a multimillion-dollar art collection stolen during a daytime robbery in Encino last month.

Crime Drops In Neighborhoods Around Eight City Parks

Gang-related murders and aggravated assaults decreased between July 4th and Labor Day in the communities surrounding eight parks kept open late and providing youths with sports and arts activities,

Baca blasts budgetless legislators

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca took a break from hounding criminals this morning to take aim at a different group he said needs to get with the program: state legislators.

Man Sentenced to More Than 70 Years for Shooting at Two Police Officers

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - An ex-con was sentenced today to about 70 years in prison for opening fire with an AK-47 on two Los Angeles police officers – one of whom was severely wounded -- during an August 2006 traffic stop.

Thin Blue Line Wrapped in Red Tape at LAPD

Police work is often a stressful endeavor, but not for the reasons you might think.

Safest summer in L.A. since 1967

By Rachel Uranga, Staff Writer

Homicides over the past three months in Los Angeles have fallen to their lowest levels since the Summer of Love more than 40 years ago despite a struggling economy that historically has meant more crime.

L.A. reports fewest summer homicides since '67 summer of love

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

LAPD Chief William J. Bratton says there were 84 slayings in the city from June through August. He adds that all categories of violent and property crimes are down from last year.

Judge substitutes bile for facts about police

Daily News Op-Ed

LAST week U.S. District Court Judge Gary A. Feess moved to let the Los Angeles Police Department impose financial-disclosure measures for gang and narcotics officers.

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