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Guest View: Public pensions are not to blame

Pasadena Star-News

In response to your recent editorial, "Dems stall state on pension reform" (Aug. 15), the condition of public pensions in California is not a crisis despite the best efforts of pension foes and editorialists to portray it as such.

Police: Online employment scam used to steal personal information


Detectives are asking for the public's help in identifying suspects responsible for stealing personal information from unsuspecting job applicants in the Los Angeles area.

Law could lighten the sentences of California juvenile offenders serving life without parole

San Jose Mercury-News

California's practice of locking teenage offenders in prison for life without the possibility of parole would be upended under legislation just a few votes shy of reaching the governor's desk -- a change that would move the state closer to justice in conservative Texas and every other country in the world.

Soaring gold prices trigger jewelry robberies, police warnings

LA Times

That stunning rise in the price of gold is having a ripple effect: A rash of jewelry store robberies, street muggings and home burglaries.

Missouri Officer Killed Laying Spike Strips


A Caruthersville police officer was killed while attempting to lay spike strips during a pursuit early Tuesday morning, according to KFVS-TV.

In Los Angeles, a police force transformed

NY Times

It had all the makings of another turbulent moment for the Los Angeles Police Department, an agency once notorious for an “L.A. Confidential” style of heavy-handed policing, hostile relations with minorities and corruption.

L.A. NFL stadium agreement approved by City Council on 12-0 vote

LA Times blog

The plan to build a $1.2-billion NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles took a big leap forward Tuesday when the City Council approved the overall framework for financing the project.

Calif. says Facebook will remove inmates' pages

Associated Press

Facebook has agreed to work with law enforcement agencies nationwide to remove accounts set up by inmates or posted on their behalf, in part because prisoners are using the social networking site to stalk victims and direct criminal activity, California prison officials said Monday.

San Diego officer dies after 'unprovoked' shooting

LA Times blog

San Diego police officer Jeremy Henwood has died from wounds suffered in an “assassination,” a solemn-faced police Chief Bill Lansdowne announced Sunday.

Prosecutor in Jaycee Dugard case attacks parole system

LA Times

District attorney releases video taken by Phillip Garrido to bolster charges that the justice system relied too much on psychiatrists' opinions in freeing the convicted rapist and kidnapper.

Community policing reaches youths

LA Times

Officers from the LAPD's Southeast Division are taking kids from their Watts-area neighborhood on surfing trips and to sports events in an effort to reach them before gangs do. The result has been a marked decline in juvenile arrests.

Car slams into parked police cruiser, injuring 4 LAPD officers

LA Times blog

Four LAPD officers responding to a party call in West Hills were hurt -- one seriously -- early Saturday morning when a woman apparently fell asleep behind the wheel of a sports car and collided with one of their parked patrol cars, authorities said.

FBI data exchange system now fully operational

Information Week

The National Data Exchange system lets the agency share information with 18,000 local and regional criminal justice organizations.

Fatal shootings of police officers are on the rise

USA Today

Police officer deaths, including those fatally shot in the line of duty, are on pace to rise for the second straight year, despite a sustained decline in violent crime across the country.

Meth addict with flame thrower spared prison as states cut spending


Zackariah Lehnen, a 30-year-old transient, was paroled from a California prison in November after serving five months of a 16-month sentence for drug possession. He left under a program intended to reduce state costs by freeing nonviolent prisoners without supervision.

[Glendale, Calif.] Police union agrees to cut pay, contribute more to retirement

Glendale News-Press

The officers will take a pay cut and contribute more to retirement, saving the city $2.21 million.

Simi Valley, Anaheim police officers die in plane crash

Ventura County Star

A Simi Valley police officer and her boyfriend, an Anaheim police officer, were killed Sunday in a small plane crash in Winslow, Ariz.

Cities report surge in graffiti

NY Times

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Fresh blotches of graffiti decorate the backs of street signs here near the ocean.

California criminal database poorly maintained

LA Times

The information tells police and potential employers of a person's past offenses, but nearly half the arrest records don't say if a conviction ensued. State workers chase paper records trying to fill gaps.

Los Angeles shines a light on gang crime

Associated Press

It's after 10 p.m. on a recent Wednesday night, yet the park near Watts is bustling with kids.

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