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Two-thirds of Californians support death penalty, poll finds

LA Times blog

About two-thirds of Californians support the death penalty, according to Field Poll survey results released Thursday.

Legal opinion puts L.A. City Hall's budget cuts in jeopardy

LA Times blog

Los Angeles City Hall's recently heralded plan to right its finances -– and rein in soaring retirement outlays for cops and firefighters -– has been thrown into jeopardy.

County preps for parolee transfer

LA Daily News

Gov. Jerry Brown met privately Monday with Los Angeles County supervisors in an effort to ease their concerns about the thousands of state prisoners and parolees poised to flood local jails beginning Saturday.

FBI-LAPD anti-gang task force closes 11 more murder investigations

LA Times blog

The joint FBI-LAPD operation that is trying to cut the backlog of unsolved gang-related killings in South Los Angeles totals 43 homicide arrests in nearly three months, with 11 of those cases closed in the last day, officials said Thursday.

Jerry Brown plans initiative to guarantee law enforcement funds

Sacramento Bee

Gov. Jerry Brown said this morning he will put on the November 2012 ballot a constitutional guarantee of funding for law enforcement realignment, the shift of certain offenders from state prisons to local control.

U.S. crime rates fell again in 2010, FBI reports

LA Times

Violent crime in 2010 dropped 6% from the year before, the FBI reported Monday, the fourth consecutive year of such declines.

Calif. police catch parolee suspected in rampage

Associated Press

Police on Sunday night captured a parolee who is the prime suspect in a violent crime spree that included the kidnapping and killing of a woman and the shooting of a man at a gas station, authorities said.

Early release of felons will challenge public safety

Long Beach Press-Telegram

At a recent Long Beach City Council meeting numerous speakers argued in support of restoring public safety funds cut by the city. One theme persisted: We need more police officers, not fewer, to prepare for the release of thousands of felons by the state.

82 Officers Receive LAPD’s Purple Heart Award


Eighty-two officers were honored Thursday at an inaugural Purple Heart ceremony held to recognize officers for acts of bravery resulting in injury or death in the past 90 years.

L.A. council rejects reviving red-light-camera program

LA Daily News

L.A.'s red light cameras were shuttered for good on Tuesday, as the City Council rejected a proposal to bring them back at four intersections for monitoring new safety measures.

2 LAPD officers pull woman from burning motor home

LA Times blog

Two Los Angeles Police Department officers suffered smoke inhalation Wednesday when they rescued a woman from a burning motor home in the Sun Valley area, officials said.

Family, friends mourn loss of West Covina native, a Los Angeles police officer

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Friends and family members on Tuesday remembered Jesus "Jesse" Ravega as a humble man of God, a strong family man and a passionate worker who was ready to risk his life every day as a Los Angeles police officer.

Prison officials are set to let some female inmates out early

LA Times

Women who have children and are convicted of 'non-serious, non-sexual' crimes could start going home as early as next week as the state seeks to relieve overcrowding.

Former LAUSD cop Stenroos convicted for lying about Valley shooting


Los Angeles Unified School District Police Officer Jeffrey Stenroos was convicted Monday on four felonies and a misdemeanor.

California violent crime at lowest since 1968

Capitol Weekly

California’s crime rate dropped across the board in every major measured category, with violent crimes – including murders and rapes – at their lowest comparable levels in more than 40 years, the state Justice Department says.

LAPD key player in preventing attacks, chief says

Southern California Public Radio

LAPD Deputy Chief Mike Downing says it makes sense for police officers to play a key role in watching out for any terrorists on the streets of American cities.

L.A. keeps watch as it reaches out

Contra Costa Times

Even a decade later, when she hears of a shooting rampage or a building being bombed, Jane El Farra holds her breath.

No credible threat to Los Angeles on 9/11


Responding to news late today of a credible terrorist threat on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Police Chief Charlie Beck said the threat does not include Los Angeles as a target.

U.S. officials say terrorism threat 'credible but unconfirmed'

LA Times

A threat tied to the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks is revealed. An Obama administration official says the information is focused on New York City or Washington.

Sacramento's inmate dodge

LA Times Editorial

If prisoner realignment is to become more than the latest California exercise in passing the buck (while keeping the bucks), state officials must step up with a constitutional commitment to funding.

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