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LAPD seeks information in child molestation case

LA Times blog

Los Angeles police Monday were seeking potential victims of a man charged with molesting a developmentally disabled child.

Changes in Dodgers' security preceded attack on Giants fan

LA Times

On a Sunday afternoon in 2008, fans packed into Dodger Stadium for the team's last home game of the season.

Moving prison inmates to jails will create many problems

San Bernardino Sun Op-Ed

On April 4, Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 109, which would shift thousands of state prison inmates to the custody of local law enforcement.

Police make presence felt at Dodger Stadium

LA Times

Security and the mood are heavy at Dodger Stadium as police begin a zero-tolerance policy after an attack on fan.

San Fernando Valley search for 2 who stole car, fired at cop


Police searched the San Fernando Valley on Thursday morning for a man suspected of stealing a car, crashing it and firing shots at an officer while fleeing. A second suspect has been taken into custody.

Beck releases new description of Dodger Stadium attackers

LA Times blog

As Los Angeles police and the Dodgers ramped up security efforts in the wake of the beating of a Giants fan on opening day, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck provided a fuller description and new police sketches of the two men suspected in the beating.

Crackdown focuses on speeding on Valley roads

LA Daily News

Police issued 67 speeding tickets Thursday morning as officers used laser radar guns to zero in on lead-footed drivers in Sherman Oaks.

LAPD using intel networks in fight against terror


Police are using a combination of aggressive spy operations and community outreach to counter what Deputy Police Chief Michael P. Downing called the growing threat of Mumbai-style terrorist attacks - car bombings and small-arms-equipped suicide teams.

Dodgers end half-price beer promotion amid fan beating investigation

Associated Press

Half-price beer will no longer be sold during baseball games at Dodgers Stadium as officials consider a variety of ways to improve safety, the team announced Wednesday.

LAPD recognizes dispatchers, holds open house at West Hills dispatch center

LA Daily News

As part of National Dispatchers Week the LAPD opened the doors to the public at its Valley Communications Dispatch Center in West Hills on Tuesday.

Los Angeles City Council delays vote on police, fire health care plans


Labor union leaders representing Los Angeles city firefighters and police officers Tuesday beat back an attempt to cut back their health care benefits.

Gangland Violence Comes to Dodger Stadium

Pajamas Media

In a big city, most crime victims suffer in obscurity.

Police Protective League rejects new impound policy


In a policy reversal, the LAPD has decided to no longer immediately seize vehicles of unlicensed drivers, including undocumented immigrants, when they are stopped at sobriety checkpoints, but the Police Protective League is not on board.

Why are more police officers getting killed?

CBS News

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - The police killings began Jan. 1 with the fatal shooting of a deputy in Ohio. And the violence has continued, reports CBS News justice correspondent Bob Orr.

LA motorcycle cop struck in NoHo hit-and-run


The search is on for the driver who hit a Los Angeles police officer and took off Sunday night.

SWAT officers search for gunman in North Hollywood shooting

LA Times blog

Police were looking Monday for a gunman suspected of shooting another man at a North Hollywood apartment, where SWAT teams gathered in response to the incident.

Sacramento police, firefighters to be asked to chip in on pensions

Sacramento Bee

For decades, police officers and firefighters in the city of Sacramento have paid nothing out of pocket toward their retirement accounts. Instead, City Hall has picked up the bill.

L.A. thugs at Dodger Stadium have their role models

LA Daily News Op-Ed

We've seen it before: after the Rodney King beating, after Lakers championships turn into festivals of looting, and now after thugs nearly murdered a father of two because he was fond of the wrong team.

LAPD bringing anti-gang skills to Dodger Stadium

LA Times

Police will use crime-mapping technology and aggressive enforcement after last week's beating, which left a Giants fan hospitalized. Limits on alcohol sales at the ballpark are also being studied.

After Dodger Stadium attack, Los Angeles police to increase presence at games

LA Times

The number of officers will at least double in the wake of an attack that left a Giants fan with brain damage, Chief Charlie Beck says.

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