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Long Beach and a police officers group ask justices to overturn a Superior Court ruling that the city must provide the names of officers involved in shootings

LA Times

Long Beach and a police officers group ask justices to overturn a Superior Court ruling that the city must provide the names of officers involved in shootings.

A peculiar parking pattern

LA Times

A high number of cars parked at downtown L.A. meters carry disabled placards that let owners park for free.

Number of registered sex offenders in the U.S. nears three-quarters of a million

PR Newswire

Registered Sex Offender Numbers Increased 23 Percent in Past 5 Years.

LAPD lowers age requirement for cadet program

LA Daily News

Joshua Garcia got started on his law enforcement career long before he was old enough to join the police academy - or even drive a car.

Council's police squad welcomes another officer

LA Times

Joe Buscaino is the fourth lawmaker with connections to the LAPD. Fellow Councilman Dennis Zine says public service comes naturally, but some observers worry about excess influence from law enforcement.

Unlicensed to kill


30-DAY HOLD POLICY - On November 16, 2010 my son Drew, a 25-year-old was killed by an unlicensed driver in San Francisco.

A grieving father and the cold face of authority: Are unlicensed drivers a threat to public safety?


Advocates for illegal immigrants like Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa argue that illegal immigrants should be given a pass to state laws requiring driver licenses, insurance and car registration as an act of compassion for the hardships they face.

Political newcomer Joe Buscaino captures vacant L.A. council seat

LA Times blog

Police Officer Joe Buscaino, a political newcomer who captured an open Los Angeles City Council seat in a decisive win over a seasoned opponent, said in a victory speech late Tuesday night that he is an "average Joe" who is part of a "new generation of leadership."

Crowd protests impound change

LA Daily News

When Los Angeles police commissioners in Northridge asked for public opinion, they got an angry earful Tuesday about a pending plan to go easy on unlicensed drivers, mostly illegal immigrants.

LA voters go to polls today in council district race


Los Angeles voters head to the polls today to elect a candidate in a special runoff between a political newcomer and a veteran for City Council District 15, which runs from the Harbor to Watts.

Citizens' mostly unhappy voices to be heard on L.A. plan to stop impounding cars of unlicensed drivers

LA Daily News Opinion

They've been rear-ended by immigration politics. They've been sideswiped by legal semantics. No wonder law-abiding citizens who oppose the plan to stop impounding unlicensed drivers' cars have developed a case of road rage.

L.A. council, LAPD spar over impounding cars of unlicensed illegal immigrants

Torrance Daily Breeze

A tug-of-war has developed over whether Los Angeles police should impound the cars of unlicensed drivers or let the mostly illegal immigrants arrange to have the vehicles driven home.

Crime renews lawmaker's concerns about shifting felons to counties

LA Times blog

A Republican lawmaker who opposes shifting supervision of many felons from the state to counties voiced concern Wednesday over the arrest of a Sacramento man this week on sexual assault charges a month after he was released from state prison.

Violent crimes drop in L.A. County in 2011, sheriff says

LA Times blog

Los Angeles County sheriff's officials rolled out more positive crime statistics Wednesday, boasting a 14% drop in violent crime in 2011 compared to the year before.

In light of police deaths, training is scrutinized

USA Today

The recent surge in fatal police shootings is weighing heavily on law enforcement trainers, some of whom are calling for a reassessment of high-risk fugitive and drug raids that have resulted in a number of deadly ambushes.

State convicts arrive in L.A. County with costly mental illnesses

LA Times

Newly released state prisoners are arriving in Los Angeles and other counties with incomplete medical records and mental illnesses that have officials struggling to provide treatment.

A steep drop in crime, but do you feel safer?

LA Times

L.A. had fewer crimes last year than it did in 1957 — the mayor calls the numbers 'mind-boggling' — but the statistics may not be equally reassuring to everyone.

FBI changes definition of rape to include men as victims

USA Today

The FBI is changing its long-standing definition of rape for the first time to include sexual assaults on males following persistent calls from victims advocates who claim that the offense, as currently defined in the agency's annual crime report, has been undercounted for decades.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says this week's crime is no omen of trouble ahead

LA Daily News

Sure, crime was down in 2011, yet again. But 2012 has really gotten off to a bad start.

Six Officers Shot, One Dead in Utah Gunfight


One officer was killed and five other drug task force members and a suspect were wounded in a gunfight Wednesday evening while serving a search warrant in an Ogden neighborhood, authorities said.

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