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Judge substitutes bile for facts about police

Daily News Op-Ed

LAST week U.S. District Court Judge Gary A. Feess moved to let the Los Angeles Police Department impose financial-disclosure measures for gang and narcotics officers.

LAPD Ride-A-Long

By georgeruiz

At the invitation of the President of the Los Angeles Police Commission, I went on my second LAPD ride-along last night. This time it was with officers from the Hollywood-Wilton station. I attended roll call and was issued a kevlar vest to wear underneath my shirt and assigned a sergeant to start the evening. Per the Commissioner’s plan, we switched cars throughout the night and accompanied regular street patrols as well as riding with a supervisor from the CREW program.

Mornings with Maggie: LAPD behind him now, golf in La Quinta his next big case

The Desert Sun

Jim Thornton was just 22 years old when he learned how good it feels to go home alive.

GOP's Poizner has governor's race on his mind

By Rick Orlov, Staff Writer

The 2010 race for governor is on the mind of California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, who is the highest-ranking Republican in the state after the governor.

Right under Antonio's radar, Airport officials are hiring PR firms

By Ron Kaye

It's hard to believe how this could be happening after all the headlines and trials and mayoral directives but it's true -- the give away of public money to public relations firms for jobs that city workers are paid to do or don't need to be done is still going on.

Hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars sit in inactive L.A. trust funds, audit finds

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Controller Laura Chick also says the city should claim $3.1 million left over from the Griffith Observatory renovation and expansion fund.

LA police effort to keep finances private rejected

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES—A federal judge has decided not to block a new rule requiring hundreds of narcotics and anti-gang officers in Los Angeles to disclose personal financial information. U.S. District Court Judge Gary Feess ruled this week that the city's police officers' union had failed to prove blocking the plan was in the public's interest.

Two shot, one dead at Reseda park shooting

Daily News staff and wire

LAPD do their investigation at Reseda park after a gun battle broke out with hundreds of kids playing in the area. The shooting victims were taken to Holy Cross and Northridge hospitals. (Gene Blevins/LA DailyNews)


A scandal begets a scandal. By Jack Dunphy In 1985, Reagan administration labor secretary Ray Donavan and six others were indicted in Bronx County, New York, and accused of fraud and larceny in connection with a construction project for a New York City Subway tunnel.

Police seek suspect in San Pedro killing

Larry Altman Staff Writer

Police said Wednesday they are looking for a 30-year-old man suspected in a gang-related killing in San Pedro.

Melrose Avenue residents on guard after 7 armed robberies

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Hit by seven armed robberies in 10 days, residents who live in and around trendy Melrose Avenue have launched a campaign to warn neighbors and visitors to take precautions in response to the crime spree.

Schwarzenegger's budget calls for temporary sales-tax increase

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

SACRAMENTO -- Hoping to break a partisan logjam and prevent the Legislature from borrowing its way out of a state spending crisis, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger went public Wednesday with his own budget blueprint, the backbone of which is a tax hike and a large rainy-day cushion.

Retired L.A. cop's got the material for a million stories

Los Angeles Times

If you'll indulge a confession, I'm a happy guy sitting across from a cop -- or even a retired cop -- with my notebook on the table and a beer in my hand. They've all got stories, some funny, some dark, some of them even true.

Slain Officer

EGP Staff Writer

The playful sounds of small children strongly contrasted the somber mood of residents on Monday night as they descended upon a Cypress Park street corner where a Los Angeles County Sheriffs Deputy was gunned down Aug. 2.

Police Investigating If Deputy's Killing Was Ordered From Jail Cell


LOS ANGELES -- Funeral services will be held Friday for Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Juan Escalante, who was gunned down in front of his family's home in Cypress Park while leaving for work.

Party With the Police

If you’re in Little Tokyo on Tuesday evening and you happen upon LAPD Officer Jack Richter, don’t call him “officer,” or even “sir.”

Will Chick, Greuel change places after election?

LA Daily News

For City Controller Laura Chick, this summer has become the one she has long dreaded as she is forced to think about her future.

Sheriff's deputy who was shot dead guarded highly dangerous inmates

Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

Authorities are investigating whether his job at the L.A. County jail, which put him in touch with Mexican Mafia gang members, is connected to his death. They are also considering two other motives.

Last day for LAPD's most senior motor officer

Daily News Wire Services

PANORAMA CITY - The Los Angeles Police Department's most senior motor officer will serve his last day today after 38 years on the force.

L.A. mayor rolling in cash for re-election bid

LA Daily News

Gearing up for his re-election campaign, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has raised more than $1.6 million against a field of relatively unknown candidates in a race in which his toughest opponent might be the expectations he has built for himself.

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