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Rise in Burglaries May Be Tied to Inmate Early Release


While it is too early in year to get stats on the people committing these crimes, the Los Angeles Police Department has noted a trend.

More closures scheduled this week on 405 Freeway

LA Times blog

Commuters will face more closures on Interstate 405 this week while Metro contractors continue work on the reconstructed Mulholland Drive overpass.

Crackdown on prostitution in Sun Valley leads to 16 arrests

LA Daily News

The Los Angeles Police Department conducted its largest undercover prostitution sting yet on Lankershim Boulevard in Sun Valley on Wednesday, arresting at least 16 men, including an on-duty county employee.

Lawsuit challenges LAPD impound policy

LA Daily News

A group of civil rights attorneys filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging the Los Angeles Police Department's recently approved policy on impounding the cars of unlicensed drivers.

L.A. budget chief says city cannot pay raises promised to 20,000

LA Times blog

L.A.’s top budget official warned Tuesday that the city can no longer afford to pay raises that are due to roughly 20,000 of its workers July 1, according to correspondence obtained by The Times.

California ban on driver cellphone use is saving lives, study says

LA Times blog

Fewer Californians are dying in traffic accidents caused by hand-held cellphone use, according to a study by the Safe Transportation Research and Education Center at UC Berkeley.

LAPD asks community to help break 'cycle of violence' at packed Wilmington meeting

Torrance Daily Breeze

Police implored a standing-room-only crowd in Wilmington Thursday to get more involved in their neighborhoods and to pass on anything that might help them break the cycle of violence that has gripped the port community in the past two months.

More 405 Freeway closures start Friday night

LA Daily News

Southbound lanes of the San Diego (405) Freeway will be closed Friday and Saturday nights, as part of the ongoing reconstruction of the Mulholland Bridge, according to Metro.

Drugged -- not drunk -- driving steadily rising in California

LA Times blog

While drunk driving fatalities are on the decline, a state agency this week warned that the number of deadly crashes involving drugged California motorists has been steadily increasing over at least four years.

North Hollywood shootout, 15 years later

LA Daily News

For the dozens of officers called to respond to the bank robbery in North Hollywood 15 years ago, it was like looking into the face of hell. | Police audio from that day

Chief Beck's car-impound changes backed by L.A. police commission

LA Times blog

The Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday voted to support Police Chief Charlie Beck's controversial plan to ease the rules governing the impounding of automobiles belonging to never-licensed drivers, including illegal immigrants.

Councilmembers question the legality of LAPD's new impound policy

LA Daily News

The LAPD's plan to stop impounding vehicles of some unlicensed drivers drew more criticism on Friday as a key City Council member questioned its logic and whether it violated state law.

Video captures dramatic pursuit, fatal police shooting

LA Times blog

Investigators were on the scene Friday of a deadly police shooting in Koreatown that came at the end of a slow-speed pursuit and was captured on video.

'Sovereign citizen' movement now on FBI's radar

LA Times

The Homeland Security Department has ranked the movement as a major threat. Its members reject the law, and some kill police.

Cliff Shepard, LAPD Detective who helped nab the Grim Sleeper, on the cases he cracked and the ones that got away

LA Weekly

Detective Cliff Shepard has served with the Los Angeles Police Department for 37 years and 13 days. He retires today, bringing to a close a career spent tracking and catching some of the most notorious serial killers in L.A.'s history.

LAPD Chief Beck in favor of giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses

LA Daily News

The effort to make drivers licenses available to illegal immigrants received a boost today with the publication of remarks by Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck, who said it should be done, although the licenses should be different than those given people who are here legally.

Lake Balboa crash sends two LAPD officers to hospital

LA Daily News

Two LAPD officers were injured Wednesday when a car crashed into their patrol cruiser in Lake Balboa, according to police.

LAPD's Devonshire Division targets crime in 7-square mile area

LA Daily News

She was dressed in a body-hugging top and tiny miniskirt with torn fishnets and black boots - drawing lingering stares from men and disgusted head shakes from women driving on a busy stretch of North Hills.

Feds want automakers to disable texts, tweets, phone dialing while car is moving

LA Daily News

Federal safety regulators urged automakers Thursday to make cars with hands-off access to Web browsing, texting, phone calls or any navigation fiddling while rolling.

Daily News Editorial: Chief Beck should abandon changing L.A.'s vehicle impound policy

LA Daily News Editorial

Whether he knows it or not, Charlie Beck has been handed a gift. The Los Angeles police chief has been given a way out of his unwise position on vehicle impounds.

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