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57 arrested in 38th Street Gang sting


Federal and local law enforcement personnel arrested 37 suspects connected to L.A.'s 38th Street Gang during a racketeering sting Tuesday. Twenty more people were detained on weapons and narcotics charges.

Wash. corrections officer killed by inmate


A female correctional officer at the state prison in Monroe was killed by an inmate on Saturday night.

Are police, fire unions next on NJ Gov. Christie's hit list?

My Central Jersey

In his first year, Gov. Chris Christie put the squeeze on police departments across the state but had his most prolonged and public battle with the state teachers union.

Police seek shooting suspects, officer recovering

LA Daily News

A Long Beach anti-gang detective shot near a park in the Cambodia Town area continued his recovery, as the search continued for the suspects who shot him, police officials said.

L.A. inmates to be transferred to new jail

LA Daily News

The long-delayed transfer of inmates from the dilapidated Parker Center jail to the new Metropolitan Detention Center begins at midnight tonight amid continuing concern about the use of LAPD officers as guards.

Gov. Brown looks to turn over juvenile offenders to California counties

Sacramento Bee

Government reformers and youth advocates have long called for California to get out of the business of juvenile corrections.

Crime alerts for West Hills, Valley Glen and 18 other L.A. neighborhoods

LA Times blog

Crime reports are up significantly for the latest week in 20 L.A. neighborhoods, according to an analysis of LAPD data by the Los Angeles Times’ Crime L.A. database.

Efforts to right L.A.'s finances highlight March ballot

LA Times

Scaling back pensions for future fire and police hires, carving out more money for libraries and reining in the DWP's power are among measures' goals.

L.A. school officer's story of being shot was inconsistent from the beginning

LA Times

'The entire city was led down a path of misinformation,' LAPD chief says of the hoax that falsely triggered a massive dragnet that locked 9,000 students in their schools in the San Fernando Valley.

Brown's public safety shifts appear popular

Sacramento Bee

The public seems likely to support Gov. Jerry Brown's proposal to move public safety services from state government to local government, officials said during a panel discussion today.

Grim Sleeper didn't 'sleep,' LAPD says

LA Times

Detectives believe two killings during the 13-year gap between groups of homicides were committed by Lonnie Franklin Jr. The lead investigator says he wouldn't be surprised if the gap eventually closes completely.

L.A. school officer faked shooting story, LAPD says

LA Times

The report of an officer shot by an attacker forced a lockdown of nine San Fernando Valley campuses last week.

White House seeks spectrum for public safety

Washington Post

The Obama administration is throwing its support behind a proposal to give a valuable chunk of radio waves to police officers, firefighters and emergency medical workers to build a nationwide wireless broadband network for public safety.

The 1998 Rampart scandal continues to reverberate in the LAPD

Pajamas Media

As is often the case when government inserts itself where it has no business, the best of intentions can yield disastrous results. For L.A., this means more people will be murdered this year than last.

LAPD Chief releases PSA over concern about immigration rhetoric


Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck sought Thursday to assure residents that his officers will not arrest them because of their immigration status.

Local law enforcement backs proposed ban on 'cop killer' bullets

LA Daily News

A bill to make it harder to buy handgun ammunition, including "cop-killer" bullets capable of piercing body armor, was endorsed today by local law enforcement.

LAPD all-hands-on-deck 'Tactical Alert' called as a result of low staffing, budget cuts

LA Weekly

When the Los Angeles Police Department goes on tactical alert, it's not unusual, but it's an event.

Oakland grapples with depleted force

Wall Street Journal

Police Officials Say Cutbacks Jeopardize Gains in Fighting Crime, While Some City Leaders Put Focus on Other Approaches.

LAPD detectives reveal two new Grim Sleeper cases

LA Times blog

Detectives said Wednesday night that they are investigating two additional killings that may have been committed by Lonnie Franklin Jr., the Grim Sleeper serial slaying suspect.

Oakland joins cities that won't impound at DUI checkpoints

California Watch

Oakland is now abstaining from impounding unlicensed drivers’ cars – and from the hundreds of thousands of dollars the controversial seizures generate a year.

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