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Cracking down on parking meter cheaters

LA Times

They use disabled-driver placards that they don't deserve. But thanks to the LAPD and DOT, some of them get the hefty fines they really do deserve.

State agency: LAPD proposal to not impound cars of unlicensed drivers for 30 days illegal

LA Daily News

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck's proposal to not impound the cars of unlicensed drivers for 30 days is illegal, a state agency has opined.

US government looks to mine social media to combat terrorist attacks, uprisings

Fox News

The U.S. government is seeking software that can mine social media to predict everything from future terrorist attacks to foreign uprisings, according to requests posted online by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Driver in fatal hit-and-run did not have valid license, police say

LA Times blog

The driver who killed a woman Friday morning after speeding through a Boyle Heights intersection did not have a valid driver's license and had a warrant out for his arrest, officials said.

Union Battles LAPD’s Plan To Change Impounding Law For Unlicensed Drivers

CBS Los Angeles

Several public safety groups, including the Los Angeles Police Protective League, are fighting a new LAPD proposal that would keep unlicensed drivers from facing a 30-day impound.

Police shootings: Officers' names must be made public, court rules

LA Times blog

The names of officers involved in shootings are public information subject to disclosure by law, a California appellate court ruled Tuesday, marking the latest legal opinion in a public records court battle that has embroiled law enforcement and the media.

Unlicensed driver at wheel in crash that killed 3, authorities say

LA Times blog

Three women have died following a car crash in South Los Angeles last week involving an unlicensed driver, authorities said Tuesday.

Motorcycle Cop En Route To Long Beach Checkpoint For Unlicensed Drivers Hit By One


A Long Beach police officer was recovering Monday after he collided with a car allegedly driven by an unlicensed driver.

From tragedy to activism

Hoy Los Angeles

On November 16, 2010, Don Rosenberg’s life was turned upside down.

Impound change okayed

KFI News

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said Thursday his plans to adjust the rules for impounding cars driven by unlicensed drivers was cleared by prosecutors.

The 5 U.S. cities with the worst gang violence

The Atlantic Cities

Five cities – Long Beach, Los Angeles, Newark, Oakland and Oklahoma City – are the U.S. capitals of gang homicide. That's according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which also found that homicides in each of those cities have their own local flavor.

FBI Director says cyberthreat will surpass threat from terrorists

ABC News

Threats from cyber-espionage, computer crime, and attacks on critical infrastructure will surpass terrorism as the number one threat facing the United States, FBI Director Robert Mueller testified today.

LAPD's impound dilemma

LA Times Op-Ed

A proposal by Chief Charlie Beck to clarify the way police handle cars they impound from unlicensed drivers reopens a larger, historic question: Who's in charge of the city's police?

Long Beach and a police officers group ask justices to overturn a Superior Court ruling that the city must provide the names of officers involved in shootings

LA Times

Long Beach and a police officers group ask justices to overturn a Superior Court ruling that the city must provide the names of officers involved in shootings.

A peculiar parking pattern

LA Times

A high number of cars parked at downtown L.A. meters carry disabled placards that let owners park for free.

Number of registered sex offenders in the U.S. nears three-quarters of a million

PR Newswire

Registered Sex Offender Numbers Increased 23 Percent in Past 5 Years.

LAPD lowers age requirement for cadet program

LA Daily News

Joshua Garcia got started on his law enforcement career long before he was old enough to join the police academy - or even drive a car.

Council's police squad welcomes another officer

LA Times

Joe Buscaino is the fourth lawmaker with connections to the LAPD. Fellow Councilman Dennis Zine says public service comes naturally, but some observers worry about excess influence from law enforcement.

Unlicensed to kill


30-DAY HOLD POLICY - On November 16, 2010 my son Drew, a 25-year-old was killed by an unlicensed driver in San Francisco.

A grieving father and the cold face of authority: Are unlicensed drivers a threat to public safety?


Advocates for illegal immigrants like Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa argue that illegal immigrants should be given a pass to state laws requiring driver licenses, insurance and car registration as an act of compassion for the hardships they face.

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