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SF police union OKs deal to avoid layoffs

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco's police officers union overwhelmingly accepted a deal Saturday that will allow them to receive past raises owed to them and avoid layoffs for at least a year while agreeing to pay more into their pension fund at an earlier date.

Off-duty LAPD officer may have saved a life


Officer Jarrett intervened when a confrontation became violent at a restaurant.

LAPD: Avoid canyon routes during Carmageddon


Carmageddon is just around the corner. Some commuters think they’ve figured a way around the 3-day closure of the 405 Freeway in the Sepulveda Pass. They think the winding canyon roads that link the Westside to the San Fernando Valley are the answer.

WHOA! 56 L.A. County Cities Have No Money To Pay For Retiree Healthcare

Business Insider

Los Angeles County, Calif., has almost completely neglected to fund retiree healthcare benefits for public-sector employees, according to a startling new report from a Civil Grand Jury, which in California investigates the county and municipal governments on an annual basis.

Will & Kate royal visit: LAPD hopes to rein in aggressive paparazzi behavior

LA Times

William and Catherine, the stylish royal newlyweds, arrive Friday in Los Angeles, and officials are hoping to tame the aggressive behavior of the celebrity-hungry paparazzi.

Judge halts Costa Mesa layoffs

LA Times

The Orange County city may not proceed with planned layoffs of 213 workers without following proper procedure, judge rules.

Can Computers Predict Crimes of the Future?


The LAPD’s Sean Malinowski wants to reduce crime with “predictive policing,” which can forecast patterns of where crime occurs using computer algorithms.

July 1 marks start date for a number of new laws in California

LA Times

A raft of new laws, many related to health and safety, are now in effect.

Westside and Valley businesses are preparing for Carmageddon

LA Times

For three nights on a mid-July weekend, Oscar Morel will be away on business. The Canoga Park resident, however, won't be traveling out of state or to a faraway country.

LAPD officers dealing with rise in attacks

LA Daily News

Echoing a national trend, attacks on police officers in Los Angeles are spiking dramatically this year, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said Tuesday.

Emergencies During 405 'Carmageddon' Will Be Covered, Officials Say

North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch

Los Angeles police, fire and transportation officials sought to assure people attending a 405 freeway closure meeting Thursday night that they were fully prepared to protect the public during the 53-hour closure in mid-July.

New L.A. Budget Is Ushering Cops, Firemen Out the Door

Pajamas Media

What will Los Angeles look like in five years? In ten or twenty? The answers may depend on some crucial decisions to be made at City Hall this month.

DMV postponing vehicle renewal notices

Sacramento Bee

The state Department of Motor Vehicles has postponed sending notices to owners of vehicles with annual license registration renewal dates in July and August.

U.S. Auto Thefts Fall to Lowest Since 1967 on 7.2% Drop in 2010


U.S. vehicle thefts dropped to the lowest since 1967, falling for a seventh straight year as more cars were equipped with security devices and police tactics helped deter thieves, an insurance industry group said.

LA stalemate ends red-light camera program


A Los Angeles City Council stalemate over extending the city's contract for red-light cameras effectively ended the program.

FBI uses social media in search for long-time fugitive

Washington Post

The FBI has long been known for its straightforward “Just the facts, ma’am” approach, an image reinforced by Director Robert S. Mueller III’s stoic presence and reluctance to court the media.

Bill seeks to expand color requirement for some firearms

Sacramento Bee

A proposal to curb officer-involved shootings by ordering BB and air guns to look less like Glocks and Berettas is drawing fire from makers, sellers and users of a wide class of weapons.

LAPD reports surge in vehicle thefts

Torrance Daily Breeze

Los Angeles Police Department officials said a rise in vehicle thefts took place across San Pedro from mid-May through the middle of this month.

After impassioned pleas, debate on red-light cameras put off by L.A. City Council

LA Times blog

After a series of speakers Friday presented impassioned pleas to the Los Angeles City Council to either remove or keep the city's red-light camera program, the council agreed to put off discussing the issue until Tuesday.

Calif. agents seize 1,200 firearms from people who cannot legally own them, say 34,000 remain

Associated Press

California law enforcement agents have seized 1,200 firearms from people who cannot legally own them because of mental illness or restraining orders.

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