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U.S. Auto Thefts Fall to Lowest Since 1967 on 7.2% Drop in 2010


U.S. vehicle thefts dropped to the lowest since 1967, falling for a seventh straight year as more cars were equipped with security devices and police tactics helped deter thieves, an insurance industry group said.

LA stalemate ends red-light camera program


A Los Angeles City Council stalemate over extending the city's contract for red-light cameras effectively ended the program.

FBI uses social media in search for long-time fugitive

Washington Post

The FBI has long been known for its straightforward “Just the facts, ma’am” approach, an image reinforced by Director Robert S. Mueller III’s stoic presence and reluctance to court the media.

Bill seeks to expand color requirement for some firearms

Sacramento Bee

A proposal to curb officer-involved shootings by ordering BB and air guns to look less like Glocks and Berettas is drawing fire from makers, sellers and users of a wide class of weapons.

LAPD reports surge in vehicle thefts

Torrance Daily Breeze

Los Angeles Police Department officials said a rise in vehicle thefts took place across San Pedro from mid-May through the middle of this month.

After impassioned pleas, debate on red-light cameras put off by L.A. City Council

LA Times blog

After a series of speakers Friday presented impassioned pleas to the Los Angeles City Council to either remove or keep the city's red-light camera program, the council agreed to put off discussing the issue until Tuesday.

Calif. agents seize 1,200 firearms from people who cannot legally own them, say 34,000 remain

Associated Press

California law enforcement agents have seized 1,200 firearms from people who cannot legally own them because of mental illness or restraining orders.

Freeze on benefits advanced

LA Daily News

In a move designed to prod negotiations with Los Angeles police and firefighters, the City Council gave preliminary approval Tuesday to an ordinance that would freeze health benefits of retiring workers.

South Pasadena police officer dies after collapsing at shooting range

LA Times blog

A South Pasadena police officer died Tuesday after suffering a head injury during a training exercise at a firing range in Azusa, authorities said.

Warnings of 'car-mageddon' posted on freeways, as Internet ads aim to alert motorists

LA Daily News

The countdown to car-maggedon has officially begun.

California prisons: 'Non-revocable parole' is too dangerous

LA Times Op-Ed

The parole program, designed to save money and resources, is poorly run and frees too many dangerous offenders.

LAPD chief issues warning on police staffing

LA Times

L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck says that if an agreement isn't reached with the union on overtime, the department would be forced to send thousands of officers home. Union leaders say the warning is a negotiating ploy.

New York deputy dies after shootout at standoff


A 24-year-old sheriff's deputy, whose wife is pregnant with their second child, was fatally shot during a gun battle at the end of a six-hour standoff at a house in central New York, authorities said Tuesday.

L.A. traffic cameras may get the red light

LA Times

Citing costs and safety issues, the Police Commission votes to shut the cameras down. Unless the City Council intervenes, their use at 32 intersections could end within weeks.

Fake cop harasses San Fernando Valley girls


Police say a man is posing as an officer to harass young girls in the San Fernando Valley. The suspect threatened to arrest one girl and told another he needed to put a tracking device in her bra.

California may ask for more time to reduce prison overcrowding

Bay Citizen

Gov. Brown's plan to shift thousands of inmates to county jails depends on the Legislature passing tax extensions

Motorists warned about 'nightmare' of 405 closure

LA Times

Northbound and southbound lanes of the freeway will be closed for 53 hours in mid-July, mainly for demolition work on the Mulholland Drive Bridge. Officials are asking people to plan ahead and consider alternate routes.

LA police want BB, replica guns painted brightly

Associated Press

The Los Angeles Police Department wants BB guns and imitation firearms to look a lot less like the real thing.

'California stops' are getting costly

Torrance Daily Breeze

Nick Olson was jamming to Bob Marley on a rainy Sunday morning in Redondo Beach, driving to a friend's house, when he saw the red-and-blue flashing lights in his rear-view mirror.

Ask the Chief – update with LAPD’s top cop, Charlie Beck (audio)


An arrest has been made in the severe beating of a San Francisco Giants fan in the Dodgers parking lot a few weeks ago; do they have the right guy?

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